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With the growing members of this platform so does the Steemit Philippines community doing the mirror effect of it with current 616 subscribers and regular quality posters. I think most of them were undervalued so this way of selecting the most undervalued-top post of the week is a way of showing and encouraging them to continue to try their best to produce quality content here on steemit.

I hope to get a regular support from steemcurators for the sustainability this as all my giveaways and contests are coming from my steemit earnings. I also commend these steemians that are in the list because they showed that passion first before rewards, I am also hoping for Filipinos to make noise with the advancement of steem and the promotion of it in the near future.Without further ado here are your most undervalued-top post of the week.


Sunset Mountainscape by @caydenshan"I would like to share to you my new finished art landscape. This painting technique was used by one of my mentor named "Bob ross". He was the creator and host of The Joy of Painting. He learned the "wet-on-wet" technique which allowed him to complete and finished paintings in less than an hour. When you know the fundamental techniques and style in painting, you create your own masterpiece. In this painting the color tone, the texture and the composition are quite important."

by @haera"Cebu is one of the best places for tourists looking out for a place to relax, enjoy, and have fun. Where in fact, a lot of amazing and wonderful spots that you could able to visit and enjoy when you're planning here in Cebu. But for now, I will just share with you the places I have been yet. So let me be your "dora, the explorer now", and take you to this excellence beauty of Cebu."

by @chishei2021"Hello everyone, I am here to share my entry to the @long888 contest about Write About Your Province in which I will be sharing my Province Misamis Oriental with you. The photos that I will be going to share are from my throwback photos and my friend's photos. The Province of Misamis Oriental is a very large province with 3 Cities the El Salvador City, Cagayan de Oro City, and Gingoog City with consists of different municipalities. I will share some of the tourist spots and some festivals we should know about here in my province."

by @amayphin"That morning was bright and I was thankful for Gods blessings through the night. I opened the door early and welcoming a new day with gladness in my heart. I thought about the word grace. What was it in me this day? Looking up a calmed skies, I reflected. Grace is something we need to sustain our daily lives. We need grace to still carry on no matter what lies ahead. Life is grace in itself. I smiled to the thoughts of it receiving it in my heart."

by @nhyxel"I woke up early about 3:00am in the dawn to get ready for the long ride .As my uncle send me a chat to go then I go out and get the bike with me . today we are going to explore the south. We started at 4:00pm and when we got to minglanilla my uncle's bike got flat because for some thumbtacks. We look for a vulcanizing shop to fix it it takes almost an hour."

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cc: @steemitphcurator , @loloy2020, @steemcurator01

You can also comment the links of your friend who you think deserved to be in this list for my next week post!

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Good day @julstamban. Hope you can visit my post in promoting STEEMIT in the philippines. Thank you.
Link here:

my rating is very low so please help me I'm not able to do post please if anything wrong have been done by me sorry i want to apologize all of you next time i can't do anything because i don't know no more about steamit

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Thankyou veryverymuch sir

my rating is very low so please help me I'm not able to do post please if anything wrong have been done by me sorry i want to apologize all of you next time i can't do anything because i don't know no more about steamit

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Thank you bro for featuring some of our members content.

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Thank you so much for sharing the post of @caydenshan.. I appreciated it. Pls. Sir support natin ang mga talent nila. Na amazed ako sa pagsali nila sa contest ko at wala nman aking maibibigay na malaking prize kaya , I shared it.

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congratulations...they all deserve to be featured!

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Congrats to all who are deserving.

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Huge thanks for this initiative, you are worth emulating! More power, keep safe and stay healthy.

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Congratulations to all! My deep respect to the author of this post. I am glad that our community is increasing in numbers! All I could say is that there's only one winner in a contest and the rest goes down to second and third then the consolations for those who participated.
Modesty aside, I can say that I did a good job and I did justice in presenting my province, re: Marawi City. My only fault was that 'I was not following instructions by not putting the first tag'. In view of this, I may at least fall on the good content category if not the best. Here it is: