CONTEST & winner announcement; Power Up Challenge Week #6

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Hello our Steemian friends wherever you are...

If you have not used this tag before this is now your time to do so and tell us all about it.

And if you have used this tag before why not continue doing it right now!

We love using it so much that this is the 6th week of our powering-up contest.

This contest is open to the Steemian men also with a special treat for the ladies with booming vote support for the winners.

To enter, you must submit a detailed post showing and describing the power-up process that you followed from your wallet.

We want you to;

• The advantage of having STEEM power
• What you must keep in mind when you power up
• Show us the steps you took to power up your account


  • Entries to this contest are open to the men and ladies
  • Post must be posted in Steem For Ladies Community
  • The title must be: Weekly Contest; Power Up Challenge Week #5
  • Write a post of at least 300 words
  • Posts can be written in any language
  • Plagiarism, AGI content, and abusive content are prohibited!
  • Three of your own screenshot images showing the steps you followed
  • Posts must be exclusive. Use #steemexclusive #welovepowerups #steemgrowth #yourcountry #clubstatus as tags
  • Make sure that you follow club status (Club50/50, Club75, or Club100)
  • Do not use any Upvote bot services
  • Make sure to leave the link to your entry post in the comment section of this post
  • Vote and resteem this post
  • Lastly, invite two of your LADY friends to join the contest
  • Share 10% beneficiary to @steemladies to support community growth, and we will love it! (optional)


**15 STEEM power for the 3 best posts (5 SP each) PLUS booming vote for the lady winners!**


The amount of STEEM power up, the club status, account value, the content of the post, and the engagement with fellow ladies will all be taken into account when choosing the winner.


Congratulations to the winners of Week #5!

@parineetaPost5 STEEM Power + Booming vote)
@ternuritajessiPost5 STEEM Power + Booming vote
@chichiezePost5 STEEM Power + Booming vote


The contest ends with the payout of this post and the decision of the Steem For Ladies admin team is final.

This contest is organized by the Steem For Ladies Community Team.

Good luck!

Vote @pennsif.witness for growth across the Steemit platform through robust communication at all levels and targeted high yield developments with the resources available.
 last year 

Wow! I always love to join this type of contest as long as I have enough steem on my wallet. Will be posting my entry soon...

Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

 last year 

Muchas gracias por el apoyo mis lindas chicas de la comunidad me encanta encender y sumar steem a mi Steem Power.
Bendiciones y abrazos

 last year 

You are welcome!


Your post has been successfully curated by @disconnect at 30%.

Thank you for your committed efforts, we urge you to do more and keep posting high quality contests for a chance to earn valuable upvotes from our team and why not be selected for an additional upvote in the weekly list of Top Contests.

 last year 

Thank you! 🧀

 last year 

Felicidades para todos los ganadores. Que sigan cosechando éxitos en sus metas.

 last year 

Congratulations to all the winners. Am super excited to be among them

 last year (edited)

Pleasure! There is only one problem with your booming vote.
You have already received the maximum votes allowed in one week from all the participating communities.
We will give you a vote early next week.

 last year 

It's okay
No worries

 last year 
 last year 

Entry 1

Hello to everyone in @steemladies

Here is my contribution to the challenge

Link to the original entry 'Weekly Contest; Power Up Challenge Week #5'

Captura de pantalla 2023-04-27 a las 18.40.09.png

Many thanks.

 last year 

Entry 2

 last year 

The title must be: Weekly Contest; Power Up Challenge Week #5

I thought it should be week 6

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