MyArtVenture: Watercolor painting "Westminster Abbey"

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Hello dear Steemians,





As you may remember I mentioned in previous posts that I am working on my watercolour painting, due to us being on the road it took a while but today I finished it and happy to present to you.



"Westminster Abbey" by @Stef1



As you all know the hot topic nowadays from UK is thee decision of the future of country and everything depends on those who sit in this beautiful historic place, Westminster Abbey. I believe recently it is on all the News channels and we see so many different pictures, due to my love to architecture, I thought I will do a painting of this complex and absolutely astonishing buildings and a landmark of UK.



So here it is my watercolor painting and I hope you like it:

My step-by-step process:









Final painting:


Watercolor painting "Westminster Abbey" by @Stef1

Rough watercolor textured paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolors colors in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes


Photo source





I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)



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It is very cool


Thank you for you nice words :)

I was there only once, on a rainy day... I wasn't lucky with the weather.
It looks much better on your painting that what I saw in real life. 😛

Great work, once again, Steffi!


It is difficult to get a right weather, mostly it is rainy or cloudy. But I believe last summer was really hot and there were many nice sunny days, my sisters and mum live there, so they were quite happy with last summer. Thank you for your nice words regarding my painting :)

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Thank you @theunion for supporting Art :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk


Thank you @artzone for your support :)

That is one very good masterpiece @stef1, you made some beautiful lines of the building and curves of the clouds there :D


Thank you @cryptopie for such warm words, I did not think that it would be challenging work but I am happy it became like that :)

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Thank you for supporting Art!

나에겐 어렵게 느껴지는 그림 소재로 아주잘그렸네요

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I love to use photography as a reference, because nowadays the life is busy and sometimes I need to run and finishing my work in the evening or following days.

저는 사진을 참고로 사용하기를 좋아합니다. 왜냐하면 요즘 인생은 바쁘고 때로는 저녁이나 그 다음 날에 일을 끝내고 끝내야하기 때문입니다.

Very nicely drawn, as usual, @stef1 :) I love the sky in your painting, it has that romantic colours off the clouds which are very pretty <3


Thank you @veryspider for your compliment, actually I did not want to do so much colours for my sky, but my mixture of blue was so little and the paper was already wet so I just used yellow and red, that is the reason behind it :)

I've been to the UK only ones and the first building that I visited was the Westminster Abbey. I spent there a couple of hours and I loved it. I had an audio guide and enjoyed learning about historical details of this place and England in general.

Unfortunately there was some construction work going on so I couldn't take a good photo so I'm happy to see it in all its glory on your painting :)

Well done! Oh, and I like the colorful sky. It gives a nice touch to the painting.

Have a lovely week!


Thank you @delishtreats for your nice comment. The architecture in London is really impressive and it is good to visit such historical places, as you never know if you ever return to that place or not. Mostly the weather is bad and rainy, when I was recently it was too much wind. But probably due to such weather there are many visitors of coffee shops and restaurants :)