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How to get the attention of steemcurator01 Someone recently asked this question on the steemit connect Whatsapp group I am in. Someone jokingly said that “it’s easy, plagiarize or abuse the platform, not only steemcurator01 but the entire steemit users will swarm your post”. Everyone laughed It off. Those who suggested “quality content were immediately countered by other members confidently saying they create high-quality and original content. Some members who are in club75 and higher immediately debunked the club statuses claims. No one was with a definitive answer on how to get the attention of steemcurator01. The group administrator came in and advised everyone to just remain consistent and follow the rules. He mentioned that the campus connect community account was not visited by steemcurator01 for over 7 weeks before three of its post was visited last week and curated. He said that he never gave up but made sure he works hard and adheres to the community rules even more. While the community account was in such hard times and not receiving support, he launched the third season of campus games and initiated members to delegate steempower to the community account. Members reacted positively and were able to grow the account to close to 100k SP in a short period. My point is that users can always find solutions within themselves. Steemit is said to be decentralized in the first place.


According to my research, certain users receive more votes from steemcurator01 than others. These users include those in certain communities i. e steemcurator01 visit some communities more than others or maybe not. It is evident that these communities work hard and adhere strictly to the laid down rules by the steemit team or work on certain projects that contribute immensely to the growth of the general community and steemit. I know users who get steemcurator01 on all of their posts but their thorough work and immense contributions cannot be overlooked.

Who gets the most support?

Community admins and moderators. This is understandable as it is not very easy to manage these kinds of settings where there are a lot of individuals. They work hard to ensure their community members are supported by nominating qualified posts daily for booming and other kinds of support. They also work hard to ensure that community members follow the guideline as well as scrutinise every post in the community for plagiarism and other kinds of abuse. They hereby help to protect the integrity of steemit and relieve the steemit team from their heavy workload.
Developers and contributors. The significance of their works cannot be emphasized. Some of these users create Dapps and witnesses on the steem blockchain. The benefits of their contribution cannot be measured. There are numerous dapps and witnesses on steemit and you can check them here on The popular and great steemit tool, steemworld was also created by @steemchiller. Users cannot do without visiting these tools at least once a day to have a check on their activities and the activities of other users. There are other great tools created on this platform.

Steemit, centralized or decentralized?

According to the general understanding, a decentralized blockchain does not need any authority to function. Earning is determined by what each user decides to do with their tokens. The steem power is used to vote for users whose posts you like. Therefore, there is no imposition or mandation on any user to vote your content or comment as they are allowed to do anything with anything they own. The primary work of the steemit team is to ensure this decentralization as well as ensure the security of this blockchain and the protection of its user. They do not have authority over how much you earn, the number of steem tokens you accumulate and what you do with your steem power. Providing support for users is not compulsory especially when you have been allowed to join the blockchain for free. However, they offer this support to thousands of users, recruiting some unknown individuals to do this in the process. To ensure the integrity of their support, they put down rules and guidelines on what users need to do to receive these kinds of support. Individuals who break the rules and call for total decentralization are hereby allowed to stay but exempted from the centralized-like support.

Disconnected rat: A case study.

Why him? Maybe because his case is beautiful and is worth studying. @disconnect has hundreds of users visit his blog daily. We all know why. His daily contests alerts are being followed by many and he has amassed over 1000 followers in the past few months. He starts posting about contest alerts less than a year ago. He does this by ratting through different communities and looking for all the contests posted there. That is a lot of work, right? He does this by posting this regularly on his blog without skipping a day. “Remember why you started and keep going. Say cheese!” is what is written on his profile and it’s quite evident that he’s inspired to do so. Although he was being watched by many, he didn’t get any tangible support for three months after starting. When did he get his breakthrough?
He finally got the reward for his hard work, when he celebrated 100 days since he started and gave out 100 steem as a contest prize to his follower. I remember asking him why he continued to post on his blog despite not getting any support. I told him, he could have picked a community and his hard work will be discovered. The reply he gave to me that day confirmed to me that he is set on the path to success.


His 100 days anniversary brought him his first votes from steemcurator01. This was followed by random but consistent support from steemcurator01 on his subsequent posts. What did he do after?. He was powering up all of his big earnings. It is impressive, right? Yes, that’s how you win. Now these days, he doesn’t need to work as much looking for contests as in the early days because he is now well known and he is now just naturally mentioned in contests. However, he still replies to all the contests he features on his posts.
He is not only about consistency but there is another reason for his breakthrough. And that’s “proferring solution to a problem”. The most successful people in the world become so by bringing what others have not. Providing solutions to pending problems. Users especially newbies find it difficult looking for contests they want to participate in – the problem. Disconnected rat thereby compiles the list of all the ongoing contests on steemit with the prize and post links – the solution.
There are many ways for you to get your content noticed on Steemit. An effective way is to write about a topic that steemit users have a problem with and solve it in your post. This will help you gain a lot of attention because not only are you creating new content, but you’re also helping solve problems that many other users have as well. By doing so, they’ll be more willing to upvote your post because they know they can actually use it and benefit from it. In fact, some steemians even comment just how much better their lives became after reading your post! So if you want to get votes from steemit curators, start by writing about topics that people have a problem with and then offer them solutions through your posts. And when you do so, don’t forget to link back to your previous posts that helped solved these issues as well. For example, if someone commented asking how they could get followers on steemit and someone replied offering advice, include a link back to that reply in your next post too. This helps give credit where credit is due while at the same time increasing exposure for both yourself and those who helped contribute to answering questions/problems asked by others. A win-win situation for everyone involved! Another thing to keep in mind is that since there are a lot of steemians now, there's a good chance you'll run into duplicate problems. If so, consider adding your own spin or additional information based off what was already said before by other authors which can be helpful when trying to answer repetitive questions from readers. Or maybe try tackling one particular problem related to another person's question (such as coming up with ideas for activities). The possibilities are endless! Remember: solving people's problems isn't limited to just answering their comments either.


Steemcurator01, the most powerful curator on Steemit, votes for the top posts every day, Steemcurator01 to vote for your posts, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting his votes.

The simplest way to get votes from steemcurator01 is by posting high-quality content that appeals to many people. You can also get votes by being active in several communities. To ensure you’re building these relationships, be sure you follow community guidelines and respond accordingly when you engage with others. This brings us to the latest update about engagement from the steemitblog.

Steemcurator01 said in one of his comments
We like to reward 'content with a purpose' and even better 'content with an audience'.
Who is going to read your content and what value are they going to get from it (be it information, education, entertainment, enjoyment)?
And who is your audience? If your posts aren't attracting any audience you need to either build an audience for your content, or try different content.

If you want votes or resteems, you will have to participate more in other peoples posts. Just commenting on your own post and expecting upvotes or resteems will not work. You need people actively engaging with your content and if they do, then they might also be active in voting and/or resteeming your post. So find active people on steemit and follow them and like/comment on their posts regularly. Don't just do it once a week. Do it daily. The same goes for resteeming others posts. It's all about consistency! Once you are consistently engaging with others on steemit, I am sure that soon enough they will start following you and that means more votes and resteems!

Many people believe that votes are given to great posts by default. However, if you ask a curator, they will tell you differently. In reality, receiving votes on steemit comes with hard work and dedication. You need to be committed enough to put in the time and effort needed in order for your content to rise above others. If you want your work rewarded with upvotes, spend some time working on making it better through research and rewriting until it becomes something special. The more time and effort you dedicate towards improving your writing skills, also means less time on other activities like watching TV or hanging out with friends. Dedicate as much free time as possible into making yourself a better writer! That way, when you do publish a post, it will have been worth all of your efforts. This goes hand-in-hand with persistence.

Don't give up on yourself just because one post didn't receive any rewards at first! Try again later and see what happens. With every post that you write, take another step closer to becoming an amazing writer worthy of receiving votes and recognition from everyone else on steemit too! Don't get discouraged - keep trying and keep getting better each time around! After all, learning never stops... so even after you become an expert writer (which is always evolving), continue practicing and sharing your knowledge with others in order to help them along their journey too! Practice makes perfect! ) A good place to start is to look at your own work and critique it. Did you make spelling mistakes? Did you use complicated words that made reading difficult? Did you use bullet points instead of paragraphs? Did you include images? What did these add to your post's overall appeal? Were there any things missing such as links or citations? Was anything unclear or confusing? Could anything be added/deleted/rephrased/reorganized without changing its meaning? Are there grammatical errors throughout which should be corrected using google translate then having someone proofread your changes afterwards? Is there redundancy in certain parts of your text? Make sure to check over everything carefully and correct anything that could be improved upon before publishing your next post!

Remember: Editing is important but can only fix so much. Take care not to edit yourself down too far while still keeping true to your original message. So remember: Writing well isn't easy but takes practice, patience, determination, and a willingness to learn & improve. It won't happen overnight but it will happen eventually if you stay dedicated and persistent! Persistence pays off! ) Let's talk about reputation for a moment now. One thing I learned quickly after joining steemit was how valuable steem power can be here due to how voting works between curators and authors alike. As a result, it's in your best interest to treat your reputation as if it were real money. Don't waste it on anything that doesn't matter and don't give it away freely to anyone who asks for it. Instead, save up as much of your steem power as you possibly can so that you'll be able to use it whenever you need to. Be selective with who you vote for and why! Don't ever feel obligated to vote for someone just because they asked or because everyone else is doing it. Your votes are a reflection of yourself and should be used wisely. Save up your votes so that when you do decide to use them, they will have maximum impact!

You should not give up.

I might use myself as an example in these cases. A week ago, it reached a year since I joined steemit. I have found steemit on my own and struggled to toggle through it since I have no one to guide me on what to do and not what to do. I didn’t have a good year as I struggled for many reasons. I had a major setback earlier this year that forced me out for several weeks. That moment was one of the toughest times I have had. There were doubts if I would be back on here or not. During my time away, I took on a writing course and I learnt the basics of writing and how to write more effectively. I learned about why it is important to make research before you create your content. I also got a premium Grammarly account to make my content error-free and more comprehensive. I made plans to reach the reputation of 60 before the end of the month and increase my steem power effectively. I knew it would require a lot of work and the current price of steem that’s affected the whole voting value wouldn’t help. Since I became a better writer, I had to show it. I wrote my first post. The fact that I needed to achieve my goal made me lose sleep and I have been writing every single day since then. 16 posts, 15,000+ words after, I am still shy of where I want to be. Despite that I am tired and have only been able to sleep 3 hours daily, I still want to keep going. All the votes that I have received on all the 16 posts, despite being quality content do not reach a single big vote from the steemcurator01 account. But no one should give up until their work is noticed. I strongly believe that effort pays and it’ll all sum up to something one day.

Follow rules.

It is also important for everyone to visit the @steemitblog page regularly and read through the new announcement. It would help us know what exactly we need to know about the guidelines to get supported.

Lastly, avoid mentioning steemcurator01 or steemcurator02 in your posts. Put yourself in thier shoes and think why you must make this decision. Thank you for reading so far!

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  • Add value
  • Be consistent
  • Stay visible
  • Be smart
  • Keep powering up


  • Be aware of your neighbourhood.

To help improve your posts use more 'white space' and break up your text into shorter paragraphs to make them more easily readable.

I say this simply, it is very difficult to be visible in various competitions and communities without being active and commenting on others, steemit is a place where you can achieve purely individual success and where our visibility increases as we make efforts.

Be determined, patient and share it regularly
after that, regular and beautiful votes will come by themselves.


Notice me!! Please. I am active too. I'm in #club75. I am adding value and I've been a good steemian.

Just a visit to my page won't hurt, even if you don't like the post then you can tell me where I went wrong

Noted sir
This comment is really helpful, because it just lifted the spirit of me and other steemians to become very attractive and hardworking on this platform.

Be aware of your neighbourhood.

Sir i really don't understand this

Thanks for the input

Thank you for this motivation and clue as to how to stay relevant and attract votes on this platform.

These are very good recommendations that I will also take into account for my content creations. thanks a lot @steemcurator01

Hi @steemtopus

Everything you say is very true, to receive support constant activity is necessary, solving existing problems is a good example.
May I add that it is also necessary to maintain courage and integrity. Being constant is not a simple matter if it is something that goes against the will, being constant should be like the natural way of being of a person, only then will you find that you can move forward in your goals without hesitation.

I think you are a good writer, in addition to the reward it is also good to enjoy the trip, meet people, share, that will make the trip in Steemit pleasant and happy.

Thanks for sharing, I wish you much success.

Thank you for engaging and my content.

May I add that it is also necessary to maintain courage and integrity. Being constant is not a simple matter if it is something that goes against the will, being constant should be like the natural way of being of a person, only then will you find that you can move forward in your goals without hesitation.

Yes, this is correct. Having the passion to do something is also naturally rewardable.

I think you are a good writer

I don't think so, i just work thank. Thank you for thinking so tho, i am encouraged.

 2 years ago (edited)

You have made some nice observations and I'd like to add a bit to a couple of them...

I know users who get steemcurator01 on all of their posts but their thorough work and immense contributions cannot be overlooked.

I once looked at the users who receive the most votes and there wasn't a single user who hadn't earned their recognition. It's very easy to criticise that some users receive more votes than others but what some of these users are doing is far from easy and very impressive.

For example, if someone commented asking how they could get followers on steemit and someone replied offering advice, include a link back to that reply in your next post too. This helps give credit where credit is due while at the same time increasing exposure for both yourself and those who helped contribute to answering questions/problems asked by others.

I think that this point is often overlooked. If you have an idea for a post, give credit to the person who gave you that idea. It doesn't need to be 100 words about your reasons, but a simple "after a conversation with so and so (link to so and so's post), I was inspired to write this..."

Thank you for noticing my observations. I have been making this research in a bid to improve myself and become better here. I know users who gave up with the excuse that their contents are not being rewarded enough. I tried to talk to them about it but it seems that they've made their decisions. I wrote my posts with the intention of getting many people to read it, learn, engage and may be some resteems. I still hope many people see this but i don't control it.

 2 years ago 

I still hope many people see this but i don't control it.

I pinned it and shared it with the WOX moderators - I'm just reading through the comments now and it looks like you've been noticed 🙂

To help improve your posts use more 'white space' and break up your text into shorter paragraphs to make them more easily readable.

☝️ I agree with this. I recommend trying to include a separator or some imagery to break up your content a bit too. Big blocks of text can feel a bit "intimidating" (hopefully you get what I mean by this).

Now you've got the task of replying to all of the comments you've received 🙂 I believe this is just as, if not more important that sharing your original post.

I actually didn't expect to get this much support. I am surprised and very happy at this same time. So many positive feedbacks and resteem. I am encouraged to work harder.

I will never forget the help and support you rendered to me in this post. You really made those three sleepless night worth.

I'll take your advises into consideration and work with them to become better. Regards to the moderators and members of WOX.

Meanwhile, are you guys taking good care of our boys at Reading FC, Danny Drinkwater and Baba Rahman? Regards.

 2 years ago 

I quite like Baba Rahman but Danny Drinkwater gets paid too much because he won the league a few years ago. I don't think we'll miss either of them when they return to Chelsea and I suspect they won't miss us much either 😆

Reading FC had a bad season but at least they are not going down. Seems nobody wants Danny and Baba. We'll look for solutions for them. Baba should leave Chelsea and go somewhere on a permanent deal and relax. He is not even that old and he's never gonna play for Chelsea anyways. As for Danny, i have seen player retire at that age.

 2 years ago 

I think Drinkwater's on something like £250k per week so nobody's going to want him. Baba's on about £60k per week so a lot of money too. Rhaman's got a decent future and could do a job in the Premier League so we'll wait and see.

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Wow a really nice article, every thing you said are nothing but truth, I always say consistency is the key, just to reach my goal of reaching rep 65 and becoming a dolphin before my birthday which is 12 the of next month, I have started an awesome project. So you see your story is similar to mine.

I hope you reach your goal before your birthday. I had similar plan to reach 60 rep before my birthday which was 3 days ago. I am at 61 now. Keep pushing, nothing is impossible especially when you put your mind to it and do the work.

Thanks man
You are really hard working

You post is nominated for „Wold of xpilar“ Community Support Program, @booming account upvote. Only the posts that are not cross posted, original and posted from community page are eligible. If your post gets approval, then you get upvote within few days. Good luck!

Thank you for the nomination, i only wrote the post for newbies and existing users to learn.

This post was really composed with an absolute research. You said alot here and made many eye opener. Thanks so much

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it.

I would rather have a couple of dozen small accounts, voting pocket bychange; than to wait for the 'cutration fairy' to sweep in and slip crypto under my pillow!

I have won the engagement league a number of times, But, about 200 of my blogging buddies have left now. Not very many left for me to talk to, but I keep posting; make some friends, only to have them leave when the crypto dries up here.

I have made more on dustsweeper votes lately, so I'm here, simply because I'm too hard headed to leave!

Wow.. you've got a good point here and your observations are actually very good.
My uncle once told me that determination, hardwork and consistency are steps to be taken in other to achieve success, abd from the story of @disconnect, he's really correct. You know, one of the reasons steemit users find it difficult to continue with the activities of steemit is due to they see the site as a get-rich-quick scheme. One of my friends i made from steemit will always tell me that steemit is a journey, not a get-rich-quick scheme and this has been keeping me going ever since.
Thank you for this post, i really appreciate. Meanwhile, if you don't mind, can i get your discord username?

steemit is a journey, not a get-rich quickly.

I absolutely agree with you on this. Everyone who puts in a lot of efforts will be guaranteed big success in 2 to 3 years time. I know everyone and the steemit team are working hard to ensure the continuity of this platform.

One of the approaches include the #club5050 initiatives to ensure that a lot of people have enough steem power which will enhance independence and a better platform in the future.

Since we already connected on whatsapp, i would not bother to drop my discord ID again. Thank you for your positive comments, i am glad you learned something and also shared your view.

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