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Hello friends of Newcomers' Community and Steemit in General! This time I bring to you the presentation of my achievement 3 that deals with content tags, specifically about "Plagiarism".


Plagiarism is the representation of another author's language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one's own original work. In educational contexts, there are differing definitions of plagiarism depending on the institution. Plagiarism is considered a violation of academic integrity and a breach of journalistic ethics. source

Plagiarism, in a nutshell, is taking someone else's idea or content and passing it off as our own without giving recognition to the true author. We must bear in mind that absolutely all things have an owner, even what we see on the web; whether they are articles, brochures, photos, videos, music themes, works, etc., but the fact that they are on the internet does not mean that we can use it freely as if nothing.

Complete Plagiarism

Complete plagiarism is the most severe form of plagiarism where a researcher takes a manuscript or study that someone else created, and submits it under his or her name. It is tantamount to intellectual theft and stealing.

Source-based Plagiarism

Plagiarism may occur because of the different types of sources. For example, when a researcher references a source that is incorrect or does not exist, it is a misleading citation. Plagiarism also occurs when a researcher uses a secondary source of data or information, but only cites the primary source of information. Both these types lead to an increase in the number of references sources. This, in turn, increases the citation number of the references.

Direct Plagiarism

Direct or verbatim plagiarism occurs when an author copies the text of another author, word for word, without the use of quotation marks or attribution, thus passing it as his or her own. In that way, it is like complete plagiarism, but it refers to sections (rather than all) of another paper. This type of plagiarism is considered dishonest and it calls for academic disciplinary actions. It is not as common, but it is a serious infraction of academic rules and ethics.

Self or Auto Plagiarism

Auto-plagiarism, also known as self-plagiarism or duplication, happens when an author reuses significant portions of his or her previously published work without attribution. Thus, this type of plagiarism is most likely to involve published researchers, rather than university students. The severity of this kind of infraction is under debate, depending on the copied content. Many academic journals, however, have strict criteria on the percentage of author’s work that is reusable. Many journals run manuscripts through a plagiarism-detection software before considering them for review.

Paraphrasing plagiarism

This is, as published on Wiley, the most common type of plagiarism. It involves the use of someone else’s writing with some minor changes in the sentences and using it as one’s own. Even if the words differ, the original idea remains the same and plagiarism occurs. Because students often do not have a clear understanding of what constitutes plagiarism, there are recommendations for research and writing available to reduce the risk of paraphrasing plagiarism.


In this platform it is important to avoid plagiarism and if we will use a source that does not belong to us, the ideal is to cite it correctly. Let's take into account that everyone tries their best to make their own content, their own publications; we all think differently, the brain belongs to everyone. We can be original and shine with our own light.

I end this publication inviting you to become aware and avoid falling into this because plagiarism would only leave us as people without our own ideas.

"I have read and understood the Steemit Etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them"

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