Art-Venture Magazine No. 375 and 5 Steem Giveaway to the selected Artists!

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No. 375



Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,


This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.




Welcome to our Magazine and once again it was not easy to select the Beauty of Art and Photography today.

Before, going ahead, there are two things we wanted to stress:

  • our Magazine is not a Contest!
    Our Magazine is our blog that we do like any of you, we are looking through the Steem blockchain and if we like any Visual Art posts and would like to give them additional spotlight we do by including them into Magazine. That is why please do not leave any links under the post.

  • The second, we wanted to draw your attention to one of our Watercolor Artist from Spain Juan Gallego or @arcoiris who is professional Watercolor Artist and once when I asked him how he creates such variety of colours who kindly made a tutorial of beautiful landscape, starting from watercolor paper, how to prepare and what to choose.

His work is divided into three parts, please visit his tutorial, that is so rare when the professional Artist do present their classes, this time exclusively on Steem and we are grateful for @steemcurator01 supporting such Initiative.





Vote for @xpilar as Witness!




Good luck and nice weekend!


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Today's selected Artist


portrait drawing of a girl #2 by @essendi





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Camille in my garden (B&W PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WEEK #066) by @quentindeschamps





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Sketch Eren Jeager by: @aboart





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Oil Painting - Rees Valley, New Zealand by @samuel-earp-art





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🎨 Original impasto abstract painting ----- Parallel realities- 19-9785 3D textured by @jecminek





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Patrick Bateman in American Psycho(Pintura en Gouache-Full Colors) by @stefaniaveliz





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I tried something new here!!! by @artographer





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My lovely doggy by Oil by @jorgevandeperre





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Infinite Dock · Muelle infinito · 무한 도크 by @javiersebastian





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Pffff ... 10 days! by @pixelfan






Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,

@stef1 and @myskye


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I really love the art work done by @pixelfan , @javiersebastian and @essendi and most especially the one done by @artographer i wonder how he did it, the creativity and all it nice. Amazing selection @art-venture

Thanks 👍

You are welcome bro

Thank you for stopping by, there are a lot of great posts and works. Glad to see that they are seen again :)

You are welcome, keep up the good work brother

Congrats to winners!
Sad that my new artwork was not enter...

Hello thank you very much for the support, it is really very encouraging to be taken into account because art is a job like any other beyond the poetic fact of creating. Thanks to the team of the magazine, I know that all your organization demands time and work and you are doing great! Greetings to all the nominated artists, your works are great, let's keep doing what we like and growing together in this community!

Thank you @essendi, it is a pleasure to hear such warm words especially after preparing each magazine. We are glad to know that the people who we are supporting feel it and it is nice to be able to reward creativity :)

Beautiful drawings! Congratulations!!

Thank you for stopping by and your supportive words :)

All these artist are an inspiration to me, congratulations!!

Very happy to see my car here 😁👍
Thanks a lot!

Nice to see you around :)

50 Steem been transferred to selected Artists:


Felicitaciones a todos los seleccionados, verdaderas obras..!!

Thank you Jose, really appreciate your feedback :)

Congratulations to all artists and thank you @art-venture !

You are welcome Quentin, beautiful work :)

Thanks a lot for supporting and sharing our works.

Great selections!
It seems @stefaniaveliz is the same person as @stef1 or does their works just look alike?

And the oil painting by @jorgevandeperre is really an epitome of realism. There's so much confidence in his brush strokes and that's something that really gets to me in painting. Quite a dope work!

Heeey @tezzmax , No, we are not the same person haha, and in fact I paint with gouaches, and sometimes I illustrate with pens hahahaha, our jobs are different. especially since she paints landscapes, I don't know how to paint landscapes. :)

Wow.... Sorry I mistook you for @stef1. The work I just saw here look more like stuffs I had seen on his blog.

thank you very much my friend :D

Great artworks!