Twinkling Along With Joseph

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” ― Carl Jung

Nong Vang

🍎 Our Ideas Of How The World Works

We all have a vague sense of how the world works: we all have that working theory of how our earth and the stars first came into existence, and, also, what the future world might possibly look like. It's by the use of such beliefs and theories that we diagnose what, in our estimate, constitutes the greatest evil.

British Library

🍎 Joseph's Story

Once upon a time, Joseph was sold by his own brothers into slavery. His brothers then convinced themselves that they'd done what, for their own interest, is good. Joseph however ended up becoming a powerful governor in a strange land where he's sold into slavery; and he'd save his hostile brothers from famine, practicing love and forgiveness toward his brothers.

As a nuanced observer of life, Joseph spoke about the twists and turns in his life as God's way of working miracles for the approaching famine. In Joseph's hands, the evil work of his brothers has been flipped into something graceful, beautiful, and wonderfully good, thanks to his superior, first order belief.

🍎 Joseph's Brothers Had An Idea Of How The World Worked

Joseph's brothers had a vague sense of how the world worked. They had a working theory of how Joseph came to be favorited by their father, and, also, what the future world might possibly look like. Based on their such jealousy-driven, inferior beliefs and theories, they amorally diagnosed what ― in their estimate ― constituted the greatest evil. As narrated above, we now know how things played out.


🍎 Existence Of Evil

There's a saying, "We may deny about the existence of the good, on earth; but we can't deny about the existence of evil," because there are certain things, such as the Holocaust, that make us all say, "This is pure evil!". If we know what is evil, then the opposite of that evil has to be good. If so, we can then arrive at our conclusion on both what's good and what's evil.

Miguel Martins

🍎 Twinkling Along With Joseph

Our goal then is to move toward the good and away from evil. That's the real struggle in life: to shine like a star, eternally, in the night sky. When others are someday weary, because their world is gloomy, let them look up in the night sky and find you brightly twinkling, twinkling along with Joseph.

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