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Hello Steemians and all beautiful women of the community! This is a story of a journey of me becoming the Author of My Life and How Steemit has changed my life forever. I joined Steemit in September 2017 through a friend's introduction. It was the time when cryptocurrencies were blooming. I have no clue what or where is my direction here. I started from scratch and climb up my ranks very slowly. The drawing below that I made myself was the first introduction of myself in the blogging world when I participated in @surpassinggoogle's contest 'Who Am I?' in 2017. You can read my post here.

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I joined many contests thereafter, created hundreds of blogs and also created a group that I called the Hello Hello Group (#HHG) which focuses on engagements, you can check the last post here. I will give the group a task and will reward them after each task completion, I also will upvote everyone that engages. However, I felt that time, this was not the right thing for me to do here, henceforth I disbanded the group.

After not finding my ground here, I stopped blogging for a while in 2019 for about one year. I became lazy and spent most of my time playing Blossom Blast and Pokemon Go. I have no drive whatsoever to continue my life in the blogging world. The turning point was when a friend talks to me seriously about it. He said I have the potential and the skills to blog. It is a waste of talent if I just left Steemit like that halfway and decided to not continue on the platform. Moreover, I have achieved a good number of followers and have fought through to climb the ranks. He said, check around and find what you like to do there and focus on it once you understand what you like to do on the platform. And after that long conversation, I sat on it, thought and contemplated carefully whether I should continue blogging or not. And so I decided I should check it out again, before making that final decision.

So when I have decided to make a comeback to the blogging world. I started slowly in August 2020 by writing blogs occasionally, I still do not find my niche. The main problem that I faced which I think most bloggers faced is to create good content and get good upvotes to reward my work. I always run out of ideas and that really affects my mood to blog. Not long after, I received the good news that came like a blessing to me when SteemitFoods Community was created and then followed by SteemWomen Club. I found my niche and interest, the creations of these 2 communities are the best thing that could happen to me in Steemit and I think also for many bloggers on this platform. How wonderful and exciting my blogging life will be!

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What is Steemit?

Steemit is a social blockchain-based blogging website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM, STEEM POWER (SP), STEEM BACK DOLLAR (SBD) and TRX for publishing and curating content, and is owned by Steemit Inc. Receiving and supporting the community is the key to success. It is not just about getting the upvotes that you deserve for creating quality content, it is also about giving back to the community. At the time of writing, I have distributed 9,113 upvotes and I am happy that I have done my part by upvoting and supporting the community. On top of that, I have awesomely received 17,234 upvotes, thank you to everyone who has made this number possible! Together we can make it a success!

How has Steemit changed your life?

  • Steemit boosted my confidence level. I have never won any contests in the real-world and unbelievingly I have won many contests in Steemit and that really boosted my confidence level. Another good example was in the article posted by @steemitfoods ~ A guide for newcomers, my post was selected as a guide and it really made me proud to have been chosen as an example for newcomers. You can read it here. Photo below was the cover of that post that also won the 1st prize for the contest organized by @steemfoods. You can read the winning announcement here.

  • I have always been supportive to guide newcomers to the platform, I have created many blogs to guide them, which you can read in this article The Most Wanted Directory of Steemit. I hope to inspire newcomers and guide them to become a better blogger in this platform.


  • Steemit has made me become the writer that I want. I have improved my writing skills and have also tremendously improved my English language skills. I used to be very shy about posting my photos online or talk about myself. I am still very reserved when talking about my personal life. But now, the difference is I feel confident and can post my photos and my stories freely. I am still very shy naturally but it's now well under control lol :D.

  • Steemit opens up new exciting opportunities for me in the world of Cryptocurrencies. I am a proud owner of STEEM, STEEM POWER, STEEM BACK DOLLAR (SBD) and now very happy to also own TRX. When @steemitblog announces the integration of TRX via this post. I was jumping with joy, this is so awesome. I just need to blog to earn TRX as well. Thank you Steemit!

  • Steemit helps me to build friendships and grow my communities. I am so happy to have made many new friends and help to grow my communities. Along my journey in this blogging world, I have met many new friends and amazing individuals and discover many promising communities. Life has become better in Steemit and I believe all of us together must be united to make it a better place and support each other in the process.

  • Steemit allows me to express my passions, that is writing. Blogging in Steemit allows me to express my passions. As I live by my passion, it pushes me through difficult times like now as we are immersed in the difficult pandemic time. I believe at the end of the day, everything will be better. Besides improving my writing skills.

  • Steemit gives me the opportunity to develop new skills. I learned to cook new dishes, learned new recipes, improved my restaurant reviews, improved my photography skills, explore new places, etc as I write my blogs. Blogging exposes me to a new exciting horizon to venture. The photo below is one memorable restaurant review that I have done for Plan B which has also won the 2nd prize for the contest organized by @steemitfoods, you can read it here.


  • Steemit offers freedom and flexibility. To me, Steemit provides me with the satisfaction of blogging and continuing my passion during my free time. Gone is the time when I wasted my time with gaming activities with no purpose in life. I have found my purpose in life other than working in the office.

Are you satisfied with this situation?

Yes, from the moment I came back to Steemit in these 5 months until now I have increased my level from 62 to 65. I have also increased my SP from 1,500 to 2,800 in just these few months. I have found my niche and things are looking bright for me here hopefully. The key is not to give up and to keep going and moving forward.

What is your purpose for being on this platform?

I wish to make blogging my source of income and I hope I will be able to work from home full-time doing blogging. I still cannot find that stability, however, I really do hope this place can provide me some kind of a retirement fund that I could rely on in the future. I have never powered down since I joined Steemit and I still keep my trust and faith that Steemit can provide me the retirement fund that I deserve in the future. Keep going and keep believing and stay positive, God willing everything will be fine and fruitful.

What is your dream at Steemit?

My dream I believe would be the same with most people in Steemit that is to one day grow and become one of the Whales in Steemit. It's a long journey to achieve but it is not impossible. Ultimately, I wish I can have financial independence that I can retire from my office work and I can blog full-time, and work from home. The secret to living one's dream is a journey in itself. I will keep moving forward to reach my ultimate goal that is to become financially independent and be a blogger for life. I am the Author of My Life.

Do you earn a daily income or invest here?

Although I earn a monthly income as I work full-time in a company attached to the communications department. I don't have another income to rely on and to call it my retirement fund. Henceforth, I was thinking to treat Steemit as my retirement fund. I spent RM5000+ purchasing Steem Power 3 years ago when the price was around USD3.5, so I actually loss quite a lot in terms of the dollar, and I felt quite frustrated when the price was going down. But as I look at it in a positive way, Steemit is moving towards a better place eventually, I just need to believe in it and keep my faith and eventually, things look better now and I am so much happier as it turns towards a brighter future.

Tell me about your good or bad side.

My good side is I am a positive person by nature. I always look at things positively and rarely give up on anything. I always believe that all people have their own side of the story and how some things happen, so I don't simply judge anyone if I am not in their shoes. I believe in facts and science. The bad side of me is I am impatient and very reserved, not sure though whether that is good or bad. I find it hard to tolerate nonsense and I cannot trust easily. As I said I believe in facts and science. The proof is in the pudding.

Thank you Steemit! I look forward to a promising future. Together We Can!

Steemit for Life ~ For Better Or (For) Worse.

My friends' invitation

I would like to call my friends @javima and @mirla33 to join this group and participate in this new contest. Let's support each other in this new community exclusive for the Women of Steemit. Wishing my friends all the best if they happen to participate in this contest.

That concludes my presentation for Steem Women Club Contest #7 || How Did Steemit Change Your Life? || exclusive for the community. Thank you @steemwomensclub @svm038 for organizing such a wonderful contest and my deepest thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @booming accounts, @booming01 and @booming04 for their generous support to the @steemwomensclub Community.

If you are interested to join this awesome contest, please visit this link below for more details:

That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,


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Hi @eternal.walk, thank you for your kind comments, I have participated as requested, wishing you a pleasant day, cheers, ainie

hi @ainie.kashif I have confirmed your contest entry. It has been an impressive story. I am glad you re-entered Steemit without wasting time. Really, Steemit increased people's confidence level. Writing feels good. Indeed, when I invited you to this community, I realized that your writing skills are excellent. You will earn better with your patience and effort. Believing is half the success. Thank you very much for participating in the contest.I announced the delegation soon, I would be very happy if you support the community. Thanks to you beautiful, I will work harder and make you earn. I'm happy to be in this community. Good luck :)

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Hi @steemwomensclub, thank you so much for your kind approval. I am glad you enjoyed my story. I will check your post on delegation and will support you and the community. You have worked hard, I know it is not easy with children and a house that you need to take care of but you have done an excellent job. It is a big responsibility that you are taking now and with your creativity and patience, no doubt you will be very successful very soon. I can only congrats you in advance and will follow you slowly, InsyaAllah I will be successful like you but I will take time as I am a follower that follows a leader like you. Together we can be success. Take care my friend, cheers, ainie

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