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Now everyone is so busy with @steemitblog 's lates The Communities Support Program and A Better Life with Steem program.

Sometimes you may feel worried about where to post your content. So I did a quick summary of existing steemit communities based on their specialized subject. All you can go through the list and find a suitable place where to publish your post.


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
ART 🌻🎨📝Art is the language of the soul. Art makes the invisible visible. Art connects hearts. @seo-boss
Community of artistsCommunity of artists !!! @daio
WORLD OF XPILAR Art,Travel letters, photo art, pictures from nature, animals and more @xpilar


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Secret BeautyAbout the beauty tips@monz122

Business and Finance

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Banking and FinanceBanking , investments and finance,@shortsegments
Project HOPE We love topics related to STEEM, technology, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity. As well as economy, business and marketing@crypto.piotr @juanmolina @project.hope
Steem SchoolsBusiness and educationy@dobartim


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Birthdays & MemorialThis is the group for Steemians to post about their Birthdays, Events, Celebrations as well as Memorials and Obituaries@punicwax

Contests and Challenges

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
STEEM CHALLENGECommunity of challenge, adventure, accept challenge to make love steem. Then come on,subcribe to accept today's first s@yousafharoonkhan

Cryptocurrency and STEEM

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
LAKSHMI Learner's Association with Knowledge, Support and Honesty for Money Investment@mehta
Project HOPE We love topics related to STEEM, technology, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity. As well as economy, business and marketing@crypto.piotr @juanmolina @project.hope
SCT.암호화폐.Crypto A decentralized community for cryptocurrency@sct


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
SteemFoodsSteemit Platform's Official Food and Cooking Community@alikoc07


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
INVEN Gaming STEEM Inventory - Gaming @roadofrich
Steem GamingA community for gamers on Steem @strawhat


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
GEMSTo highlight true Gems of Steem community with User Retention as primary objective@bluemist
SteemAliveOur mission is to onboard as many new users as we can.@focusnow @steemalive
Steemingcurators Challenges and promotion STEEM blockchain@ciska @cryptokannon
whalepowerProject For Better Community@whalepower

Health and Fitness

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
ActifitRewarding your everyday activity@mcfarhat

Movies and TV Shows

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Netflix & Streaming Posts about movies and TV shows@unbiasedwriter @streamingnews
Writing & Reviews A place for you to be creative. Find great writings and reviews in here!s@fendit , @belenguerra


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Music For Steem 🎵Artists - Entries - Promotion MusicForSteem@musicforsteem

Nature and Animals

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Flower PicturesFlower Pictures & Flower Art.@shortsegments


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Newcomers' CommunityCommunity for those new to Steem!@cmp2020 @cryptokannon @steemcurator01
Steemit NurseryCommunity for Newcomers of Steemit@steemitblog @cryptokannon @steemcurator01


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
APPICSThe easiest way to earn STEEM & APX for sharing photos/videos! @appics
PhotographyA broad space for the art, industry, technology, and enthusiasm of still imagery. @kommienezuspadt
WORLD OF XPILAR Art,Travel letters, photo art, pictures from nature, animals and more @xpilar


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
DiaryShoppingConnecting & sharing daily grocery forms of shopping. From mini to larger. Covers both local markets & online shopping.@diaryshopping


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
World of Cricket All About Cricket@world-of-cricket
World Of Football ⚽ Community for all football lovers around the world @njaywan @worldoffootball

Technology and Innovations

NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
Project HOPE We love topics related to STEEM, technology, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity. As well as economy, business and marketing@crypto.piotr @juanmolina @project.hope
Steemit Dev Groupprogress of current steemit project, new feature, QA, feedback @spidemen


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
TravelFeed Share your travels @travelfeed


NameDescription Given by CommunityAdmin
DTubeDTube is a decentralized and censorship-resistant alternative to YouTube@dtube


This list doesn't contain the country or language-specific communities. Communities are collected by considering the number of active posters and pending rewards. Some communities may include in more than one category. The description is same as the description given in the community list.

Hope you can now make a decision about what is next. :)

Thank you for reading.


Thanks @randulakoralage This is very helpful. But my challenge is accessing some of these communities. Is there a link for this?

Hello friend, excellent post about the communities, I want to introduce you to the community that I manage

I would appreciate if you can add it to your publication!

We value art, crafts, photography, drawing among other talents of the human being.

This is incredibly well organised. Thank you so much for this. I'm sure it will promote various communities:).

I suggested these Directories yesterday, and everyone pay attention, because this is the 1st post of many many Directories. I myself and making 50 groups and will be adding content to them, as I have seseveral existing blogs, and Articles, even just like long Facebook posts. All of which I can import to Steemit.

I also started which is what spurred me to get back on Steemit in the first place, just to spread the word about the Ancient Tech called Punic Wax.

Great!! Thank you for this collection ❤️

This is the Birthdays and Memorial Community on Steemit

Eventually I want to have a Horoscope Bot in the group, and everyone can earn STEEM on their Birthday.

Thank you!. I'll update soon

Btw, just a tip for everyone reading.

3 STEEM to create a Community, which is about $0.45 right now. When STEEM is $1.00 each, that will be $3.00, so it will get more expensive to start a community as Steemit grows back.

Anyone who wants to use the communities page, here is the link

Thank you for your hard work :)

Thank you very much for such a great post!!

You can add now #steem challenge community also
It is new and theme is on

yes sure. Can I have the link? I will update with all new communities at once. Thank you for information🙂

Thank you for posting this as it helps me, well not just me but for everyone else who are confused a little bit on what tags to use. It is very helpful.

Thanks! Very interesting information!

Excellent work @randulakoralage.
Thanks for sharing with us all is helpful for all steemians.

Hi @randulakoralage, thanks for providing such an awesome list of information. I have resteemed. Have a nice day, cheers, ainie

Excelente información. una pregunta. aunque perteneces a una comunidad o eres miembro se puede publicar en cualquiera de estas ? se hace desde esa comunidad o desde donde perteneces

Thank u for sharing

I was looking for something like this to know about the places I am interested or where I can post something. Thank you.

Am I the only one who prefers the old tags system than this sh'tty community thing?

Thank you for compiling this list @randulakoralage - most useful.

The Steemit Team

welcome. now others can check what are their opportunities. 🙂

I created the Steemit Directory Community, with the first post highlighting this and the Contest Directory post

We are indebted to u as new comers here , because this post has realy simplified our journey on steem . Bcoz to find these communities on our own is cumbeesome.

Great collection of information👌 Short and really helpful fo us. Since I’m a new commer I was looking for something like to gain more acknowledge about steemit community. This really Helps a lot😊. Hope you may update these time to time.🙏🙏

It's happy to hear this was useful to you Sri

Hope you may update these time to time.

yep.. I'm collecting new communities and update it once a week🙂.

Thank you! Very helpful!

Interesting post for those who wish to find out more about other communities.
I created a dance community nine months ago. This is the link,
Please have a look if you are a dance lover.

Thank you for this well categorised post 👍

MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS ❤️ En serio tengo poquisimo tiempo haciendo post y me siento super perdida...

Thank you for your important information sir.keep me in your prayers

My town in 10 pics | Gangni, Meherpur | 08-04-2021 |

Me encanta este análisis. Soy nueva y ya me enfoco más en las etiquetas

thank you for this information.

Thanks for the information

Actually this post is most important just like us.because we are doing always same thing.we dont know the way to continue this platform.need informations as well as the path to do this very brother you done this the best what you can.thank yiu so much.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

All information has been received in it. Your article is simply fabulous.

Thanks @randulakoralage for gathering nice information.

You are welcome😍

My town in 10 pics | Gangni, Meherpur | 08-04-2021 |

Very well done, thanks! It's very convenient when the communities are named due to the topics they stand for. Last month I needed to create a community for my service, but it turned to be not so easy. I was lucky to find a crew name generator, that provided a lot of nice name ideas for my community. I'm really glad there are such useful free generators.

This post is great and i love it because it simply explains a lot a user can do on steemit. I love these and i am an angel for coming across it.

Thanks for posting such a beautiful one. I really enjoyed reading this. Because with this I can easily understand where I have to post.

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