Steemit Engagement Challenge S11/W6 - “Most Popular Game of My Country------(name of the game)”

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Namaste Steemit Family,

The Hindwhale community welcomes you to the sixth week of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge S11W6 - “Most Popular Game of My Country------(name of the game)” and we invite you to participate in our new contest which is live now.

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We welcome you to share your choice of popular sports and games in your country. This theme is related to sports traditions in your country. We all play a wide range of games in the world but in every country, a particular game is more popular compared to others.

We want you to tell us what is the most popular game in your country and a little description about it.

We have some questions so you just answer them and have fun in the process:

👉 Describe what sports/game is popular most in your country.

👉 Is that game played in international competitions like the Olympics or other world championships?

👉 Do you consider that your players are world-class? If yes, name a few of them.

👉 Is your country's favorite game and your country's national game the same or different?

Contest Guidelines

  • Write at least 300 words article on the topic and share it with the #hindwhale community.
  • Plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Strictly NO AI content
  • There is a weekly limit of one entry per person per community, so please plan accordingly.
  • The user must be a member of at least #club5050.
  • The title of the post should be "Steemit Engagement Challenge S11/W6 - “Most Popular Game of My Country------(name of the game)”
  • Follow @hindwhale, the official account of the #hindwhale community.
  • Comment thoughtfully on the entries of at least three other participants (ensure that you interact extensively with other users).
  • In the first five tags, include #hindwhale-s11w6, #sports #country (for instance, #India), and club status( #club5050).
  • We encourage burn steem, please add #burnsteem25 if you set 25% benificiary to @null .
  • You should invite at least three friends.
  • Each of the top three winners will receive and share a total of 10 STEEM (5, 3, and 2 Steem).
  • Develop compelling content appropriate for support and stands out from the competition.
  • This competition begins on 28th August 2023, at 00:00, and ends on 3rd September 2023, at 23:59.

"Good luck, and happy writing!"

Post checking and commenting policy of the community
#Club5050/75/100✅ or ❌2/2
Verified User✅ or ❌1/1
#steemexlusive✅ or ❌1/1
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌1/1
AI Content Free✅ or ❌1/1
Bot Free✅ or ❌1/1
Voting CSI > 5✅ or ❌1/1
Quality Content2/2
Feedback / Note
  • Feedback goes here

Contest Prize - 10 Steem
1st Position
5 Steem
2nd Position
3 Steem
3rd Position
2 Steem

Have a question? Please contact us via Discord

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Thank you for this week's theme which is simple to participate. I will definitely write on the most popular game of my dear country, read and learn from others as well.🤗

Best of luck to every participant!

Son muchos los juegos y deportes con los que podemos identificarnos en cada país o región, con este nuevo reto conoceremos mucho más de ellos. Estoy seguro que habrán michas participaciones por la forma tan dinámica que han presentado este concurso.

Éxitos para esta semana.

A lot of games are played in my country, but few are popular. You will all get the full details soon.

I just can't believe too much interesting tooic

Nice engagement challenge, there are many games played in my country, and I will like to share with you some of them.

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