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Hello my dear Steemians,


I actually was not planning to post today but while seeing what kind of whirl was caused in our community "World of Xpilar" during last 24 hours when @alexmove and his bot I decided to do a post and put all together in one place as I can't chase every single comments of him and his Anti-Plagiarim Team.

You are all annoyed with the plagiarism, vote-farming and spamming that we often have on this platform and that there is no regulatory mechanism here. We have discussed that many times often I brought an example of @steemcleaners and their work. Do you want to know what I liked most in their work?

  • you do not know that they are working because they did not put it to show
  • but if someone was abusing the system them they were there and dealt very quickly and professional
  • they contacted the user only then when they had evidence of abuse and did not bother with some automatic messages that the computer program generated like in @alexmove case.
  • they had a page called Abuse Report" the people reported suspicious cases and they investigated but then acted with appropriate action

I must say I really miss the way how they worked.


The reaction of Steemians to the comment of @alexmove


If you were not aware about the Anti-abuse team here are the users who are in: @papi.mati, @alexmove, @symbionts, or @alejos7ven they also have account @ac-cheetah for Downvotes.

While striving for the Anti-abuse system we did not want to be told that our posts are original and 100% clear from plagiarism. Many of us here for last 4 and less years and slowly but surely those users have to be known to the above mentioned users as we are contacting with them so often.

Therefore, instead of searching for Abusers the bot that is running by Anti-plagiarim team is telling us that we are "good". We do not need to be told that we are good, instead you, guys need to find "bad guys"

I have now collected few reaction to the comment that he is leaving under users posts and completely sharing their opinion



Here reaction: There was no need to doubt!) Thanks for checking!






Now back to World of Xpilar




@serap, our member who is posting Original content and doing 100% Power Up


@sultan-aceh who is very well known to the whole Steem blockchain with his promotional work and charity projects:


And even @xpilar, who is well known to Steem blockchain with all the different activities



The area of Improvement

Attention to the Anti-abuse team: @papi.mati, @alexmove, @symbionts, or @alejos7ven and @steemcurator01 as it was created with your support of the idea.

  • The screening of users while searching for Abuse should be running in background, @alexmove if you are running the algorithm and found that the person has created original content then you do not need to tell him/her that the content is 100% clear. The use knows that. In such cases do not leave any comment

  • If you detected potential Abuse then contact your team on Discord and investigate, get evidence that nobody can bit and then contact the abuser with evidence. Those user should be notified

  • Leaving the automatic message under multiple posts of the same user without proper checking before in my opinion is SPAMMING.


  • Anti-abuse Team, please create "Whitelist" and add the users who you have checked and then concentrate on others, either newcomers or suspicious

-If there is any suspicious cases in the communities that should be discussed with community Moderators first before leaving such auto-comment. @alexmove you may wonder why but because you are using your account in order to send automatic texts and without manual check of the content which s not acceptable. It is easy to label someone as Abuser and destroy his reputation but it is difficult to clear the good name of users

  • The user should decide himself what to post and how long the post is and how many pictures there will be . I noticed that under many of our Photographers and also Artists there was a comment that the text should contain certain number of words.

My questions is really what is the reason behind we are telling that we are decentralized platform and free to post whatever we like but then this comment make people confused.

I found this comment and wonder what kind of rules about the number of words? Who created the rules? If we do not like the users to leave our Platform adn go to Hive we should stop this Witch-Hunt


  • I would advice the Anti-abuse Team to contact the Moderators of "World of Xpilar" if you find any Abuse, because we are running our own system and have good practice. I hope @xpilar is also agree with that.

My post is definitely more than 250 words and original content and I am Powering Up 100% as a #club100 user


@stef1 Power Up Snapshot






Trenner groß.png


CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




Trenner groß.png




Thank you! I will study the recommendations in detail.

I agree with a lot, thanks.

I believe there is a lot of work needs to be done with planning how to run the project and that was what I expressed previous during multiple discussion. I hope that your team will review my views and the reaction of users. We do not want to make people to leave platform and look for alternative, in our case there is an alternative completely similar system with reward for the same work but with Anti-abuse guys who are invisible unless people created abuse. This is how it should run. Like in real live we do not want to see policemen in front of our door who is telling that everything is fine and we are good people. We want police to concentrate on the bad guys. I hope you understand what I mean.

Yes, I understand.

I just want to be needed and useful, hence, for example, this craving for comments under each post.

The improvements you suggested are working.

I will change the scheme and discuss with @papi-mati

Hi Alex, I am glad that you are implementing some of the suggestion, the beginning will always cause a lot of chaos therefore, it is better to reduce it to minimum if possible, that you for your feedback, appreciate it.


Thanks for tagging me, I understand all your points but as you can see @alexmove is currently in a testing phase so the bot is not perfect yet, all feedbacks that we can send to him will be really valuable, it’s nice to see the suggestions you are leaving here and I agree with it.

Other suggestion that I could add is don’t tag @ac-cheetah only, could be fine that the bot fetch the community moderators and tag at least 2 of them as well.

Thank you @alejos7ven for stopping by and listening. It is important to collect not only good comments but critic only then we can improve what we are doing. I hope I will not need your team involvement in the future but we all know the abusers will not stop :)

 2 years ago 

Greetings friend @stef1

I think it is a very good suggestion for the anti-plagiarism team, however, I must give credit to the team, mainly to those who are developing this search tool. On the other hand, I would like to know if the @ac-cheetah anti-plagiarism applies to images or just text.

Images are checked manually, not by the bot. Finding the users who share just the picture and marking cheetah to double check the post helps in that. Most of the image abusers are not spending too much time to write the posts.

In the community that I manage, all the photos are checked manually. Ideal situation would include that this verification is made in every community but many admins does not even know how to do it or use copyrighted pictures on their own as well... Education is crucial and we are trying to do it constantly.

Hi @adeljose, yes, it is good to have a system that works and of course the ones who created it did great job only it is needs to be implemented better.

 2 years ago (edited)

@alexmove, @papi.mati, @alejos7ven, @aymbionts

I echo a lot of what @stef1 has said.

I was aware that an automated tool was being tested within a couple of communities but I did not expect World Of Xpilar to be one of them - I thought that the communities had signed up to be part of the "experiment" and so the testing phase which @alejos7ven mentions should not have reached World Of Xpilar until it was production ready.

I also agree with @stef1's suggestion that investigation should be carried out elsewhere before a user is informed that their content doesn't pass "the test" - perhaps using the output of the tool you've created to create a list of posts elsewhere with a "plagiarism priority" that you can subsequently review. So that the tool can learn without a repeat of what's happened today.

You're also going to encounter a lot of users that have their own blogs, websites, portfolios elsewhere that we've already validated (everybody who has a label within World Of Xpilar has been through a validation process before receiving their labels) and will subsequently have their content labelled as plagiarised when it's not. Something I believe you need to consider with any kind of automation.

I'm pleased to hear that you're listening to feedback and I'd recommend sharing how you plan to approach the automation side of things in particular so that you can gather some feedback before going live - Perhaps within the Steem Dev community. You'll then be able to point people towards a discussion / debate which will explain the approach you've decided upon.

You're travelling on a difficult road and will inevitably stumble along the way.

The testing version will be limited back to a few communities that agreed for that.

Whitelist, like I mentioned before, will be created and added to the tool in the nearest future. When we will be introducing the tool to the WoX community, we will contact with the admins to make sure non-steemexclusive but verified users are included on it.

Plagiarism up to 25% and non-plagiarized content won't be marked in any way so the whole process will be a bit more invisible.

Those improvements will be included in the nearest future. Then we will be trying to figure out how to make it all even more invisible.

 2 years ago 

What might work well when rolling it out to more communities would be to share the list via discord or in such a way that the community isn't notified initially. I'd certainly be interested in seeing a list of posts that are being highlighted - the top 5 plagiarism percentages for example.

I think that any notifications within a community would be good to mention community admins and moderators (maybe not all of them but perhaps a few) and then we can warn or mute users too.

Mentioning the admins/mods is a good solution. Decentralized responsibility of verifying, downvoting and... Only admins can mute the abuser

Making the list of the potential abusers on discord instead of automatic comments is perfect but it sounds complicated (I'm green though, maybe it's very easy and I don't even know that) - is it possible to make @alexmove ?

 2 years ago 

I think @starlord28 might know how to do it 🤔

I was thinking that could be more of a manual process initially which if it goes well, then becomes the live solution. So you use it as a way to build up trust in the algorithm and test it in a live environment.

 2 years ago 

Okay. I'm lost over here. You want to know if mentioning the admins and mods in the comment is possible or do you want to automatically tag the admins and mods in their discord? Or are you talking about the decentralized way of downvoting? If its decentralized way of downvoting, it would take a month or two for me to have a solution.

 2 years ago 

It was the ability to send a message to Discord - I've got something in the back of my mind from a while ago that seems to think that you know how to do this 🤔

In the future, we may well make automatic posting to Discord.

Now I would not want to deal with the topic of automatic publication in the discord, since this is a new functionality and it will take time and effort.

Instead of automatic comments under posts, I will offer another option:

The first is to manually send lists to discord :)

Or more interesting and automatic - to publish the same automatic comments, but not under the post being analyzed, but under mine or your post. In other words, I create a post on my "Post Analysis" blog and, if I find a suspicion, I publish a comment under MY post that I created. And there in this comment I write as usual: "Attention! We need verification! The post is such and such, there is a suspicion of such and such,% uniqueness of such and such, links to similar texts."

What do you think? @papi.mati

I appreciate you stopping by and for your comment. As always it is I have another settings of my long night shifts and had to go yesterday, therefore was no time for even reading. I am glad that you are involved and next time will get in touch with you first maybe that will sort out the stuff quicker. Cheers,

 2 years ago 

I'm not part of the active team but I'm watching and helping where I can 🙂

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this idea when you have some time -

I'm going to keep working on the site redesign for now so there's no hurry or pressure to read it - I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts when you have some more time (and sleep).

You are absolutely right. The automatic analysis of posts is very difficult. Even manual analysis is not absolutely reliable, unless you find the original. We have often read in your posts how difficult it is to check.
For me, automatic analysis is more experimental. I have only skimmed the code so far, but from my point of view it cannot be done with a few lines. This is more a field of artificial intelligence...
Besides, the automatic comments are rather unsuitable for the acceptance of the experiment. This should run more in the background.

Thank you @moecki for your feedback and glad to have your opinion here. I believe it is very sensitive area when such automatic mechanism in detecting abuse is running and especially if it is running without and published under the post but then checked after publishing that is something that will make many people angry, like it was with me.Abuse check and double check should be done in background but when the evidence found then it should be presented because then as one old quote says: "Not caught, not a thief" Appreciate for taking your time and for your opinion.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to all of you who selflessly fight against fraud. I can contribute little except for any suspicious cases I may come across.

On the other hand, I believe that if a telephone number were required in the registration process, a large number of fraudsters would be eliminated from the outset.

Sometimes I feel like we are like Don Quixote fighting the windmills, telephone numbers who knows they also can be fake, if someone is tricking the system he always will find the way :)

 2 years ago 

Thank you very much for your answer.

The Don Quixote metaphor is completely valid in your case, but please don't give up. Your task is commendable.

As for the phone issue, I was referring to the fact that in the registration process the person has to validate it with their cell phone. It is a common practice when you want to avoid fraud, or at least make it difficult. Technically it is possible.

 2 years ago 

I would advise the Anti-abuse Team to contact the Moderators of "World of Xpilar" if you find any Abuse, because we are running our own system and have good practice. I hope @xpilar is also agree with that.

Yes, I agree

Plagiarism check must be done in another way and see from the answers in the comment field that they will find solutions to it
I was not aware that so many in the wox community received those comments automatically.

The servant comments on your post with such eagerness and you are the one who replies to us. Maybe you are angry with us.

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