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Good day, good afternoon and good nights to everyone that is reading this post. My name is Ronald Espinoza, i'm from Venezuela, Margarita island, an island located in the Notheast of the country a couple of hours to the west of The Republic of Trinidad and tobago. i have 24 years old, graduated of banking administration with a degree on it.

I have interests in music, art, politics, videogames, global economy, comics, anime and manga, the cripto curency and being part of this new world of digital money that is surging so fast in the today world.
I'm also an musician (self taught, so im not really that great) has a guitar player and bass player, my principal influence on music would be metal bands like Tool, Gojira and a wave of 2009's bands.


I work has a watchmen in a urbanization complex in a 25x8 shift (that meaning i work an entire day and rest 2 days), i will look into talk about certain experiences that i went trough while working in there and explaining any doubt about it.

In my free time i like to do calisthenics workout (i'm not a professional, but willing to help anyone), going to the beach with my dog, talking about anything or seeing series with my younger brother, during my adolescence i've met the group of friends that i keep until today, all of them are artists, musicians or even chefs. And i'm always in the mood of knowing new people with new ideas to share with me.

My house is located in a fisher village and actually to a side of the beach its even something like 30 minutes away from a beach popular among locals and tourists called Beach ¨El Parguito¨ where there's a hill in which if you're brave enough you can jump off


Maybe i'm not an professional photographer, but i often try to take the best pictures that i can with my cellphone (that its not that great, but the magic is the person not the camera)

I've meet stemit thanks to @jenniferalessio (she's an mutual friend between my younger brother and i) and i'm open to any new info that you can get me to know, but also excited for getting into this new world of digital trade


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Hello @ronx96

🥳🥳Welcome to Steemit🎊🎊

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Welcome 👍

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welcome to steemit.

Thank you for doing the achievement missions. We couldn't vote for this achievement mission. That's why we will give a compensatory vote to your active post.

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