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RE: How Steemit Has Changed My Life ~ I Am The Author of My Life

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hi @ainie.kashif I have confirmed your contest entry. It has been an impressive story. I am glad you re-entered Steemit without wasting time. Really, Steemit increased people's confidence level. Writing feels good. Indeed, when I invited you to this community, I realized that your writing skills are excellent. You will earn better with your patience and effort. Believing is half the success. Thank you very much for participating in the contest.I announced the delegation soon, I would be very happy if you support the community. Thanks to you beautiful, I will work harder and make you earn. I'm happy to be in this community. Good luck :)

 6 months ago 

Hi @steemwomensclub, thank you so much for your kind approval. I am glad you enjoyed my story. I will check your post on delegation and will support you and the community. You have worked hard, I know it is not easy with children and a house that you need to take care of but you have done an excellent job. It is a big responsibility that you are taking now and with your creativity and patience, no doubt you will be very successful very soon. I can only congrats you in advance and will follow you slowly, InsyaAllah I will be successful like you but I will take time as I am a follower that follows a leader like you. Together we can be success. Take care my friend, cheers, ainie