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Hello beautiful women of the community:

Today I will be announcing the seventh contest of our community. We
read very good posts in the previous contest. You have created quality
and attentive content. We have read the history, culture and food of beautiful cities in different countries of the world. Thank you again for participating in the contest.Votes will be given to the winners of the competition by the curators.

Steem Women Club Contest #6 ENDED || Promite Your Favorite City || CONTEST RESULT !

•I announced the winners of the competition. We congratulate the winners, We continue to offer you and win contests, we read beautiful and quality content. Mostly everyone got good awards.
I will continue to bring you back and encourage you to be active. We are not one in this community, we will all win!


What is the Subject of the Contest?

'How Did Steemit Change Your Life?' The answer to this question is, of course, long. We all came to this blockchain for different purposes. The lives of some of us have changed a lot. Some of us are trying to understand this yet. The most important issue is Steemit's role in our lives.

Your own initiative for the contest;


Steem Women Club Community Contest #7 || Goodness of My Life Steemit || How Did Steemit Change Your Life? || 100 %Power

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Contest Tips;

Your answer to these questions will be detailed;

  • What is a steemit?
  • How did Steemit change your life?
  • Are you satisfied with this situation?
  • What is your purpose for being on this platform?
  • What is your dream at Steemit?
  • Do you earn a daily income or invest here?
  • Tell me about your good or bad side.

• Take care to have detailed, quality and original content
• For emphasis in your post, please see the Markdown Styling Guide Use Preview . Writing styles written in different programs are not translated into different languages.
• There is no limit to language options, but it will be easier for me to understand if you write in English

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Contest Rules;

You must share your post in the SteemWomen Club community
Resteem the contest post
your post must be your own
Invite your friends
More than 300 words
You should use the #steemwomenclub and #womenclubsteemit tags.(Don't Forget)

  • The reason we make this tag is to keep the contest posts together and the selection is easy.

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About the Competition:

The aim of this contest is to learn about Steemit's plans. We want to see how much knowledge he has, but also how much value Steemit adds to our lives.

We can see how much value cryptocurrencies have gained in this changing world. Day after day, we find the right way to digital money. This will be an inevitable change.
That's why we will be here and see how much Steemit is valued over the years.

Steemit for a Better Life !

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Competition Awards;

  • You know, I explained before that the reward system has changed. I mentioned that we will be supported by @Booming accounts. From now on, our Contest winners will be supported by @booming01 and @booming04.
  • 1st Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 (Approximately $20)

  • 2nd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming01 ($20)

  • 3rd Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

  • 4th Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

  • 5th Winner Prize: 100% upvote by @booming04 ( $20)

They are approximate numbers and may be more.
If you win a reward for your posts over a week, your active post will be rewarded.
#contest You can also get support from different curators using the tag.

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WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER If the community is strong, you will also be strong

Stay with love ❣


Wow! Very interesting topic! I will surely join again @steemitwomensclub. Thank you for selecting my article as one of the top 5 most quality posts and congratulations to the winners. God speed.

 5 months ago 

Interesting topic, I will surely participate. Expect my entry soon. @steemwomensclub

Thanks :) ı will wait

 5 months ago 

We would definitely expect your participation.

After 3 years in hibernation, I have decided to give it another go, and am trying to get the hang of steemit. hopefully, through this community, I will be able to understand the platform better

Excelente tema, a organizar mis ideas para plasmarlas.

My entry

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 5 months ago (edited)

Hello dear @steemwomensclub, I am back with my entry.
here is the link

my twitter link to this contest


Thank you for the opportunity


@steemwomensclub, this is great contest.
Expect my entry right away.

This is really interesting, expect my entry soon. Thank you @steemwomensclub

Definitely participating.

estaré participando, en este tan importante concurso, me parece excelente, gracias @steemwomensclub

Please let us know: is this competition still going on or is it over? When is the deadline? Can we still post our posts for this competition?

Interesting contest this week. I will surely participate. For me that just joined steemit I have a lot to say already. @steemwomensclub

 5 months ago 

Hola por aquí dejo mi participación.

 5 months ago 

Saludos mis queridas amigas aquí les dejo mi entrada a este motivador concurso:

Mucha suerte para todas!!

Me encanta. Estare participando. Gracias

Buena iniciativa

 5 months ago 
 5 months ago 

hey beautiful and hardworking woman, Here's my entry
I hope you would love it :)
Steem Women Club Contest #7 || How Did Steemit Change My Life? ||

 5 months ago 

Saludos hermosas mujeres. Por acá dejo mi entrada al concurso.

Mi Participación

Que buena iniciativa y propuesta para su concurso Felicidades espero poder participar bendiciones desde Venezuela

Excelente tema, espera mi entrada!

 5 months ago 

Hi @steemwomensclub @svm038, here's my entry for Steem Women Club Contest #7. Thank you for organizing this awesome contest. Good Luck to all participants! Wishing you a pleasant day and please stay safe cheers, ainie

20171001_204844 (3).jpg

Hello, happy afternoon, this is my entry for the contest. Thank you very much in advance for supporting the community.

Excellent contest, girlfriend! Steemit is an amazing platform and I hope it continues to grow for much longer :D. Here I leave you my participation:

Mi amiga revisa este enlace que compartiste @santamorillo

Hola, ja,ja,ja,ja, gracias por estar pendiente no me di cuenta me sale cambio de lentes, ya esta formula no esta funcionando,no me di cuenta, gracias, muchas gracias.