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Douglas Haugen, the expert on history of ideas and epistemic construction of empires, wrote Seeing Through The Singularity: Uncovering The Cosmic Conspiracy, which I kinda enjoyed killing a spare time on. The book takes you into the further reaches of time and space.

Singularity refers to the union of the natural and supernatural: post-human or eternal life. Douglas uses another term, egregore, an idea I wanted to know more about, in his book; egregore means the metaphysical invocation of a collective (group; think of Hitler's National Socialism) thoughtform which can have a life of its own, and influence over the human population. While Douglas uses the word egregore in this sense, the same word has another definition: egregore can also simply mean group thoughtform without the esoteric implication.

"Every thought so evolved with energy from the brain, creates nolens volens [willingly or unwillingly] a shape... [Such a shape is absolutely] unconscious unless it is the creation of an adept, who has a pre-conceived object in giving it [the thought form] consciousness, or rather the appearance of consciousness derived from the adept’s will and consciousness." — Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The first chapter of Seeing Through The Singularity begins with the quote

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. — Revelation 17:13

Biopolitics is another important term, in the book. Biopolitics is about the control of the body, mind, and spirit of the human population: the desire to do so being an ancient quest. The ancient snake puts a desire in the heart of Eve, in the Garden of Eden: the desire for a utopia, one that can be realized through the possession of secret knowledge. The snake's paradigm shift however failed to result in the promised/anticipated utopia.

Man, who has been created to imitate the Creator (the good model), blasphemously imitated Satan (the bad model); and this wrong imitation resulted in entropy. The Creator and Satan, the two cosmic blockchains of biopolitics, compete (with the competition ongoing for ages) for man's body, soul, and spirit.

Watch the author talk about Deep State Politics & Human Engineering in the 21st Century (#36):

(You can check out his other videos on YouTube)

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