Steemit Update [ April 18th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for May

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Thank you to all the communities who applied for the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Over 20 communities applied in the end with many strong applications.

We have now been through all the applications and selected the first six communities to take part in the new Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for May

The communities we have selected for the first Steemit Engagement Challenge in May are…

Please would the leader of each selected community confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

We will be in touch with the selected communities to help them prepare for the Engagement Challenge starting in May.

The communities should prepare contests to run each week.

To take part in the Engagement Challenge people should enter these contests - and also make valuable, relevant comments on other posts in the contests.

We will be tracking all the entries, all the comments and all the votes to select the weekly Engagement Challenge winners who will receive extra votes from @steemcurator01.

There will also be special prize votes at the end of the month for the people who have posted and commented most regularly.

As well as the six selected communities the Engagement Challenge will also run in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.

We hope you will all enjoy taking part in the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

Look out for more news about the Challenge on @steemitblog and in the selected communities.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Thank you @steemitblog for choosing the Steem Entrepreneurs Community as one of the Communities for the "Steemit Engagement Challenge" - We are very enthusiastic about being involved in this program..

And Congratulations to the Community who were selected in the first round in May.. Cheeersss

We accept this selection. Below are my contact details
Discord : Harferri#1455
Telegram :

Congratulations brother

Thank you very much, my brother @huzaifanaveed1
Best wishes from me for your success

Congratulations my brother. Good work :)

Thanks a lot for support my brother

Selamat! Sungguh pencapaian luar biasa.

Terimakasih kanda @ridwant atas dukungannya..

Sama sama pak ketua @harferri

@harfeeri its very proud movment for us that our's community is selected one of the top more engage community in all communities all credits goes to :
@harferri admin
@f2i5 moderator
@tucsond moderator
@akmal1 moderator
@afrizalbinalka Moderator

Thanks a alot my brother @artist1111, we really appreciate it for your support ..

Congratulations 🎉 @harferri for being selected as Engagement challenge community. I hope you do your best in this challenge.

Thank you very much my brother, really appreciate it for your support

Congratulations 🎉

Thanks brother

You are welcome ☺️

Good work :)

Congratulations my brother. Good job :)

Tnx to upvote

y el concurso?

Already released sis @saracampero

Thank you @steemitblog for the opportunity to the STEEM ENTREPRENEURS community to win and be selected in "Steemit Engagement Challenge" Of course this will be a strong motivation for us to work harder and stronger in the development and development of the platform and community.

Congratulations 🎉👏

Amazing as usual.
So glad that Steemit Pakistan got selected.
We promise to live upto your expectations and help develop the challenge properly.

We accept this selection. Below are my contact details.

Telegram: @haidermehdii

Congratulation bro @heidermehdi

Thanks a lot man!


Congratulations 🎊🎉

Welcome brother ❤️

We are very happy with this situation. We will complete it successfully. thanks

svm038 discord ; svm038#6376
Telegram ;

Kadınlar topluluğunun burada olması harika .
Kadınların gücünü göstereceğimiz bir alan daha oldu 🤗

Türkçe harika bir dil.
Ertuğrul ve Krulus osman dizisinden dolayı çok az tanıyorum.
Bu yorumu okuduğumda bazı kelimelerle bağlantı kurabildim. Nasıl telaffuz edildiğini bilmesen bile okumak çok güzel ❤️❤️

I am working as an expert (teacher) in teaching Turkish to foreigners.

You are doing it right. Watch Turkish movie series with lots of subtitles. 🤗

I am happy that you love our language.

Hehe yeah it really is an amazing language :))

What great news, we gladly accept this pleasant opportunity and I congratulate the rest of the selected communities.

Discord Chanel: tocho2#8353

Congratulations my friend

Hello @heriadi, thanks a lot..!

It is a pleasure to see our Colombia-Original community at the top of the list.

We work every day to be better and to be able to provide support, attention and benefit to our users. We accept with great enthusiasm the responsibility that this challenge entails.

Thank u -Steemitblog team.

Discord: nahela#9211
Telegram: @nahelaruiz


Thank you for choosing the steem entrepreneur community and congratulations to other communities.

Congratulation to all community, especially my community steempreneurs... Great job Mr @harferri and all team of steem entrepreneur community

Congratulations to the selected Steem Entrepreneurs and also to the rest of the community, Thanks you @steemitblog

Congratulations to all the communities that where selected. I look forward to see the engagement challenge kick starting.

the Engagement Challenge will also run in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.

This part really makes me more happy. I look forward to seeing the academy in action soonest.

I did believe in the intellectual capability of the steemit team and they have proven that times without number.

Congratulations to all selected communities and I wish all the best.

To other communities that weren't selected, believe me, there's always another time, keep working hard, keep steeming hot 🔥🔥🔥.

See you at the top💪👍

Congratulations to all selected communities. It was a huge competition in the process and only six have to stand. I have followed some of the communities selected for this edition of the challenge before and with no doubt, they are doing extremely great even when it comes to engagement.

Thanks for giving all the chance to showcase what they have got so far and this would help them to take care of any loophole. Thanks for the update, @steemitblog.

Congratulations 🎉🎉 to all the selected communities. Wish you best of luck especially steemit Pakistan.

Que este sea un nuevo comienzo y con el tiempo no solo sean 6 sino muchas comunidades más, éxitos y que esto traiga mejores interacciones entre todos los usuarios que pertenecemos a steemit.

This is exciting, congratulations to the first 6 communities who will participate in the very first steemit engagement challenge.

More power!

Best regards,


Congratulations . Good work :)

Thank you for this beautiful site that gives information on a lot of very useful areas

Congratulations to all selected winners for the first month of the steemit engagement challenge🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Many Many congratulation's all other communities specially specially more love for STEEMIT PAKISTAN

Congratulations all winner communitys 🙏🥳

Congratulations All the wining community's.. Now More enhance engagement will be Lead steemit to a better position..

Congratulations to all the selected communities. Happy to see Steemit Pakistan in the list.

Best wishes to all!

Congratulations to all selected communities. We are looking forward to bring our communities up.

Excellent.....I wish the best....keep it up 😃

Felicitaciones a las comunidades escogidas, esperemos esta prueba sea fructífera.

Me alegra mucho porque hago vida en dos y sobre todo en @steemitfoods.

Congratulations to all the selected communities for this month. Especially congrats to the #SteemitPakistan community. Best wishes with all of you as you are working really hard.

Congratulations to all the selected communities :)

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 to the selected communities

Congratulations to the selected communities

Felicidades a todas las comunidades que se postularon y especialmente a las que fueron seleccionadas.
Les deseo el mejor de los éxitos en esta nueva etapa.

Banner Saludos y hasta pronto.jpg

Wow congratulations to all chosen community, let's engage and win more

Congratulations to all those who got chosen!
A big whoop whoop to #Steemwomensclub, #Steemfoods & #Steemitpakistan! 👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you so much <3

Congratulations 👏🎉 to all the selected winners!

Congratulations to the selected communities and best of luck 😊

Felicidades a las comunidades seleccionadas, en especial Steem venezuela, steem women club y colombia original♥️♥️

Felicidades queridas comunidades. Desempeñan un trabajo especial y único, digno de ser recompensado.

Que todo sea por el crecimiento de las comunidades y la plataforma en general.

Sigamos creciendo!!

Thanks Steemit Team for selecting us as the winner of Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for May. We will give our best!

Congratulation to all the winners community!
And Don't give up for the community that has not been selected, we still have a chance next month.

Congratulations all communities. We love @steemwomensclub

¡Muchas felicidades a las comunidades seleccionadas!👏🏻🥳🎉. La recompensa del trabajo tan marvilloso que hacen, llegó a ustedes y me contenta mucho verlas en este listado🤗💚.

Que el éxito continúe🚀💫

Felicitaciones a las Comunidades Seleccionadas 👏🏼


Congratulations to the selected communities!🥂

Wow, i am super excited.

Congratulations to all the chosen communities, steem on!!!

Congratulation to all communities of luck all

Felicidades a todas las comunidades seleccionadas, en especial steem Venezuela y colombiaoriginal 😃 saludos y que sigan los éxitos !! 🥳

Felicidades a todas las comunidades seleccionadas para este primer mes de desafio. Estamos ansiosos por que ya comience y ver el desarrollo de esta nueva dinamica, asi como ver los resultados, y si se cumplio con el objetivo esperado.

Felicidades a todos los seleccionados, una gran selección de comunidades. Seguimos adelante, STEEM ON!

🎉🤗Felicidades a cada una de las comunidades seleccionadas que esté desafío sea de mucha bendición y éxitos para cada comunidad.!🤗🎉

Congratulations team @steemit-pak
And @steemwomensclub ❤❤
Love you alll guys ❤

Congratulations to all the selected communities

Me alegro mucho de las comunidades seleccionadas y que también vayan a incluir a Crypto Academy es muy bueno para que así haya interacción en esos post que muchas veces uno suele pasar horas haciéndolos en las tareas.

Wow steem enterpreneur 🌚🌚 am glad this community was picked.

Though I expected some other communities such as travelers community, campus connect, business activity but I am happy with the decision
Hopefully in the next month this communities would meet the required quota and be accepted

Thank you very much for the opportunity, we are willing to give our best effort.


Verdades que no desean ser informadas

Los curadores steemcurator01 y steemcurator02 están en rotación constante por administradores de comunidades seleccionadas o más transitadas, o eso se observa por el siguiente juicio.

Ingresando a cada perfil de administradores, moderadores, observamos a cada uno de ellos con más de 4 posts pagos SEMANAL de steemcurator01 y steemcurator02, adicional al pago fijo de reporte de curaciones en la comunidad Steem POD Team por recompensa a su trabajo en la comunidad.

Muchos de los posts son de baja exclusividad y otros se consideran ser perfiles falsos por su mala calidad de fotografía, poseer la misma fotografia en el mismo lugar todos los días, el mismo post de juego de diario todos los días, poseyendo estos detalles de muy baja exclusividad, estando al cabo de esto el post es pagado por steemcurator01 y steemcurator02.

Existe preferencia de usuarios seleccionados por los administradores de cada comunidad, una gigante corrupción o ciclo repetitivo en curaciones de amigos y familiares de los administradores, SEMANAL.

@steemitblog recompensa a los usuarios con constante presencia en el club5050, club75, club100 para ser elegidos por steemcurator01 y steemcurator02 por recompensa de curación, muchos administradores saben de usuarios que han ejecutado powerdown y son beneficiados en su mayoría por recompensa de curaciones de steemcurator01 y steemcurator02, asimismo los usuarios activos que crean posts diariamente intentando conseguir votación con contenido exclusivo y con trayecto en steemit sin realizar powerdown, son ignorados por no ser conocidos por la administración de comunidades.

Fuera la corrupción de recompensa de curación por administración, queremos una administración transparente en concursos y juegos de diarios, los administradores de algunas comunidades de steemit lo han hecho una plataforma descentralizada con una administración de comunidades corrupta centralizada, los usuarios queremos transparencia.

Visiten cada comunidad y notar que cada perfil de administrador y moderador posee más de 4 posts semanales curados en juegos de diarios, del mismo modo notar a una minoría selectiva de usuarios ser seleccionados de forma indudable cada semana para recibir recompensa de curación por steemcurator01 y steemcurator02, Estos posts reducen la recompensa semanal de la mayoría de los usuarios que trabajan día a día creando contenido exclusivo en sus comunidades y nunca son recompensados, muchos usuarios poseen más de 15 días con contenido exclusivo sin recibir un solo voto, en cada perfil se puede percibir un incremento muy rápido de steempower por recibir más de 4 votos semanales en curación de steemcurator01 y steemcurator02, steemit no es solo para administradores o grupo selecto, los creadores de contenido debemos ser recompensados en concursos y juegos de diarios por contenido exclusivo, somos la vida de steemit.

Steem POD Team

Steem Venezuela


Congratulations to all winners.

As well as the six selected communities the Engagement Challenge will also run in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.

Can we get further details on this? Is it going to be during the normal academy time or we can now make posts other than homework related in the crypto community ?

Cc: @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02

Imagino que se refiere a que puedes dejarles comentarios de utilidad con tu opinión a los que realizan tareas y no solo dejar que sea el profesor que les comenté al momento de evaluar.

Congratulations to the first set of communities to kick start this engagement challenge🎉

Congrats to all selecting and most engaging communities and Steemit Pakistan good luck happy to hear it.

Congratulations to the selected communities.I hope it's going to improve engagement and reward the authors and readers too.The importance of engagement on Steemit cannot be overemphasized.

I remember when @steemitblog rolls out tags like #onepercent which was used to reward people that make quality and regular contents.Such tags could be brought back now.

Excelentes elecciones. Estoy emociomada y preparada para comenzar a participar en los concursos de mis comunidades favoritas

Felicidades a las comunidades seleccionadas, espero ser parte de este reto con mi comunidad favorita Steemfoods y Steemvenezuela.

Congratulations to the selected communities. And happy to see steemit Pakistan in the list ❤️

Woaooah, congratulations to the selected Communities

Congratulations! to all the selected communities and all the best

A very glad moment for pakistani members and Professors, we will ensure our actively participation with all necessary requirements.

Congrats ;

Waooooo que bueno felicidades para esas comunidades. Que sigan los éxitos.

Selamat kepada semua komunitas yang terpilih

Congratulations for all winner !

Congratulations to the chosen communities, they all do a good job and deserved to be on the list.
Let's keep growing as a big family.
Best regards.
Many Blessings.🙏🏻

Wow... A big congratulations to the communities selected for May... And I'm eagerly waiting to participate in this engagement, especially crypto Academy Community

Felicidades a @hive-193637 #steemvenezuela por estar en las 6 comunidades seleccionadas, muestra de que estamos haciendo un gran trabajo.

Congratulations to the communities mentioned

Felicidades, excelente oportunidad para destacarse, y crecer en las comunidades. Bendiciones.

Thank you very much for the opportunity. We will continue to do a great job!

Congrats to all selected communities 🎉🎊✨

Felicidades a las comunidades seleccionadas todas se lo merecen, saludos

Congratulations all selective communities for engagement challenge. Especially steemit Pakistan congratulations. Your hard working on the way. Keep it up.

Good project

Very amazing project goodluck to the moon

Felicitaciones para todas las comunidades seleccionadas.

Éxitos con el Reto!

Thank you for choosing our Steem Entrepreneur Community to join the program Steemit Engagement Challenge Communities for May.

Comenzará una nueva etapa que esperamos sea exitosa, felicidades a estás seis Comunidad seleccionadas 🥳🥳 Estamos ansiosos por que este desafío empiece.

Éxitos para todos 😘

A big congratulations 👏 🎉 to all the selected communities. We are eagerly and anxiously waiting to see how this will look like when it kick start in May. I believe everything will work out well

Best of lucks to the selected communities

Very nice and useful initiative.

As well as the six selected communities the Engagement Challenge will also run in the Steemit Crypto Academy community.

What does engagement in crypto academy mean ?


Well I don't know either. But I know for sure that they have a reason of saying this and this will be best known only when the SCA will resume again

Congratulations to all the selected communities.. Thanks to the steemit team for bringing out this brilliant idea in making sure each and every steemian are actively participating in the activities of the platform (steemit), this is a huge step in the motivation of not only the selected communities, but to also the users to fully involved in the activities here. Also, a big thank you to @steemitblog for the endless effort to pass information to everyone in other to carry us along. More grease to your elbow.

Steem on.

Hi : @steemitblog

As the SteemFoods Community, we are very happy to have been selected for this project, thank you.

Of course, I agree to be in this project. 🙂

Contact Information :

  • Discord Username: alikoc07#5714

  • Telegram Username: @alikoc07

Congratulations to all chosen communities, most especially to Steem Foods. Yes! we made it again food buddies....

Congratulations to all selected communities

Congratulations to Steem Entrepreneurs, have nice day Mr. @harferri and your team

Buenisimo 👏🏻👏🏻

[WhereIn Android] (

Good day for you



Congratulations to all the communities selected here.

What about the crypto academy?
We are still patiently waiting for the news

Buena iniciativa!, Dios mediante todo marche bien. Saludos al equipo staff. Felicidades a todos los seleccionados.

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