Spotlight and Support the users on Steemit, Issue #4- Together against Cancer

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Hello dear Steemians,


Another week is passed and it is a time to highlight another group pf users from our friends on Steemit community. I always try to find something in common in the presented users and this time it is a human fate, that often strikes without any notice and in such situation we are all caught by sudden.

Those of you who follow my blog can remember some of those users, because we have collected Steem through Crowdfunding of Steemians. But even though it was done once it does not mean that this is done and dusted and the people are cured. We all know that health problems require prolong time for treatment and medical care is expensive no matter in what country you live.

That is why I decided to return to those users who were in my posts in the past and would like to highlight them again and dedicate the beneficiaries of this post. Those users are still very active, posting and commenting, then let's support them now and appreciate for them to be with us.

I am grateful for the Steemit Team and @steemcurator01 for supporting this Initiative and for giving support for the users who are fighting against cancer.

I will be highlighting 3 users and will be setting the beneficiaries with 33% per user, so 99% of post goes to users:



Chemotherapy @isabelpena


One of the user who I wanted to present is @isabelpena, she is well known to WOX community and active there, some time ago she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had surgery. It is often that after surgery, postoperative chemotherapy needed depending on the type of cancer and stage of the disease.

Isabel started her chemotherapy, which you all know that it is a poison that supposed to kill residual cancer cells but the same time many of them have strong side effect and make people unwell too.

Today I wanted you to visit the post of Isabel and also to support her morally but also with you Upvote. It is not much but it is what we can give all together.



Treatment for kidney tumour @oneidaa


Many know this user too @oneidaa who is sharing the journey through the fight against kidney tumour of her mother. It is a had situation when we face such situation and have to be strong for our parents. Every post displaying the little happy moments and that is the most important to enjoy those moment so long we have each other. The posts are full of love and every mother would be proud to have such daughter.


The post is expired by now:

But this post is set Beneficiaries as 33% to @oneidaa, so you can contribute to the Upvote for her too.

The user is also openly sharing that due to financial situation she is not able to join clubs:

Les quiero recordar que mis publicaciones no puedo configurarlas al 25% null por la situación tan fuerte que estamos viviendo como familia, no hago publicaciones con la constancia de antes porque como muchos sabrán, mi mamá fue diagnosticada con Cáncer así que mi prioridad es ella.


Treatment of breast cancer @tinochka2


This user @tinochka2 Valentina is well known and also we know about her treatment against cancer, it is the situation that even though she had surgery, the patients still remain under close monitoring for at least 5 years, to make sure that nothing left behind and not return.

The same time @tinochka2 lives in the country that is currently in war condition that means the whole infrastructure is destroyed and people loosing their relatives on daily basis, they all suffer both mentally and financially, that is why health becomes very expensive. Despite of that Valentina tries to post regular and remain positive but also she sticks to #club5050 so long she can, that is why she is also my choice int his post.



I would like to thank everyone and the Steemit Team for supporting the users


CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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In these times it can be observed that many of the people who are healthy and with possibilities to help can pass by someone who has a need and look the other way. It is very gratifying and reassuring that from this platform where we only know each other by our activity on it, people are taken into account who at the end of the day are the pillar of the platform. For me it is an honor to be a witness of this action. I appreciate it

I always think about our lives today, like you say when we are healthy we do not think about anything, our live is good and we dream about next holidays, family gathering children and their future. It seems like early or later many will have moments when we face such hard situation, therefore, I often think what I would like to happen in I would be in such situation. It is good if there are some people who support us and currently I can help them and that makes my happy too. Thanks you Esther :)

(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥


Curated by : @stef1

Very grateful

I am so proud to see you always willing to do acts of kindness. Can't help but appreciate your great work.

I wish the health of my friends with cancer. I think God can protect us from any disease or any danger. So I wish them well.

Dear stef1, May Allah keep you and your family healthy.

Take care ❣️

Thank you very much @solaymann for your nice and supportive words. When I was a child I recall my mother who did many good things to everyone around, when I asked her why she does that, she said that she receives more satisfaction from such good actions and that made her happy. I am also feeling happy to be able to help out other people.

I am glad to have you on my side and wishing you and your family stay healthy :)

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That is wonderful surprise, thank you for support SC04 and @patjewell!

Really appreciate you for your support for the users, wonderful gesture to show that they are not alone, thanks you!

Wow estoy muy sorprendida con esto, millones de gracias por apreciarnos, hoy ha sido un día fuerte pero al ver esto se ilumina un poco mi camino. Gracias de verdad por tomarme en cuenta, seguiremos al pie del cañón para ganarle a esta enfermedad.

Hi @oneidaa, I am pleased that I could lighten up your mood, it is very important for your mother to stay strong. I believe she also feel sorry about you and people around when she sees that you all do your best and also that you are all worried. She has very good family that is important. It was a pleasure to help you with a bit of spotlight :)


Сонечко моє, люба @stef1! Зворушена до глибини душі твоєю підтримкою! Це не просто підтримка - це подарунок мені на День народження, який буде завтра!!! Дякую, дякую, дякую!!!


Шановна Валентино, мені приємно знати, що це наближається до твого дня народження, це дуже вдалий час.

Дякую, люба! Ось саме сьогодні у мене День народження!))) Ми його відсвяткували всією родиною!)))

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