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My names is Bonkung Junior Kafete , I’m 25years old. I am of a Cameroonian nationality born in the north west region precisely Bamenda. I am the second born of five . Presently am in Yaoundé in thecentre region of Cameroon.

I am a singer, specifically rap. I rap both professionally an stage wise, I can rap in English pigin and my mother tongue
I belong to a music group call HIGHEST PRAISE INTERNATIONAL.they have given me a great platform as far as my rap life is concern
I have a few songs on YouTube at (TRM)@THE RAP MINISTER

I am also a dancer and I’m versed with dancing hip hop dance, Afro, Contemporary and African cultural dances like makone ,Njang , sangmale, Mbole bikotsi and Bfia.
I also play instruments like drums
Am also in to photography

I am a dance choreographer ,an I do choreographies for music video and Dance video covers
I also do choreographies for occasions like weddings graduations etc and dance performances.

I work with a dace crew call Lux Armiger Dance Community that is base in Cameroon and have branches in Yaoundé, Buea, Duala,Dschang and the head quarters is in bamenda. an I am the president of the lux branch in Yaoundé of this dance group an I am based in Yaoundé the Centre region of Cameroon.

I am in charge of the lux dance academy in Yaoundé

I am the main drummer in my home church here in Yaoundé Cameroon call Patmos Baptist Church (PBC) since 2018 and I train other instrumentalists from other International churches through zoom

I love to listening to Music and watching music videos; jazz music, dance video , gospel dance , instrumental music. I love reading and studying . I love nature and most times I just sit around and have a nice view of nature and get inspired to take some pictures of nature has I love photography too .I love doing challenging thing because they help me to be stronger and creative and they keep me thinking of getting myself to another level .
I love gyming too, going for a walk and soccer. I love movies; cartoons,actions and educative movies .

I love being around people because am funny and I love making people smile even when not familiar with them . I love standing on high places so I can meditate well. I do like great outing with friends and family .

I will be looking forward to viewing posts by others on dance, music, nature, news around the world and love to get some great people who will inspire me with their great post

I will be creating posts on Raplines , dance cover ; Drumz , live performance on stage me taking nature pictures and music concerts playing instruments .

Thanks to @darrellbass and @kingbow @nunubozcanem who talked me into realizing a good platform like steemit does exits. Being here I know I will get to meet great people who will be here to inspire me with great post thanks for also having me in to Steemit


You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

 2 months ago 

Welcome to Steemit @kafete
The first step to becoming a successful steemian is to READ. As such, I encourage you to take your time and read this:
Next, I want you to follow me (@thegreens), @steemitblog, @steemitnursery and @steem-cameroon for very interesting updates and opportunities.
Join Steemit Nursery, Newcommers Community and Steem Cameroon to get all the warmth and support you need as a newbie.
Please follow this link to Join Steem Cameroon WhatsApp Group:
I put together a few tips on how you can become a successful steemian which you can read here:

  1. How to become a successful steemian Part 1
  2. How to become a successful steemian Part 2

You can participate in any of these contests organized for Cameroonian steemians;

  1. The Power Up Challenge
  2. Creative Writing Contest
  3. Green Deeds Contest
  4. Best Day of the Week Contest
  5. Steem Cameroon Record My Status Vol. 04 Contest
  6. Steemit Achievement Pledge Program
  7. Steem Cameroon Delegations Reward Program

I will be following very closely to review and curate all your blog posts while giving you the feedback you need to be better and successful steemian.

 3 months ago 

Wow welcome to steemit bro is a family to belong to and a place to be just try your posible best to understand everything and ask anybody around that you know is in this platform and how it functions feel comfortable and give us your best content I personally am waiting to see your contents

 3 months ago 

Wow! From rapping, to dancing, to choreography, to photography, you have quite a developed artistic side. I can't wait to see what you have to contribute here.
Welcome to the steemit family😊

 3 months ago 

Feel free to exore the blog and find where you fit in the most , welcome to steemit

 3 months ago 

Welcome to steemit @kafete....
Wow wow..... Everything about you is just around sound. Dancing, singing, instruments......... Even photography to get small sound.

I would really love to learn from you through your posts on #steemit as well as you learn from others as well.
Make yourself comfortable on the platform.


 3 months ago 

Welcome to steemit 🌸

Welcome home bro it's a pleasure to gain mentally and financial boost

Welcome to steemit. Wow looking forward in getting inspiration from your posts

 3 months ago 

Wow, you sure are a music lover. Am looking forward to your posts especially that involving instruments. I missed the old school days when I used to play xylophone. You are very much welcome

 3 months ago 

You are welcome to steemit @kafete. Have fun and earn money. Team work is the best.

 3 months ago 

Welcome to steemit dear
We are family here
If you have any worry just ask anyone just like you I also love educative movies and cartoons

 3 months ago 

Welcome Dear,I'll love to learn photoshoping too..please which app are you using?

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