Steemit Philippines Community's New Verification Process [07-20-2021]

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Hello Everyone and Have a Blessed Day!!!

Greetings from me @loloy2020 the admin and founder of Steemit Philippines Community.

Yesterday, I have posted our application for the Steemit Communities of the month Support Program initiated by the Steemit Team in which one of the questions being asked is with regards to fake and dummy accounts, and as a community admin it is my responsibility together with the new moderators to take actions to end this. The best option we could do is to have a verification program where every member of the community is needed to verify themselves by posting a verification post.

Everyone also is urged to verify themselves to be able to enter and be qualified for any contest we would run in the community.

One of our moderators @fycee just started his first contest here in our community which is all about verification, to know all of this, please read the official contest post.


Now to be able to be fully verified here in the community, all members must follow the following:

  • Title: My Verification Post: username/Island you belong (Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao)/Date
  • Write a short description/information of yourself in the post.
  • Take a selfie photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with the following details: "STEEMIT PHILIPPINES", Username, Island you belong (Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao), Date of verification.
  • Official tags to be used is #steemitphilippines #steemexclusive with special tags on a specific island as follows:
  • Luzon: #verification-luzon
  • Visayas: #verification-visayas
  • Mindanao: #verification-mindanao

To get started, I will also introduce myself as my verification entry here in the community and it will be an example for everyone.

Hello Everyone and God Bless!!!

Here I am would like to share with you my verification entry to fully verify myself here in the community. To let everyone know me, here are my short information about myself.


I am Romel from the Philippines, 29 years old and I am the admin and founder of Steemit Philippines Community. I have started my journey here on Steemit way back in 2017 when I've discovered this platform on internet. Starting that day, I have learned a lot most especially in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In my more or fewer years here in my crypto journey, the Steemit platform has really been a big help for me since It gives me more knowledge and understanding about what I have started right now, lastly, I have met lots of friends through this platform until now.

This would be all for my verification entry and a piece of short information about myself.

You have seen my verification entry which serves as an example but as you can see in my selfie, I have added the words, Admin|Curator which is exclusive only for admin and moderator but for ordinary members please exclude it on your selfies.

That's it for today and just hope that everyone will follow this verification process we have now in the community. One reason we need to do this is to identify what island you belong either Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. This would also be a big help for all of us to become a better community and have a bigger chance to be chosen as one of the communities of the month who will receive support from the Steemit Team.

Now, I now look forward to all our member verification entries.

All Thanks and Praise be to God. 😇🙏☝

Mabuhay ang Steemit Philippines Community

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Footer credits to @kennyroy

 last year 

Thank you @steemitphcurator for informing! Noted and copied sir, my verification will follow soon.

 last year 

Maraming salamat po.

 6 months ago 

If i dont share my own picture but my son's picture so can you accept my entry

 5 months ago 

No, It should be your own picture, this is to avoid multiple accounts.

iam amuslim women and do hijab and not capture any picture of my own self.

 5 months ago (edited)

You can still share a verification post even though we can't see your face, see to it that you include a photo while your writing o a peace of paper.

Ok fine i leave this community because i didn't satisfy you and i just show my first achievement because you didn't thought me safe. Its okay. Thanks.

 5 months ago 

It is mistakenly type, it was supposed to be face, not safe... My mistake...

its okay i leave your community and it doesn't matter.

hello po sa inyong lahat :)

@alden081826 from Luzon! :)

Thank you very much for this clarification, but please you mentioned "island" one belongs to. Please how about people who are not from philippines , what can we do at such point of chosing island?

Can you please throw more light there , thanks @loloy2020? Thanks

 last year 

Thanks for the guidance @loloy2020, we will surely comply.

 last year 

Hi, @loloy2020,

Thank you for your contribution to the Steem ecosystem.

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 last year 
 last year 

Hi po. Magandang araw sir @loloy2020. This my verification post po. Thank you.

 last year 

Hi po sir @loloy2020. I know I'm a bit late 😁 but here's my verification post by the way. Thank you so much po for having me here. 😘

 last year 

Thank you for making this initiative to help us know what to do with our verification post. I am very happy that I now have the member badge! 😍😍 Yey!

Hola hrmano loloy2020 me encanta esta comunidad,disculpe el momento ya un poco tarde pero me voy a presentar mi nombre es Milennis perez tengo 47 años naci en venezuela ,Apure me encanta interactuar en este bloxk me gusta la arte culinaria cantar ,me encanta el arte ,y me gusta laeer mi libro favorito la biblia gracias espero me tome en cuenta para ser miembro de la comunidadphilippines.gracias... @loloy2020,

Hello @loloy2020, I hope you are well! I would like to know if to be verified it is mandatory to belong to this country or people from another country can enter ... Thank you! Greetings...

Hola esta comunidad es unica y exclusiva para usuarios de Phlippines?, porque yo n soy de ese pais sino de Venezuela, entonces como pides en el post de verificar que hay que decir de cual isla se es, entonces no se?

Gracias de antemano espero su respuesta

 last year 

Hi sir @loloy2020 this is my verification post. Hope you will approve it.
My Verification Post @gilferin79 / Visayas / August 26,2021

 last year (edited)

Hello po,I just want to share here my verification post. I hope you will see it po.

Here's the link po:

Thank you po!

Hola soy venezolano y apoyo esta comunidad.. como hago para presentarme..

 11 months ago 

This post is very helpful and useful especially to the newcomers of this platform. Thank you so much for this guide.

 last year 

We'll just be here to support your activities for us. Ganun Lang Naman talaga Tayo, tulungan for the better. Thank you for stepping up and bravely done this as no other person from our team has proactively lead us after I have started it. Let's get it on!

Sir can I apply for verification i am from pakistan

From Philippines-Luzon , how we get verified ?
After ba ma post may introduction?

 9 months ago 

This is very helpful to me as a newcomer. Thank you for this, Sir.

 9 months ago 

Hello everyone.
Here is my verification Link post to this community

 8 months ago 

Hello @loloy2020
As a Nigerian can I also get verified??

 8 months ago (edited)

Hey. I am from Nigeria and I just took part in the "looking back at 2021" contest. Do I still qualify for the contest or will my entry be voided and can I make a verification post to join the community?


 8 months ago 

Greetings @loloy2020
Here is my verification post that you was asked for to give support from your community.
Thank You!
Have a kind look-

Copy, Rommel!

 last year 

Lets work together para mapalago pa ang ating community 😊

 last year 

This is great sir @loloy2020 so we can fully know the authenticity of all our members here in our community. Rest assured I will support this initiative and will send my verification. Thank you and more power to the Steemit Philippines community.

 last year 

Thank you so much sir @loloy2020 my verification post will soon follow , we will always be supporting this community, God bless this community,

 last year 

Thanks for taking the lead @loloy2020. God bless us more. Mabuhay, #SteemitPhilippines!

 last year 

thank you for making a sample post for this helps the rest of us. I will post mine soon today or tomorrow. I hope there's no deadline .. is this required for the diary game?

 2 months ago 

Hello @loloy2020. Here is my verification link

My Verification Post: @mukka|Ghana 12-06-2022

 2 months ago 

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