Compilation Of Achievement || Task 1-6 || 20-07-2021 || By @ahsansharif

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Hi Steemians! My name is Muhammad Ahsan Sharif and on steemit my username is @ahsansharif.

What's up guys? I hope you all are well and good and enjoy a happy moments of life. I am also good Alhamdulillah. we should try to promote Steemit as much as possible and do our best on it.

Today, I am very glad to see that my all achievements task are verified. Here I show you a complete achievement task.


So Let's Start:

All Achievement Task Link

01:'' Achievement 1 '' Introducing myselfLink
02"'' Achievement 2 '' Basic security on steemLink
03:'' Achievement 3 '' Content EtiquettesLink
04:'' Achievement 4 '' Applying MarkdownLink
05:'' Achievement 5 task 1 '' Review Steemworld.orgLink
06:'' Achievement 5 task 2 '' Review Steemscan.comLink
07:'' Achievement 5 task 3 '' Review Steemyy.comLink
08:'' Achievement 5 task 4 '' Review Steemdb.ioLink
09:'' Achievement 6 '' Understanding curation and communityLink

steem only.png

I am very thankful to sir @cryptokraze who introduced me steemit and I am also thankful to steemit. My all achievement task are verified, I hope you like my effort.

Bundle of Thanks:

steem only.png


 3 years ago 

Good work bro!
I wish you best of luck

 3 years ago 

Thanks a lot 😊

Hello dear @ahsansharif, I am pleased to inform you that you have been successfully verified for this task. You are now a pro newcomer verified.

Thank you for completing all your achievement tasks.

Best regards: @ngoenyi

Task rate: 3

 3 years ago 

Bundle of thanks @ngoenyi

 3 years ago 

I have a question @ngoenyi

Can I apply for greeter helper, because I understand all the task.
I am very clearly about every task. So please guide me what I do to aplly for greeter helper.


Look for cryptokannon's post and c drop a comment. Perhaps she will respond

 3 years ago 

Ok Thank you so much ❤️

Good work bro

 3 years ago 

Thanks for appreciate me 💗

 3 years ago 

Hi, @ahsansharif,

Your post has been supported by @graceleon from the Steem Greeter Team.

 3 years ago 

Bundle of thanks ❤️


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