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Hello everyone, friends of the Steemit community!

You can start looking for the scissors and the glue because I'm informing you that ... the Collage Contest is back!!!

The collage challenge I proposed at Christmas was very well received among Steemit friends, so I have thought of new proposals.

Today I present a new edition of the Collage Contest, this time the theme is "The Sea".

During the whole month of February, every week I will propose you a theme on which you will make a collage.

I link you several tutorials that can inspire you, as well as two examples of seafaring collages, one digital and one analogical, this one made by me.

✂️ Tutorial 1: Introduction to Collage

✂️ Tutorial 2: Two manners to make collages

✂️ Tutorial 3: Colours


  • Digital collage:

vintage-collage-of-woman-over-the-sea copia.jpg


. Analogue collage that I made as an example. Process and details.







  • In the title write Wox Booming Support Program / Collage Contest, theme: the Sea.

  • Only one publication per person.

  • Use the hastags #steemexclusive #wox-contest #contest #art and the club you belong to, club5050, club75 or club100. To have access to the booming prizes, you have to belong to a club.

  • You can invite two friends although it is not mandatory.

  • Both analogue and digital collages are accepted.

  • Upload three or four photographs of the process. If you choose digital, upload three or four screenshots.

  • A brief explanation of the process is sufficient.

  • Plagiarism is prohibited.

  • Leave a link to your post in the contest comments thread.


  • 1st Place: Booming Upvote
  • 2st Place Booming Upvote
  • 3st Place Wox Trial Upvote

The contest will end on 16 Thursday at 12 PM Central European Time (CET).

🧜🏻‍♂️ 🐳 🛶 Let's look for seaworthy images for the challenge and above all have fun! 🐟 🏄‍♂️ 🧜🏾‍♀️

My little contribution and my affection in the entry for @dianadee 💜. I encourage you to participate with one of your lovely collages.


¡Hola a todos, amigos de la comunidad Steemit!

Ya podéis empezar a buscar las tijeras y el pegamento porque os informo de que... ¡¡¡vuelve el Concurso de Collages!!!

El reto de collage que propuse en Navidad tuvo muy buena acogida entre los amigos de Steemit, así que he pensado en nuevas propuestas.

Hoy os presento una nueva edición del Concurso de Collages, esta vez el tema es "El Mar".

Durante todo el mes de febrero, cada semana os propondré un tema sobre el que haréis un collage.

Arriba os enlazo varios tutoriales que os pueden servir de inspiración, así como dos ejemplos de collages marineros, uno digital y otro analógico, éste realizado por mí.


  • En el título escribir Wox Booming Support Program / Collage Contest, tema: el Mar.

  • Sólo una publicación por persona.

  • Utiliza los hastags #steemexclusive #wox-concurso #contest #art y el club al que perteneces, club5050, club75 o club100. Para acceder a los premios en auge, tienes que pertenecer a un club.

  • Puedes invitar a dos amigos, aunque no es obligatorio.

  • Se aceptan tanto collages analógicos como digitales.

  • Sube tres o cuatro fotografías del proceso. Si eliges digital, sube tres o cuatro capturas de pantalla.

  • Basta con una breve explicación del proceso.

  • El plagio está prohibido.

  • Deja un enlace a tu publicación en el hilo de comentarios del concurso.


  • 1er premio: Booming Upvote
  • 2º puesto: Booming Upvote
  • 3er puesto: Wox Trial Upvote

El concurso finalizará el jueves día 16 a las 12 PM hora central europea (CET).

🧜🏻‍♂️ 🐟 🛶 ¡Vamos a buscar imagenes marineras y sobre todo a pasarlo muy bien! 🐳 🏄‍♂️ 🧜🏾‍♀️

C.c. @disconnect @stef1


I love your collage contests. Let's face it.. It is a labor of love but what isn't if it is going to be something inspirational.
Thank you for your new one The Sea

My favorite inspiration🌴⛱️

@dianadee, lots of strength to you and your husband, whatever I can get with this entry, I pass it on to your account.

Wow @silviadiez thank you for your kind heart and gesture. Most appreciated💕

You´re wellcome ❤️

Thank you Silvia for running the contest, I will share that in discord and pin up.

Hope it will be then visible.

Your post is nominated for the WOX Booming Support Programme, @booming account upvote.
Only the posts that are original, not cross-posted and posted from the Xpilar community page are nominated. If your post gets an approval, then you get an upvote within a few days.
Good luck! @ name of moderator

Thanks for the support @stef1!

This contest idea is great! I would like to participate in this contest. This week will be a very busy week at work, if I have time I will try to participate

Hi @stefano.massari!

I look forward to your participation, there are important prizes and there is still time, until Thursday.

C'mon, it's gonna be fun!

 last year 

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

 last year 

Welcome back!🖐 😊
This is a fun activity, especially on the theme of the sea. This is usually associated with vacations and rest. I think there will be a lot of people willing to participate, especially impressionable ladies))
I wish you success!

Thanks for the support @bambuka.
I don't understand when you say you expect the participation of impressionable ladies. Maybe it's a error in the translator.

 last year 

Yes, the accuracy of the translation could be better :-)
I mean, ladies are more emotional. Listen to how the girl will share her impressions, how many emotions there will be :)
I think that with the help of a collage they will be able to convey them. If, of course, they take it seriously🤣 😂😅

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