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What is SPUD4STEEM (SPUD) and how will it help?

SPUD stands for STEEM POWER UP DAY, (SPUD) takes place on the first day of each month.

On this day:
We ask that Steemians who are able to POWER UP what amount STEEM they have on SPUD day.
We ask Steemians, who are about to turn off, to stop turning off for that day
We ask those who trade or sell Steem not to sell or trade Steem on SPUD day, Also to cancel all types of sales orders on the stock exchanges.

SPUD4STEEM is also a competition with its own rules where you can win great prizes.

The prizes are intended to stimulate the smaller Steemians, planktons, minnows and aspiring dolphins out in Steem Ocean to participate in hitting SPUD, and hopefully create more understanding of why Steem Power is important for user account growth as well as a show Steem Blockchain -support.

Back to your help with marketing SPUD4STEEM (SPUD) until November 1st 2020.

You are free to use all text, images and videos from @kiwiscanfly and me @xpilar, but remember to put Image search under the image or video so that you are not flagged by others.

And remember that you can market SPUD4STEEM even if you are not in the competition yourself

You must leave a link here in the comments field that shows that you are marketing SPUD4STEEM and you must also use the tag #spud4steem

For marketing SPUD4STEEM (SPUD) you will be rewarded from

World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Are you ready to market SPUD4STEEM. Help us spread the word SPUD4STEEM to everyone in the Steem community

The initiator for SPUD4STEEM is @kiwiscanfly

Video made by @xpilar

Here's all about the SPUD4STEEM competition

The next SPUD4STEEM competition is November 1st 2020
Will you be the winner in the next competition?

Are you ready for the competition? You can win great prizes

Image search @kiwiscanfly

If you would like to sponsor spud4steem contact
@kiwiscanfly or drop a message below :)

Here are the Bonus votes that are very impressive!

Image search @kiwiscanfly

We have more!
@stephenkendal is also running a competition along side #spud4steem

How do i enter?

#spud4steem guidelines

1, To be eligible for prizes Steemit users MUST NOT BE POWERING DOWN 7 days before the competition starts on the 1st day of the new month, remember this competition is about powering up and not powering down. Any prize winner who is found to be powering down while in possession of a delegated prize will have the delegation removed – checks are done 😊

2, Steemit users must have more than 100 Steem power in their wallet before #spud4steem & no more than 20,000 Steem power. Delegated Steem power (in or out) does not count towards any % increase.

3, Steemit users must have a reputation of over 40 & under 75 to be edible for prize pool

4, Participants must have at least 1 post before the 1st of the month talking about this contest & their intention of participating. A clear picture of their wallet showing account balances must be included before starting the contest. The tag #spud4steem must be used.

5, Power up must be done on the 1st day of each month in your countries TIME ZONE. One power up per account per #spud4steem day.

6, Your post on the 1st of the month must also show CLEAR screenshots of your wallet before & after power up, so that it is clear & easy to calculate the % increase of your powerup. Daily claimed rewards are not included.

Remember that you must use the code # spud4steem - please note that daily rewards are not included in calculations of increase in %

If you meet the six criteria above, you can consider how you are stated, how we will work out prize winners will be based on % increase in your Steem power, not how much you powered up

User 1 has 100 Steem and power's up 15 more Steem power which will be a 15% increase User 2 has 200 Steem and powers up 15 Steem Power more, which is an increase of 7.5% - so in this scenario user 1 has a higher % and is more likely to win a prize compared to user 2
These awards and gifts are designed to promote the launch of the Steem Blockchain to provide a better understanding of how Steem power supports the Steem Ecosystem.

Winners duties
We now ask all future winners to make a post corresponding to the October winners below with (Selfie), this is done to protect our kind sponsors from accounts that do not act in the spirit of the # SPUD4STEEM message.

Thanks to @kiwiscanfly and everyone who supports SPUD4STEEM

Here you can read the whole post about SPUD4STEEM from @kiwiscanfly


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Hai sir @xpilar terimakasih banyak atas kerja keras anda dalam membawa STEEM ke tingkat selanjutnya, hari ini saya belum mampu untuk ikut berpartisipasi di #spud4steem, saya hanya dapat membantu dengan cara membagikan berita #spud4steem di akun media sosial saya 💗

Semoga steem kembali bersinar


 last year (edited)

Hi @steemadi

Thank you for supporting and promoting SPUD4STEEM

Yeah my pleasure 💗

Hi @xpilar here my participate to promote and market SPUD4STEEM. I hope it can visibility better

Hi @rokhani

Thank you for supporting and promoting SPUD4STEEM

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

You are welcome and thank again for all your kindness





吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Hello, @xpilar I have done it in Bahasa and posted in Steem SEA community for attracting more Indonesian steemians to participate; here is the link: https://steemit.com/hive-103393/@el-nailul/spud4steem-harus-kita-galakkan-bisakan-anda-membantunya

And I have shared it to Twitter:

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I really hope with this post, more Indonesian steemians will participate in this #spud4steem contest

My Best Regards

Hi @el-nailul

Thank you for supporting and promoting SPUD4STEEM

Hi @xpilar, I am so glad to promote SPUD4STEEM. So I make a post In bahasa Indonesia because we know not every steemian use english.
Here my spud4steem promo post
And I get a reply as I screen shoot below.

I hope many steemian will join in spud4steem
warm regard from indonesia

it's great @rokhani

My pleasure @xpilar.

My promotional post about the SPUD4STEEM contest, I hope you will


Thank you @fadlymatch for supporting and promoting SPUD4STEEM

Hi, @xpilar. I make a post again to publish about SPD4STEEM. I hope it can help this agenda. With more visibility we hope many Steemian support it.
Here the link

Thank you @rokhani

Hi @xpilar, I make post in bahasa Indonesia because there are Steemian who didn't get the information well, especially who use bahasa as main language.
Here my post.
Warm regard from Indonesia

 last year (edited)

Es evidente mi apoyo a SPUD4STEEM mediante mi blog, aunque lástima que no reúna los requisitos para participar, será en futuras oportunidades,bendiciones @xpilar.

Yes @brismar, there will be future opportunities

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