Nominate and get Rewarded: 15% Trial Upvote, (Nomination Day 85)

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* Nominate and get Rewarded: 15% Trial Upvote,*


Hello dear Steemians,

We are all interested in strong Community and should promote quality. Therefore with you involvement we would like to give the chance everyone to make decision but also to receive an equal chances.

#wox-bestpick of the day: 15% Trial Upvote

  • The Initiative will run daily
  • 5 best nominated posts will be chosen for Trial Upvote
  • The following day the users who successfully nominated will receive 15% Trial Upvote, The post must be in the World of Xpilar ommunity

When you chose the post you should visit that posts and leave a comment under the nominated post and tell why you think that it deserves a “Pick”

  • We are opening new tag #wox-bestpick, if you would like to be considered for the Trial support and following the rules, please use this tag

I change the rules a bit now and support the new initiative of #club5050 #club75 #club100,

The rules for nomination:,

  • You can nominate the posts on member of Community, but not a Moderator
  • Posts should be posted using our Community page
  • Posts that received @booming support before nomination or upvote from our trail will not count
  • Posts that follow the rules for #club5050 #club75 #club100 and also use the tag will have an advantage for being selected. This is because we want to prioritize those who build their own Steem Power
  • No repost in other communities or other platform
  • using #steemexclusive tag if it is posted exclusively on Steem
  • No plagiarism, respect “copyright”
  • Attach the link in comment section

Remember, the post cannot be more than 3 days old


And remember

When nominating a post, leave a comment to the author and tell them why they deserve to be nominated for #wox-bestpick. if you do not leave a comment to the author I will just ignore your nomination

Shows you an example here how @skinnygirl does it



If the post has already been rewarded by us, we can not vote it again

Remember to read the Rules, they can be adjusted along the way


The time has come to build our own steem power


WORLD OF XPILAR LOGO BILDE 2 beskjært 855x416 bruk 2.png


Voting for me: type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE


I want to invite to our server WOX NATION - WoxFi


This is an opportunity for you who are early investors
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 2 years ago 
 2 years ago 

Muchísimas gracias!

 2 years ago 

Me encantan sus obras de pintura, felicidades

 2 years ago 

me alegra mucho saber esto! Gracias! :-)

 2 years ago 

Todo el éxito del mundo @romanie

 2 years ago 

gracias! :-)

 2 years ago (edited)

Greetings! Today I nominate #wox-bestpick the great artist @camposart with his self-portrait: A drawing of his person, made with vertical frames. In his post he explains and details the drawing step by step, where he lets us see his impressive creativity and talent with art. A great job by our artist.

It is incredible to see how in the development of the drawing, everything is taking shape based on the vertical stripes.



Amiiiigaaaaaa muchas gracias por la nominación!!!


Thank you very much @xpilar for that wonderful Honorable Mention 🏆.

Today I'm going to nominate @barbarabezina's post.


Thank you very much @xpilar for that wonderful Honorable Mention .
Today I'm going to nominate post.

Hi! I nominate a post by @qwerrie

Impressionism on the water

Good luck always

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