6 months ago 

Hi @steemcurator01 I have collected the post with users who are following our example and Powering Up 100% and entitled as #club100 members, also there is an interesting post with some statistic data that is issued by one of our active user. Would be grateful for your support!

 6 months ago 

New selection Power Up posts of WOX users and our account of 359,851 Steem:

 5 months ago 

Hi @steemcurator01, we have now Powered up 1154,00 Steem moving from both exchange and from @stef1 in order to reach "Orca" level to be able to curate the Visual Art users. We are the first orca in the tag #cluborca, as per the @steemitblog post:

Here is the post in new tag and snapshot:


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