Achievement 1: Introducing my self on steemit

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Hello, Steem world!
Newcomer's Community-led @cryptokannon and other team members like @thegreens and @saxopedia. Good evening to you all from my beloved Cameroon. My name is Mr. Fomba Amah, but my friend calls me #MrBull, as you know me here in Steemit as @fombae.


I'm a married man with a wife and two kids. I'm a Cameroonian by birth and living in the northwest region of the country(Cameroon). Pinyin is my native home, a small village in the Santa subdivision. I speak diverse languages like my native language (Pinyin), English, and French.

DSC_0031 (1).jpg

I am passionate about web development, and sometimes games(PES) are played on pc to keep the mind fresh. My special interest in crypto and tech innovations, hoping to get to learn more from the steemit platform.


Alway from all that, love to support my community by joining hand with a couple of NGO to carry out empowerment projects. I will be using this platform to know how other communities are been empowered.

IMG_0256.JPG Empowerment project at the Bamenda Central prison.

12067889_1197480883600442_1333056015_n.jpg Peace talk in villages

12087631_1197480980267099_654556658_n.jpg Peace talk in villages


Am happy for having to join this amazing platform through My Mentor @mr-greens of @thegreens who has been training me to become the steemian citizen that I am present.


Hi @fombae Congratulations and welcome to the Steemit! We are happy to see you here.

And thank you for completing the achievement 1. To continue with next achievements please refer this guide

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Welcome, Fomba! ☺️

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thanks @fendit

Well come on board,nice to see that the efforts of @thegreens is growing the Cameroon steem community,I am also a product of his mentoring,am looking forward to us growing bigger with your expertise

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true @peacemakers, we are not looking back #Cameroon, #steemitafrica

Hi dear @fombae welcome to steemit world! Thank you so much for introducing yourself here within Newcomer's community! Have a good time here!

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thanks, @rishabh99946, still trying to find my way here. #cameroon