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RE: How to get the attention of steemcurator01? By @steemtopus

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  • Add value
  • Be consistent
  • Stay visible
  • Be smart
  • Keep powering up


  • Be aware of your neighbourhood.

To help improve your posts use more 'white space' and break up your text into shorter paragraphs to make them more easily readable.


I say this simply, it is very difficult to be visible in various competitions and communities without being active and commenting on others, steemit is a place where you can achieve purely individual success and where our visibility increases as we make efforts.

Be determined, patient and share it regularly
after that, regular and beautiful votes will come by themselves.


Notice me!! Please. I am active too. I'm in #club75. I am adding value and I've been a good steemian.

Just a visit to my page won't hurt, even if you don't like the post then you can tell me where I went wrong

Noted sir
This comment is really helpful, because it just lifted the spirit of me and other steemians to become very attractive and hardworking on this platform.

Be aware of your neighbourhood.

Sir i really don't understand this

Thanks for the input

Thank you for this motivation and clue as to how to stay relevant and attract votes on this platform.

These are very good recommendations that I will also take into account for my content creations. thanks a lot @steemcurator01

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