John Boyd's OODA And You

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” ― Mary Oliver

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In aerial combats, you and your target are constantly moving... And you're more likely to win if you can read the situation while your opponent loses touch with reality. This is where you need a competitive decision-making model for survival.

Fighter pilot John Boyd's OODA, or OODA Loop, teaches you to constantly observe, orient, decide, act, in loops and multiple sub loops. To win the fight, you observe the enemy as best you can, and you can't exit from a sub loop.

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Observations and orientations are bidirectional: you observe and then orient, or you orient and then observe; you decide, depending on the situation.

If one can make faster decisions and actions, one gains a distinct advantage.

Using the advantage, one can make a maneuver to confuse the enemy, cutting off the enemy from the reality of the battlefield and then going in for the kill.

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Not limited to the military, Boyd's OODA Loop has also been applied in other domains such as business, sports, and emergency management. You master the OODA Loop, then you survive the ruthless times.

Better Decisions!   Better Lives!   Better Communities!

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