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My name is Nelson Kanga Simbo (@nellosimbo) and I come from the North west region of Cameroon precisely Ngokentonja division. I am 27years old. I am the 7th born from a polygamous family of 12th and first to my mum(the second wife). I am an extrovert and a cancer born.
I attended my primary education at CBC primary school Nkwen where I got my first school living certificate. But when I was in primary 5, I had to stop school and spent 2years in the village with my grandma. With my grandma those two years where one of the best period of my life. She taught me a lot of things like how to farm, how to cook, how to basically take care of myself and be independent. But she past away and so I came back to Bamenda and finished the two years to have my certificate.
After my first school certificate and went to PCHS( Progressive Comprehensive High School) where I got both my Ordinary level and Advanced level certificates within 7years.
I then applied to study marketing communications at the University of Bamenda which I had a professional degree with Second class honors with 2.84GPA after 3years of studies.

Within this 3years in the university, I engaged in communication development activities by volunteering for organizations and working with them meanwhile doing music in my church and with music organizations like HIPI(highest praise International) and production houses around town.

Music(drumming) has always been a passion to me alongside other things. I am a professional drummer.
I love to drum.


Also, I have a strong passion for community development, charity and helping teenagers in diverse ways. I am a co-founder of an association called YELDA where we help young teenagers especially the girl to be productive and build their capacities towards community involvement and sustainability. We also help the less privileged and orphans in need. Currently Yelda is launching an online campaign in celebration for the upcoming International day of the girl child (Facebook:YELDA, Instagram: yelda to the world).



In 2018 I took part in a training organized by UNESCO to train peace ambassadors in Cameroon in Yaoundé. I was certified a UNESCO Peace Ambassador
In 2019 I also took part in a training to train young life coaches organized by DIAMOND WORTH LIFE. Young life coaches has the skill to teach teenagers on career orientation and guidance into a new career and also skill development.
In 2021, I was part of a training organized by WAA CAMEROON (women for Alternative Action) to train peace connectors to act as connectors of peace in our communities.
Still in 2021, recently attended a workshop at the National House of Assembly organized by GATEWAY AFRICA on women empowerment.


I am a marketing consultant for all business ideas, you can reach out to me.
I am a book author, enthusiastic about arts and dance in particular. I recently wrote a book about dance title Dance a priestly Mandate for every dancer out there to use as a handbook for growth in dance.



I currently work at Group Tesla @TN Engineering as a marketing officer. If you have anything concerning construction difficulties get to me for help.

My hobbies are football, cooking, reading, writing, designing graphics, traveling, swimming,shaving, fashion, cleaning, learning new skills.
I like good food, good music(listen to all kinds of music),
I love kids, I like fruits, I love helping and sharing with people. I love taking risks that pay off, I like challenging myself and fulfilling that challenge.

I hate it when people are unhappy in my presence, I hate to make someone sad, I hate disorder, disrespect and pretence.

I join STEEMIT to connect to my peers, so I can be motivated by what they do in order to improve on my own life and also make the monies via the games/contest.
I am grateful to @sirkeyz101 for introducing me to STEEMIT.
I look forward to seeing you and learning from you in this community.

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Hello ,
Welcome to Steemit and this wonderful community most especially and wish you will enjoy Steemit !

You can follow @steemitblog for the latest updates and news on steemit platfrom .

And I will also like to invite you to join the on going Never ending season 3 of the diary game "A Better Life With Steem' project " #betterlife , you can find information from here
Wish you a great future with Steemit !

Please feel free to ask any questions or doubts if you have one.
Follow the link below as guide to help you complete the rest of your achievement tasks.

have a nice time on steemit!

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Welcome grand welcome boss welcome drums am happy you joined our family

Hello welcome to the steemit family.
It's good that you have joined us here.
For you to get verified you need to attach an image to your profile. Please kindly locate settings beside your wallet and click on it. There you will find the option upload profile image.

Thanks so much and welcome ones more

 2 months ago 

I just did that @ngoenyi🙏

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Welcome to Steemit bro

Hello @nellosimbo,

🌺🌸🌺🌸You made it! Welcome to Steemit🌺🌸🌺🌸

For a great start on Steemit, we recommend all the users to complete the @cryptokannon's Newcomers Achievement Program. By doing so, you will come to know Steemit functions and what other resources are available for you.

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We invite you to join us in Steemit Nursery Community specially created to support all the newcomers. Aside from the Steemit Nursery & Newcomers' Community, you can check the List of Steemit Communities Categorized by Their Subjects and find a community that is a good fit for you.

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Remember to follow @steemitblog for the most recent updates.

Thank You!
Newcomers' Community: Steemit Greeter Helper Team


Hello, welcome on steemit!

It's very nice to have you here. I recommend you to continue making achievements in the Newcomers community to help you understand the platform. You may also want to write your first publications in Steemit Nursery, where more experienced Steemians will help you master your posts.

I have noticed that you are interested in traveling. That's wonderful! I would like to invite you to our Travel Community. You will find it here. We just started and one of the very first things we have made was announcing two contests. You will find it here and here. Feel free to participate.

If you want to find other communities which may interest you, check The List of 124 Active Communities I have made recently.

Have a wonderful day!

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firstly I'll WELCOME you wholeheartedly on this beautiful platform of STEEMIT.
Here you will earn by producing some good quality content but keep in mind it should be your own I mean original content.
Secondly I invite you To complete your all Achivements tasks in Newcomers community given by @cryptokannon.
These all tasks will enable you to know much about Steemit and you will get good experience of publishing quality content hence chances of getting reward will be increased.
Moreover you will also learn that what is content etiquette and how to avoid from plagiarism,and also how to attract Authors on your Posts by applying Markdown.
In Short you will learn each and every rules and regulations of beautiful STEEMIT Platform.

At last I'll also suggest you some good communities where you can publish your content.Although there are many good Communities which you can join on the base of your interest,it depends upon you that in which kind of community you are interested but here I'll list some Communities and still if you find any problem in finding community do mention me surely I'll guide you.

Moreover I'll also suggest you to follow SteemitBlog in order to get all new updates on Steemit.
Regards @arrowgate A team member from greeter team! And have a nice day🙂

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Welcome to steemit bro n hope u will deliver good content and also contribute to keep the train moving .welcome once more

 2 months ago 

Y are highly welcome brother.i hope u enjoy every moment with us.

 2 months ago 

You are highly welcome into this amazing platform bro

 2 months ago 

Hi Mr. Nelson and welcome to steemit. It's been long since we left the university and I can see you have achieved quite much. Steemit is yet another achievement and I pray your expectations are made. Feel free to ask of any help you need. Welcome once again

 2 months ago 

Thank you boss

 2 months ago 

Welcome bro.

 2 months ago 

Hi, @nellosimbo,

Your post has been supported by @tocho2 from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Thank you very much

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Welcome to Steemit @nellosimbo,
The first step to becoming a successful steemian is to READ. As such, I encourage you to take your time and read this:
Next, I want you to follow me (@thegreens), @steemitblog, @steemitnursery and @steem-cameroon for very interesting updates and opportunities.
Join Steemit Nursery, Newcommers Community and Steem Cameroon to get all the warmth and support you need as a newbie.
Please follow this link to Join Steem Cameroon WhatsApp Group:
I put together a few tips on how you can become a successful steemian which you can read here:

  1. How to become a successful steemian Part 1
  2. How to become a successful steemian Part 2

You can participate in any of these contests organized for Cameroonian steemians;

  1. The Power Up Challenge
  2. Creative Writing Contest
  3. Green Deeds Contest: To be launched by @thegreens
  4. Best Day of the Week Contest: To be launched by @steem-cameroon
  5. [Steem Cameroon Record My Status Vol. 06 Contest(
  6. Steemit Achievement Pledge Program
  7. Steem Cameroon Delegations Reward Program

I will be following very closely to review and curate all your blog posts while giving you the feedback you need to be better and successful steemian.


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Thank you very much

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