Mehndi Hands Photography Challenge 31| 5SP+ Booming Vote

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Hi, Greetings to Dear Steem For Pakistan Fellows


Warmly Welcome in our Community Steem For Pakistan and Heartily happy to get your active Participation

Contest Organizer & Theme of Photography

Hopefully everyone will be good here
Here's your own Mod @uzma4882 come to share with you an other interesting contest which is on Mehndi Hands Photography Challenge 31 Mehndi, a traditional henna, is a significant cultural and aesthetic symbol during Eid celebrations, especially for women in South Asian and Middle Eastern communities. It symbolizes joy, beauty, spiritual awakening, and invokes blessings.



That's why , Here with come to share new theme of Photography Challenge and easy to participate for all of you. More importantly , Participants are allowed to follow the simple rules to gets chance for winning Steem and Booming Votes as well

The specific points to be considered as for winning criteria of Photographs Contest

🌜 Short Description is warmly welcomed about Mehndi Hands Photography

🌜 Picture Quality

🌜 Presentation

🌜 Picture Editing Information

Mandatory Rules

✍️ The Post Title should be on Mehndi Hands Photography Challenge 31 | by @username

✍️ Participant should be varied in this link verified before posting to get support

✍️ Your posts words length should be at least 250-300 for accepting your participation.

✍️ Your post must be plagiarism free and share your own original 1-3 pictures

✍️ The tags must use in your post #mehndi-pcw31 #photography #steemexclusive and #club5050 club75 club100 and country like #pakistan and related tags

✍️ Must invite 3 friends to take part in this contest and mention my user name @uzma4882 for easy accessibility of your participation

✍️ Share your participation link below the contest comment for approval of your entry

✍️ Post your Participation link in your Active Social Media and shared the link under your post comment

✍️Contest Rewards🏆

Contest Prize will rewarded for 5 Steem Power and Booming Votes to the winning rewards on the basis of quality participation and well organized and well presented form.

Beside that I will choose entries for engagement users on each other's posts , More participations and more

Contest Deadline is until this contest post payout

✍️Thanks and All the Best👍


@disconnect @stephenkendal


50 SP100 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP
2500 SP3000 SP3500 SP4000 SP4500 SP5000 SP

 3 months ago 

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Greeting my friend,

Wow, it is an amazing contest organised by you, i also wanna participate in your challenge. Soon i will submit my entry my dear friend. thanks for organising this.


Hello my dear here is the my participation link. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for organising such an amazing contest. Good luck for the all participants.


 3 months ago 

Absolutely fantastic contest. It's a chance to see many more different kinds of HIna hand designs. Now we see more creators of Hina. Best of luck to all participants in advance.

 3 months ago 

Nice contest my friend.. Mehndi is very favourite. Usually, girls make it on occasions but it is very close to all of them.

Thank you 😊

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