Puppy Dogs

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Please click on any of the images to view at higher resolution

  • Images taken with the Olympus E-M1 III and 17mm Pro lens
  • Edited with Capture One and Aurora hdr
  • All images shot at F2, 1/200Sec, ISO 640

As a change from my normal macro photography here are some pictures of my friends cute puppies that I took last year.

My friend is a dog breeder and he asked me if I could take some pictures of his puppies ready for sale. Here is a sample of some of the photos I took.

I have edited them quite heavily, like I do my macro images but hope you like them.



This little puppy would not hold both ears up.
Apparently, many puppies, although having ears that stand up perfectly before three months will start to droop again when the puppy is teething. This is because nutrients being sent to the ears are now being diverted to the growing teeth. Usually, after the teething process is done, the ears will stand right up again at around six months.


Thanks for taking a look at my photography

 2 years ago (edited)

Very nice photos, I like the pink background.
I had no idea about the relationship between nutrients and dog ears.

Thank you.
No, I was unaware of this also. This is what my friend told me when I asked why some of the puppies would hold both ears up (which is what he wanted for the photos) but some wouldn't.

What beauties of a puppy I think they are French Bulldogs, oh that bow makes them look more tender, and the background color makes them stand out, nice photographs Friend.

Thank you, Yes I believe they were |French Bulldogs.

That is absolutely cute little puppy, that colour of background is really cool passes so well to the whole composition :)

Thank you, they were very cute. The background colour wasn't intentional but you are right it does add to the composition and contrasts well with the blue in the eyes of the first puppy and the dicky bow.

unique and nice pictures

So lovely dog. I love your photos. Thanks for sharing. 😁💜💜

Thank you. I am glad you love the photos.

Beautiful dogs. I love dogs. I'm nominating your post for a competition.

Thank you very much. Which competition?

Thanks for nominating my post.

very cute captures!
what is the real color of his eyes? grey or blue?

Thank you. His eyes were blue.

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Thank you for the nomination.

Thank you for sharing these photos! I like dogs, they're so kind and lovely.

Thank you

 2 years ago 

Great work, cute :)

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