You can now apply for "Become a dolphin in World of Xpilar Community " 🐬

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We have many times in our community " World of Xpilar" posted posts about how important it is to build your own Steem Power

We must also build our Steem Power to be able to give votes to others, that is what our healthy economy is based on here in Steem Blockchain

An important thing to do is build friendships and trust over time, read other people's blogs, comment and vote.

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 have also focused on how important it is to build your own Steem Power so that you can support other users who provide quality posts in their blog

The project we have started is possibly an idea for other local communities in Steemit by focusing on their members building up their own SP for those who want to set their blogs to 100% start-up

*You can now apply for "Become a dolphin in World of Xpilar" 🐬

For example "What are your goals, what Rank do you want during 2022"

I will make some demands when you get such support to become a dolphin in a short time in WOX community

Preliminary questions are how long you have been on steemit and how much SP you have today and how often you have posts in World of Xpilar community

To be a real dolphin 🐬, your Steem Power must be at 5000 SP and not delegated from others


In the World of Xpilar community we have many with different rank and we want to create a separate club for those who have reached the status of dolphin and help others to reach that rank 🐬

I would like to congratulate @adi.pisces and @davidad With its new rank "Dolphin" 🐬 in Steemit and World of Xpilar Community

@digitals-photo is also part of our project and will soon reach its goal of becoming a dolphin 🐬


WORLD OF XPILAR LOGO BILDE 2 beskjært 855x416 bruk 2.png



Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE



Talk Channel in the World Of The Xpilar Community, this week's theme: "Questions, Answers and Comments"

Do you know what Spam is?, do you know how to Power Up?, what communities do you like and why?, what do you want to learn about Steemit?, These and other points we can discuss during this week.


The post "Talk Channel"will be posted weekly, every Monday and is open to everyone the whole week.And there we should all appreciate comments and responses to each other.


Can we make a difference? A new project has been born # @wox-helpfund

30% of the reward from @bidvote goes to @wox-helpfund

 last year (edited)

Greetings to you @xpilar and the entire WOX community.
This is a very nice initiative and one of many top things that you have organized.
Great support for members who want to grow within this community and thus help other members.
I started steemite almost five years ago but I was absent for almost three years and this year I decided to go again and try to break through and build my reputation and my power.
When I came back again and started searching all those communities I was a little lost, because a lot of things changed in those 3 years while I was on break. I also came across the WOX community that had various contests in photography which attracted and kept me going, so it all started again.
Since I discovered this WOX community my posts have been published and will always be published only within this community. For the last few months I have been persistently trying to build my power with 100% power up and I have started very well and my work has been noticed and rewarded by the moderators;
@stef1, @axeman, @adeljose, @leveuf and @the-gorilla who included me in the team of 'Top Commentators',
@steemcurator01 who rewarded me richly two times so I managed to reach almost 1000SP.
My goal in 2020 is the same as in this one that my power grows rapidly, and to reach 5000SP and become a dolphin would be like a dream.
When I discovered the WOX community 8 months ago I had 200SP and now I have 1000SP.
I want to build my power to have more influence and be able to reward those who deserve it, just as I am now rewarded by those who have strong power.

You can find all the proof of what I'm saying in my account.

This is my apply for "Become a dolphin in World of Xpilar" 🐬

Sincerely @to-tru ✌👀👍

 last year 

Thank you @to-tru for the great feedback and your application to join the project

I have one question. If I have a balance of 5000SP after delegating to others, will I qualify? Or there must be no delegation at all?

 last year 

You are already a dolphin and of course you can delegate to others

Greetings wox moderators and friends who continue to be with me until now. So, on this occasion, I would like to apply as a dolphin candidate at Wox.

account name: grisaia-steem
Here's proof of my power up.

GRRRR (1).png

How long have I been here?
the first time I joined steemit was on august 30, 2020. Which means I've been in steemit for one year. And at the beginning I joined this #steemit I immediately joined this wox community. I also introduce myself in this WOX community. For one year ago.

Then what is my goal to be a dolphin?

so my real goal being a dolphin is to want to help my friends in this wox community. Together with my friends who are in @aceh-team. Especially for new users who present their original content (not plagiarism). I hope that by being a dolphin, it will be easier for me to introduce Steemit in real life which I have been doing for a long time. by wearing clothes with the #steemit logo in this wox community. Then with the steemit sticker that I pasted on my laptop, it proves that I don't hesitate to introduce steemit in real life, especially at my university. But the power of the account I have is still very unbelievable they can't believe. My dream of helping them was stymied by the power of this slowly growing account.

But I still try my best in an effort to help realize this goal of mine.

 last year 

Thank you @grisaia-steem for the great feedback and your application to join the project

 last year (edited)

Greetings @xpilar!.
I must say that this is a very spectacular program that has ever existed on the Steemit platform, of course the Club5050, Club75 & Club100 campaign organized by the @steemitblog team also has a high level. A very brilliant idea from the founder of WOX COMMUNITY @xpilar to create a Club Dolphin project.

I agree with the thoughts @xpilar to form a healthy economy on the Steem Blockchain, by building the power of Steem Power so that it can give voice to others and not only think about investing to enrich themselves. We live in a very wide environment with a large community, how wonderful it is to be able to create a sense of togetherness and friendship and see their little smile for creativity.

I'm joined on the Steemit platform at the end of December 2017 with the account name @adivender. After a long absence due to other activities, 15 February 2021 I'm active again and join on the WOX community until now. Since then I'm regularly make one post every day. I still remember when I'm first joined on WOX community my Steem Power was under 100 Steem, and now my total SP is +1.203 Steem. Everyone must have a desire to be a Dolphin, I also have a great desire to become a Dolphin. My target is that by mid-2022 I should have received the Dolphin title even though I was not selected for this project.


Proof of Power Up :

Total SP 1.203 Steem


Best Regards, @adivender

 last year 

Thank you @adivender for the great feedback and your application to join the project

 last year 

You're welcome @xpilar!.

Amigo @xpilar, I am interested in knowing what are the requirements to apply for this opportunity. Although it is worth noting that I have not been active in the WOX community for a long time, but I have been focusing on regular firings since July and now much more consistently the club5050 initiative. These last two months have been especially good because I managed to light around 350 STEEM, you can check my account if you wish.

Thank you very much for your hard work, the task you are doing to support users to make way for new dolphins is something exceptional.

#affable #venezuela

 last year 

Thank you @leonelb for the feedback and your application to join the project

Thank you very much sir @xpilar 🙏

 last year 

You're welcome @adi.pisces

Best wishes and to other moderators in the WOX community
and firstly I would like to apply as a candidate for the next dolphin in the WOX community:

  • The total SP (steem power) that I have collected while I joined the WOX community is 1,251 steem power.

My goal is to become a true dolphin in the Wox and community, and want to help all steemit players, especially those in the WOX community and continue to promote steem and steemit with @aceh-team members. and ask for support for all members of the aceh team who are collecting their sp.

Hopefully I will be selected and included in the dolphin program in the WOX community.

Everything about being a dolphin in the WOX community, you can directly check my account @master-dhian.

CC :

Regards @master-dhian

 last year 

Thank you @master-dhian for the feedback and your application to join the project

 last year 

This is a good option when a person puts himself forward, explains his intentions and makes commitments.
Although this is not a guarantee of loyalty, it increases responsibility for their actions.
Very good initiative, thank you @xpilar

the dolphin program is a very extraordinary project, helping to build steem, where the final target can be to help others, make friends, the idea of ​​​​the initiator of this project
.very noble, worthy of respect, worthy of appreciation, and thanks to expilar, here I hope, those who register to become dolphins, and if elected, are committed, and have good intentions, to help others, make friends,
.This very good program, I think all users of this blockchain, hope that one day they can nominate themselves as a dolphin candidate, as I wish, I really hope that one day I can represent the local Aceh team, become a dolphin, congratulations' to @master-dhian who already.register as a dolphin candidate. thanks to @expilar, from me @village-ucup

thank you @xpilar for sharing this news, how important is it to build your own steem power in order to support other users, I also thank @sultan-aceh, who always gives me direction to build strong steem power so that I can become a dolphin, Congratulations to those who have achieved becoming a dolphin, hopefully you will be an inspiration to others...

Hallo sir @xpilar...

me happy to be in the wox community. that's why I want to join ... want to be a dolphin and help friends with you. by having the great power of steem.



 last year 

I want but I don't have power

 11 months ago 

Hello :)
I joined steem in January 2021 after following a link from an article. I was a bit lost and started posting some pictures of my work.
Luckily @axeman saw that and after checking out who I was and if I was really the author he invited me to join the Wox community. I started by participating in contests for a few months and after a break for family reasons I came back a while ago. I try to post every day (contest or other personal work), I regularly check new posts to vote and support other people.

From the start I have been in #club100, I try to build my account over time and now I have acquired 3,693.744 SP


I would like to thank @art-venture / @stef1 and @axeman who help me a lot here and motivate me to be there every day ! I also thank steemcurator01 and the booming accounts for the support !

In the future I want to stay in # club100 so that I can continue to grow and help other people here!

Have a nice day !

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