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Hello, a cordial greeting to all those who are part of this beautiful platform my name Reyans, I live in India.


I am the 4th child out of 5 that my mom had. had many, despite everything she raised us with a lot of effort and sacrifice to get us ahead although she is no longer with us physically 5 years ago, because we all miss her.

I am married, I have a beautiful daughter, and precious already 10 years old which I love too much, it is my whole life.

I am a Catholic Christian, although I do not attend Mass much I believe in God, and I pray daily for life, food, health, for my relatives.

Study and work

I have a degree in Industrial Relations and Administration. I know some accounting. I did a course many years ago. I participated in forums on entrepreneurship and its legalization, project management in changing times, challenges and leadership in changing times.

I have worked in Restaurant doing everything a little bit; I learned some dishes, fast food too. I worked in an HR and administration office when I was a student and that helped me a lot in my career, then I worked in Private Banking, it was a very nice experience and I learned a lot about the Financial world.

How did I find out about Steemit?

I already had some knowledge about the platform, I discovered it by reviewing so many things online.

Hobbies, passions and what I like

More than a dream, it is my goal to have my own company, to be my own boss, to become independent and help my daughter when she enters college, and to help my family. I like to be surrounded by people who nourish me a lot, who exchange ideas on any subject, who educate ourselves in something every day and learn a lot wherever I go. I am responsible for what I do and I say, very sincere and expressive, I say what I think without hurting anyone, or offending, I am also very observant, I have the facility to quickly understand things.

I learned to have patience, to have tolerance and from the work experiences they helped me to that and that god's time is perfect and to share what I learned. I read about personal motivation, I am very positive and optimistic even though sometimes I get depressed, because I look for articles or motivational phrases and that's it.

I enjoy learning about pastries and cooking, from time to time I prepare cakes to eat with coffee and others with special motifs, I make simple recipes and desserts like quesillo because my family loves it.

I don't like lies, dishonesty, unpunctuality, hypocrisy, disorder, disputes; none of that. I am disgusted by toads, cockroaches and snakes that scare me.


What I would be interested in posting

I would love about cooking, sweet desserts the culinary world I like very much, hand embroidery although I have time that I do not do the knowledge I keep them, about the day to day, of some experience, travel, interesting topics about culture, technological advances, health, finance, in short it would be quite varied since I like to do everything.

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