CONTEST : August Promo-Steem Contest || Design A Promo-steem Gig || 20 Steem Prize

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Background Source: pixabay

August promo-steem contest is here. You have to design a single gig according to your preferance. If your gig will be eye catchy then you have chances to win. I'm going to share some demo post links that you can follow. Please follow, do not copy. As a background image you can use pixabay or other free source but mention the specific source of the image.

Here is a demo blog on promo-steem gig : SteemShip Presenting Promo-steem Cover And Gif | Promotional Gig Design : 10 Its just an example you can be more creative and must share the process of your gig, though the demo blog didn't share the process of design.

Choose one of These: (As you like most)

Simple Contest Rules To Follow:

  • Plagiarism Strictly Prohibited, your content should be #steemexclusive and it means your content or post only for steemit, don't share it anywhere else.

  • Do not mention curators account

  • Follow @shohana1 @stephenkendal and @steemitblog

  • SUBSCRIBE and Make sure to write your post in SteemShip community and put your entry link in the comment section of this post or else your entry won't be count.

  • Tag minimum 3 of your friends on your entry post to invite them for this contest, Supports other participants by upvoting and comment on their post (Give Support Minimum 1 entry and comment on that post and you can follow the tag #steemship

  • Add the name of tools or Softwere you've used to create the gig, Try to be more creative and unique.

  • Write 250 words with the gig you have designed or art, share step by step process.

  • Must use these tags 1st tag: #steemexclusive 2nd tag: #steem-gigs 3rd tag: #steemship 4th tag should be your country name. Its Bangladesh for me

  • Make sure you Comment the Link of your Entry under this contest Post. MUST FOLLOW THIS

  • Resteem this contest post that more people can reach out and join our discord server for regular community updates.

  • Share your post to social media (Facebook, twitter, reddit, LinkedIn or others) Tag me on twitter : @SHOHANA_ONE


Key To Win

  • Read rules carefully and do not miss any.
  • Use tags according to the rule.
  • Use Your Own Concept, Be Real, Be You
  • Be honest!



This contest will be running till August 14 at 11:59 pm Bangladesh time Get Bangladesh Time Here

Total Prize 20 Steem

Winners will be rewarded at August 15, 2021

This contest is sponsored by @stephenkendal and co-sponsored by @nithishkumar

Thank You So Much


Image Credit : Sir @stephenkendal


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Please promote and appreciate my contest that I can run contests successfully in future.

Hope you followed all the contest rules including Twitter share and mention me there
Thank you.
Good luck!
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Yes. I have


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Thank you dear rat 💖

You are always welcome @shohana1

Hi ! @shohana1
how are you !?

check out my post for this contest:
Promo-Steem Gif Design by Jun Imaginer

New Cover Promo Steem.jpg

Keep Up The Good Work!


Shared on Twitter:

I appreciate your efforts and thank you so much
Good luck !
Entry : 01

My pleasure 🧐

Hope you followed all the contest rules including Twitter share and mention me there
Thank you.
Good luck!
Entry :04

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