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Hello dear Steemians

I have posted my post yesterday via AVLE, this is an app that was created by @etainclub and now it is working quite well and if anyone would liek to try you are free to test and maybe you like it.

Today is my guidance how to use it:

First you open up the website:

So you can log in using your posting key, quite quickly you are in adn you have the window that I made snapshot and placed as first picture.

If you click on your user icon you will land on your blog:

If you click on icon for writing then you can start writing a post:

*You can use posting option to set your communities, beneficiares, tags and so on. What you also need to remember you need to follow a person whom you want to share beneficiares with otherwise it will not work.

Once everything is done your post is ready to be send, just click submit botton and it is done!

Hope you also will try it.



CURATION TRIAL @worldofxpilar




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Posted through the AVLE Dapp (

 6 months ago 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

 6 months ago 

thank you for introducing AVLE.

Hi @etainclub, it was nice to observe how your dApp was developing and Steem-agora was publishing all the updates, especially he was mentioning any problem but slowly it was getting better and better. Now it works quite well and I am glad that there is everything that English speaking people need is there. Thank you for your work!

 6 months ago 

i will keep updating the AVLE in which several key features are added. And a new service is under consideration.
Thank you.

Thank you @stef1. I will definitely give it a try. Can you explain the "share beneficiary" part more? 🤔 What do I set it for?

Hi @gungho, this is when for example you are doing post and want to share the Payout with someone, like I did for the tutorial of Jorge that I used for my drawing and share the payout with him, for that there is a button called advance setting:

This is how it looks on Steemit:


Here is how it looks in AVLE:


At the end we both receive 50% of the post. You can set up any % that you want to share. Normally as default it set up to 100% to the Author.

 6 months ago 

It seems to work in a good way. But - where is the advantage or the benefit compared to posting directly in Steem...? I didn't find one. Can you explain?

Hi @weisser-rabe, When you are telling:

"the benefit compared to posting directly in Steem...? "

This is not correct, because we are using Steemit which is also dApp or desktop application for posting. so it is the same type of program like AVLE or Wherein but wherein is more for mobile phones rather than desktop.:


All of them when used produced the posts on Steem Blockchain. Therefore Steem is not Steemit, but many mix up because of similar names.

The same like on Hiveblog, there is blockchain Hive but there are 45 applications, just if you are curious:

Having some on Steem would be good because if something happens with Steemit app, then nobody will be able to post, there is no alternative.

But at the end everyone should decided for themselves what to use.

It is a pleasure to give some highlight for this program and nice to have you, guys!

avle is super good!! =)

 6 months ago 

Некоторое время назад я попробовал туда зайти, но не смог сходу разобраться в той новой механике))
А потом просто забыл. Надо будет ещё раз попробовать.
А как оно тебе по удобству?
Как-то уж слишком непривычно всё устроено)

 6 months ago 

Thank you Stef for the information and the guidance!

Are you still using this tool @stef1?

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