The Community Curator for May 2020 @stef1: @steemcurator08 for Visual Art and Photography

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"Westminster Abbey" by @Stef1




Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,




Today we are happy to announce that after submitting the application for the Community Curator post by @steemitblog, our application was successful and we @stef1 account now awarded the Curator right for May 20:

it will be @steemcurator08 that will curate Visual Art and Photography on Steem Platform

We are very excited about this new role and hope to be able to support as many talented Artists, creative people and Photographers on Steem.

We are doing curation for last two years and this time we were able to give the users a deserved upvote, that we always dream to do, we would be curating all Visual Art:

  • All art of drawing and painting, traditional Art and any medium
  • Preferable process steps so that we know that this is your work
  • Use tags #art-venture and #art
  • Posting via “world of xpilar” will make our search easier as we are a part of the team of “world of xpilar”
  • Sculptures using any materials such as marble, sand, clay, wood or any other material
  • Digital Art
  • Collage of any Art
  • Beautiful photography


We are looking forward your posts!


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St. Basil’s Cathedral by @stef1




Приветствуем всех активных Стимиян,


Сегодня мы хочем поделиться хорошей новостью, наш аккаунт @stef1принял участие в конкурсе на место Куратор общества Стим организованной @steemitblog и к нашей огромной радости нас выбрали на месяц Май Куратором!

@steemcurator08 будет курировать Художественные работы и фотографии на Стиме!

Новая роль дасть нам возможность поддержать многих талантлевых Художников и креативных людей и фотографов на Стиме.

Мы курируем на Стиме последние два года но в этот раз мы сможем Вас, дорогие друзья хорошо наградить, об этом мы давно уже мечтали. Мы будем курировать следующие посты:

Все виды рисования и писания картин как карандашами так и красками

  • Предпочтительно процесс работы это даст нам возможность распознать если это Ваш рисунок
  • Используйте таг #art-venture и #art
  • Вы так же можете делать почту через общество “world of xpilar” это позволит нам Вас быстро найти потому что мы тоже в обществе “world of xpilar”
  • Скульптуры из мрамора, глины, дерева, песка или любого другого материала
  • Дигитальное Искусство
  • Искусство коллажа
  • Красота Фотографии


Ждем Ваших постов!


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“Clemens Church in Münster” by @Stef1




Hallo liebe Steemians und Kunstfans,


Wir freuen uns euch heute mitteilen zu können, dass unsere Bewerbung als Community Curator ( @steemitblog ) erfolgreich war und das wir " @stef1 " jetzt das Kurator-Recht 200k SP für den Monat Mai bekommen haben!

Wir werden euch mit dem @steemcurator08 account upvoten :-)

Seit über zwei Jahren sind wir mit unserem @art-venture Konto auf der Suche nach Kunst jeglicher Art in der Steem Welt, und bis jetzt waren unsere Möglichkeiten durch Upvotes zu helfen doch sehr begrenzt.

Wir freuen uns sehr über diese neue Rolle, und hoffen möglichst viele talentierte Künstler, Kreative sowie Fotografen auf Steem unterstützen zu können.

  • Alle Arten der Kunst ... Ölmalerei, Acryl, Kohle, Pastel, jedes Medium ist uns recht :-)
  • Bevorzugt werden Post´s mit Prozessschritten, damit wir wissen dass es eure eigene Arbeit ist.
  • Verwenden sie die Tags #art-venture oder #art
  • Das Posten über "world of xpilar" erleichtert unsere Suche, da wir Teil des Teams sind.
  • Skulpturen aus verschiedensten Materialien wie Marmor, Sand, Ton, Holz......
  • Digitale Kunst
  • Collagen jeglicher Art
  • Fotografie


Wir freuen uns auf eure Beiträge!


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The thumbnail

Support of traditional Artworks on Steem by @stef1 and @art-venture , rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project ( @steemcurator08 ).


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New Video Contest “The world of Animal”


Video Competition number 1








I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


It's great that you now have a greater opportunity to reward artists who deserve it through the Steem Community Curation Project (@steemcurator08)

 10 months ago 

Hi @xpilar and thank you for your nice words. Actually it is also very good fitting into that busy time my annual leave, as there is anyway nowhere to go we can concentrate on the first week to see how efficiently we can do curation with that project and the same time that we still keep cheering up the people in "world of xpilar" with our invitations and nice words :)

Wow! This is really good to hear. Now there will be more support to artists and photographers. Well done @stef1 and congratulations for getting your application approved.

 10 months ago 

Thank you Max, we are glad to have this opportunity but also this will keep us really busy these days :)

It is a great news that steem had granted you the curation for art-related posts @stef1
I hope that it will attract many artists from all over the world :D

 10 months ago 

Thank you @cryptopie, luckily we know many of the Art creators so will be a bit easier than when we were int eh very beginning :)

Beautiful painting - I miss visiting London. Congratulations on becoming a Steem Curator. A perfect choice 😊

 10 months ago 

Thank you @fleur, I can imagine, myself luckily I do not miss much big cities I am more like outskirts. But on and off it is nice to visit the center but then Edinburgh and big enough :)

Ok...It's sounds good...Enthusiastic Photography here :D

 10 months ago 

Hi @azwar.ipank, nice to see you here also we are running photo contest in @art-venture, so please look you definitely must have some beautiful photos that you can submit :)

I congratulate you on this responsible, but also honorable duty!
I am sure that you as a talented artist will perfectly cope with this honorable mission.

I wish you all creative success and good mood in this difficult time for all!

 10 months ago 

Thank you for congratulation and yourself if you keep doing some works we will visit you too, I remember you did few pastel works or maybe nice photography as @art-venture now running a pho contest just visit it too :)

I will try very hard to make you like my drawings :- )
BUT I'm just learning...


Very cool artwork, as always! 😃

 10 months ago 

Thank you @trinkowski I need to start again my Architecture painting, had a long break :)

Good luck with this endeavor!

!giphy good+luck

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

 10 months ago 

Thank you @lightcaptured we will need some luck and energy for the marathon in May :)

Thank you for being a pioneer Community Curator.

Have fun!

The Steemit Team

 10 months ago 

Thank you @steemcurator01 we will do our best in order to support a wide range of users and spread our Votes in order to make many new users and talented people happy :)

Congratulations again @stef1 and happy curating!

 10 months ago 

Thank you @cryptokannon and thank you for your congratulation. We are glad to be able to reward many people around who deserve a bit of better payouts for their beautiful works :)

i know you will do a great job as Community Curator!

Good work and Steem on :)

 10 months ago 

Thank you @kiwiscanfly, it is an exciting moment and for us a detective work to search for good creators and posts, the time started :)

Congrats! Are you having as much fun as me? lol

 10 months ago 

Hi @canna-curate, thank you very much, yes it is s pleasure to make the Steemians happy and hear their feedback but as you probably noticed yourself it is quite time consuming process too.

Our Congratulation to you and your curation group too!

 10 months ago (edited)

Если что, то я готов помочь в курировании и в комьюнити @xpilar