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Dear friends,
How are you? I hope you are all well. Below is brief introduction about myself.

I am Adnan Shahriar Rishad. My home district name is Gazipur, in Kaligonj. I am a student of HSC class. Now My College is closed for COVID-19. I am a science student and I will be an engineer in future.



I am passing Primary School in 2013 and I got a scholarship from Kaligonj Thana Education Zone.

Then I get admission in class six in High School. I pass year to year from High School and I passed JSC in 2016. However, I get very good results in Class Eight (JSC) exam. After I get admitted in Class Nine in 2017. I decided to study of Science group. I passed SSC in the same school in 2018. I get very good result in class Ten (SSC) also. Then I apply for admission for HSC Class.


After passed the HSC, I get admission in Ideal College, Uttara, Dhaka. I would take the HSC exam in 2020. However, due to corona(covid-19) disease, our HSC exam was not done.

I want to read Honors in good subjects. I want to study in a good government university. Everyone will pray for me to succeed.

I want to do a good job after passing Honors. I want to be by the side of the family and support the family financially all the time.


My Family

My father is a farmer and my mother is housewife. I have a big family in 6 members. We are three brothers, grandmother and my parents. My position in 2nd of all three brothers. We have lived a happy family.

My hobbies

My favorite hobby is to play cricket and also seeing cricket match. Play islamic music, visit in tourist place and gardening is also my favorite. In leisure time I try to read detective books and try to support my father work and also mother.

Specially thanks to my brother @basel-up and also thanks to my friend @safwan12 who invited me on steemit.


Welcome to steemit platform. You introduce your information correctly. I wish you success in life. Thanks my dear younger brother.

 4 months ago 

Thanks dear honorable Brother.

Thanx for being your introduce post. I appreciate your post.

 4 months ago 

Thanks bro.

 4 months ago 

Welcome to steemit. @sr-adnan Receive my congratulations on taking the first step through Achievement 1 Achievements help us newcomers grow.We learn how to function in steemit. The advice of steemit representatives is very important Don't forget.Successes

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I will try to maintain your advice of submit representatives. Thanks dear.

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Hi @sr-adnan

Welcome to this platform.

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Thanks dear @eh-shohag for your great information.

Hi @sr-adnan. You are most welcome to the steem blockchain.
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Thanks for wish me. I must follow steemit rules.


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Welcome to steemit

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Thanks for invite me.