Do you have a suggestion for contests on steemit?

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There are many contests on steemit and in the local communities,
but many of them run similar types of contests.

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Do you miss a type of competition or have good ideas for competitions on steemit then I would like to hear about it



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Two weeks ago I started this, I would like you to support me and help me get participants by giving a reblog, please.

Hi! Can you tell me how to become a member in this community?

 2 months ago
Join us and create/publish your works :)


From my observation, when a contest on Steemit has a unique aspect, many users do not participate. When there is an additional task required, even a small action such as referring something, the participation decreases.

However, we can see that Steemit engagement challenge contests has over 100+ participants but contests with a simpler format, like The Guessers Club, only receive 10 – 15 entries. It seems that it is not the type of contest that motivates users, but the presence of curators visiting the contest. Yet it remains to be seen if new and unique contests can attract more participants.

 2 months ago (edited)

Yes @disconnect, I experience the same in my competitions, not many participants
That's why I want the post to come up with good ideas

I sincerely hope that you will get some good ideas to make participants curious. One such contest I'm looking forward to is Pennsif's #thebig80.

 2 months ago 

@pennsifs #thebig80 is exciting

If that's possible. In any case, I will continue since the insistence will also make participation grow and I will continue thinking about which other to create. Thanks for your support @disconnect

I totally agree with you, I like to run contests, in the past I wanted to have more than 100 entries but today the participation is low, I think that people are looking for that big vote opportunity.

 2 months ago 

I think that people are looking for that big vote opportunity.

You're absolutely right

 2 months ago 

I have seen that many like drawing contests. They even come from other communities to compete.
Maybe a pencil drawing contest (with a different theme every week, like house, bird, car, etc.)
And maybe a pen drawing contest, with different theme.
And maybe painting contest...

 2 months ago 

Good ideas @ranartblog, there are many artists on steemit
Let's think about it

 2 months ago 

If you'll need anything from me, I'd be happy to help.
I do not know much about the technical stuff of Steemit, but I know about art.

Saludos a todos.

En verdad que extraño los concursos de música, instrumentales, solistas, gente cantando y bailando, llevando alegría a sus hogares porque se comparten cuando son dinámicos, recuerdo que cree un concurso de canto A capella, Que fue muy exitoso, pero los curadores por alguna razón, dejaron de apreciar y apoyar el talento musical. En verdad extraño ese mundo, al igual que muchos músicos que hacían vida en la plataforma, y dejaron de publicar...

 2 months ago 

It is a good idea to bring it back to life

Me alegra mucho leer esto, ya que se de muchísima gente que quiere devolverle la música a la plataforma, a través del canto y los instrumentos...

Creo que el problema es que la mayoría de las personas no tocamos ningún instrumento y cuando cantamos comienza a llover. Esos concursos tendrían a pocas personas participando.

Jajaja, me hiciste reír, en verdad los concursos de canto tenían mucho auge. Recuerdo hace 4 años el famoso Steemit openmic, llegó a tener 300 participantes cada semana, por supuesto, tenía premios muy grandes...

OK Ojalá y se haga un nuevo intento. La música es buena para el alma. Saludos cordiales.

Te voy a dejar un enlace para que escuches a mi esposa cuando ganó el Steemit Open Mic 98, allí verás si quieres confirmar cuantos participaban, yo la acompañe en la guitarra... Ella falleció en junio pasado, cantaba muy bien...

Ay, amigo. Lo siento muchísimo. Eso da tristeza. Mire, pero cuál es el link que debo marcar allí? Veo varios concursantes cantando. Cuál es el de ud y su esposa xfa? @danieldedos2

Я хотела бы соревноваться, публикуя подборки лучших постов steemit. =) Таких как эта

I would like to compete by publishing a selection of the best steemit posts. =) Such as this

HI! Can you tell me how to become a member of World of Xpilar Community?

 2 months ago 

Publishing a selection of the best steemit posts requires a lot of work
I see that the post you referred to had no comments, here you should get more comments, but you often need prizes to get people to read and comment

Вы правы. На Steemit не так много читателей, комментарии бывают не всегда. Местные авторы одновременно и читательская аудитория здесь. И как читатели они достаточно привередливы. =)

You're right. There are not so many readers on Steemit, there are not always comments. Local authors and the readership are here at the same time. And as readers, they are quite picky. =)

One type of competition that I think would be interesting to see on steemit is a photography contest. This could be a great way to showcase the talents of steemit's photography community and provide an opportunity for photographers to get their work recognized. Some possible categories for the contest could include landscapes, portraits, action shots, and abstract photography.

Additionally, it would be great to see a theme for the contest that changes each month, such as "cityscapes" or "wildlife." Overall, I think a photography contest would be a fun and engaging way to promote creativity and community on steemit.

 2 months ago 

Photo competitions are fun and we have many such competitions in the WOX community

In this case, there are never too many topics, you can expand the range, I'm sure that people have something to share.
I agree, there is already a flower contest in another community, but we can have a flower contest in ice, or flowers floating in water, lol. There are many items under our feet that could be the subject of an interesting contest, like fallen tree fruit, rotten fruit, trash, fallen leaves, whatever. the competition of shadow photographs cannot be called exclusive and the competition of reflections, but even here you can think of something, give each competition a narrower topic, for example, the shadow of a mosquito proboscis :).

 2 months ago 

Yes @barski, those are good ideas, as you say could give each contest a narrower topic

Hi @xpilar! Steemit is full of artists in all fields and one of the best examples is this community. Your thematic drawing contests have been an incredible experience for those of us who like to create stories and so many others that based on an image either their own, as in the case of photography, or given by the same author of the contest, are asked to create stories that tell something about what they see.
My point is that a contest could be created for cartoonists and photographers in which, instead of a photograph, a Writing, (story, poetry, a song) is shown, asking the contestant to show, either through a photograph of his authorship or a drawing created by him, what makes him/her feel what he/she read.

That, I feel, could be an option :)

 2 months ago 

That's a great idea

I appreciate it!


I came up with this contest and it was one of a kind for many reasons,
I could only allocate a total of 10 Steem Power

First Position5 Steem Power
Second Position3 Steem Power
Third Position2 Steem Power

The reward did not equate the amount of work and time needed to solve the puzzle.

Support would be greatly appreciated to encourage participation.

 2 months ago 

Crossword Puzzle Contest is a great competition that gives brain exercise
But I think it is difficult to get many participants even if you had bigger prizes

 2 months ago 

Hola amigo, los concursos de manualidades son excelentes. Sería fantástico contar con uno en la comunidad.
Saludos cordiales.

 2 months ago 

Greetings @xpilar and thanks for asking. I personally really liked the Christmas collage engagement challenge that we had here in WOX in December. It was one of few contests that involved actually making something by hand whilst taking a break from the computer screen that some of us look at for too many hours. So I was thinking of a few collage contests around various topics like make a collage about a traditional food in your country or about your hobby, etc.

 2 months ago 

I totally agree with you. It was a very special contest, which as you say made the participants interact analogically with different types of images and materials. And above all, very importantly, I think the participants had a lot of fun doing the work for the contest.

I know that the one who judged the contest @silviadiez, the collagist of this community, was preparing a contest proposal to submit.


Totalmente de acuerdo contigo. Fue un concurso muy especial, que como dices hizo que los participantes interactuaran analógicamente con diferentes tipos de imágenes y materiales. Y sobre todo, muy importante, creo que los participantes se divirtieron mucho haciendo el trabajo para el concurso.

Me consta que la que fue jurado del concurso @silviadiez, la collagista de esta comunidad, estaba preparando una propuesta de concurso para presentarla.

 2 months ago 

😍 This certainly is music for my ears. Great minds think alike 😉

 2 months ago 

Yes, it was a great contest and attracted a lot of users because the prizes were also good and (the upvotes)

But I like your idea

collage competitions around different topics such as making a collage about traditional food in your country or about your hobby etc.

 2 months ago 

I’m glad you do. What a great discussion you started here @xpilar 54 comments and counting 🤩

 2 months ago 

Yes, there is good response and feedback 😊

 2 months ago 

Hi again,

Just a quick idea following with the topic.

My speciality as a photographer is architecture, and I would be delighted to run a community, group or subcommunity related with it. Not only architectural photography, but something widest in the area, like critics, descriptions or something more deep than only show a picture made with the phone.

 2 months ago 

Running a community like you describe needs a lot of support from those who can give good upvotes for the community to survive

I have more faith in a group in wox that operates with a # tag and gets the opportunity to support with, for example, upvotes

 2 months ago 

Thank you for your reply @xpilar

I am at your disposal to develop the initiative.

 2 months ago 

Hola querido amigo @xpilar, una pregunta interesante, pero realmente creo que las personas están en busca de los grandes votos y por esa razón no se toman el tiempo de participar en otras actividades de calidad. He visto muchos concursos con grandes temáticas y pocas entradas, entonces el problema no son los concursos, el problema radica en lo que los usuarios buscan (votos grandes).

Sin embargo, en nuestra comunidad siempre hay buena actividad, aún realizamos buenos concurso que a pesar de todo tienen buenas entradas. Pero si he notado que en algunos casos los temas se repiten, sobretodo en los retos actuales y eso también es motivo de cansancio para las personas.

Creo que todo tiene que ver con la económica actual ya que las personas también están en busca de algo que les genere mayor recompensa, para nadie es secreto que muchos están en Steemit para poder generar algún tipo de ingreso. Entonces ese es un factor importante, ya que prefieren dedicar tiempo a otras actividades más rentables para ellos.

De igual forma, nosotros seguimos aquí, dando lo mejor y tratando de renovarnos con el pasar del tiempo!!😊😁

 2 months ago 

I think it all has to do with today's economy since people are also looking for something that generates more rewards, it's no secret to anyone that many people are on Steemit to be able to generate some kind of income. So it is an important factor, as they prefer to dedicate time to other activities that are more profitable for them.

Yes, I agree, most people look for where they can get the most income

I have some ideas on contests: 1. What superhero would you like to be and why? 2. What jungle animal would you like to be and why? 3. What marine animal would you like to be and why? 4. What wild bird would you like to be and why? What insect... 5. What tree... Obligation in these contests to draw with your own hands the animal or thing.

 2 months ago 

There are good ideas, but I think the number of participants is limited unless the prizes are big

Yes, the prizes is a problem.

@xpilar Another idea: Macrophotography competition, only insects photos.

 2 months ago 

Yes, @sultan-aceh had many of those competitions over a long time here on wox. Maybe he could do it again
He is an expert in Macrophotography with insect photos.

I didn't know it, but, yes, I have seen some nice pics from my friend @sultan-aceh

 2 months ago 

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It took me 8 days on this thread :)

Steemit has a lot of great contests where people can showcase their talents. By competing with each other, they increase the quality of their publications and the attractiveness of the platform in general.

However, as mentioned here, Steemit is not a simple social network. Here, everything is closely related to the economy. One of the types of contests that is missing here is a contest that used to incentivize the purchase of STEEM on cryptocurrency exchanges. Such a competition will not bring value from the point of view of art, but in my opinion it is also necessary.

It would be possible to conduct a competition in which the author would be obliged to:

  • provide a screenshot of his order to buy STEEM on the cryptocurrency exchange;
  • provide a screenshot that he received the purchased amount of STEEM in his wallet;
  • provide a screenshot that the author used the same amount of STEEM for Power Up.

Each contest must last 7 days. Those who buy the most STEEM during this time will be the winners.

Of course people will buy small amounts of 5 - 10 STEEM, but it can still be fun.

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