LADIES CONTEST; Food Decorating Competition

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Hello all Steem For Ladies friends...


What comes to your mind when you hear about food, almost every day those of us who live at home to take care of children and family are certainly not absent from the kitchen, that means as housewives almost every day we prepare healthy food that our spouse and children like. our children.

There is one thing we forget, which is to capture it in a gallery so that the food we serve will simply disappear without a trace.

What if we make our meal something fun?

I think it would be great if beautiful women take the time to share something useful here so that many other beautiful women can benefit from it.

Let's dig deeper and turn it into a fun competition.

The step is...

  • Share one dish or any food that you cook yourself, it would be better if you include the recipe.
  • Make a creation by decorating the food as attractive as possible
  • Include your selfie photo to convince us that it's really yours.


  • Subscribe to the Steem For Ladies Community
  • Have club status (#club5050, #club75, and #club100)
  • Original or exclusive content and open to the public, use the tag #steemexclusive
  • Post on Steem For Ladies Community
  • Use the post title "Ladies Contest: Food Decorating Competition"
  • Use the hashtags #fooddecorating , #food and #yourcountry in the first three tags
  • Plagiarism is prohibited. Participants who commit plagiarism will be immediately disqualified
  • Using your own photos...
  • Include your post link in the comments column below.
  • Resteem this post and Invite your three friends to join this contest
  • Share 10% post prizes for @steemladies as a form of support for community growth., we really appreciate it.

Contest Prizes;

  • 15 Steem Power for the winner
  • Each winner will also get an upvote from the support curator team according to their respective club status if they meet the rules.
  • Surprise Prizes from steemcurator01 / steemcurator02 in the form of positive votes if your content is considered interesting.

Competition Schedule:

  • This entry is valid from 07-12 February (Post Schedule refers to UTC at 23.59)


All entries will be judged by the Steem For Ladies community team


  • The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested
  • Contest entries will be found with the hashtag #fooddecorating by the organizers and judges
  • Don't miss the due date! 👍

My Thank's Giving to;

My infinite thanks to all Steemit Users who I cannot mention one by one also to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 who have supported and motivated me and inspired me so that this contest can be held.

Signed, Contest Organizer;

Cc: @pennsif @disconnect


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Thank you very much brother.... 🙏

Thank you, friend!
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Thank you @franyeligonzalez and the team... 🙏

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 last year 

Thank you very much @disconnect.... I really appreciate it 🤗

 last year 

Thanks for participating on the contest... 🤗
Approved. Entry no. 1

 last year 

Thanks for participating on the contest... 🤗
Approved. Entry no. 2

 last year 

Thanks for participating on the contest... 🤗
Approved. Entry no. 3

 last year 

Wow ❤️. Nice contest and also i hope to participate this contest. Actually thank you for hold contest like this

 last year 

You are welcome dear.. We will waiting for your entry... 🤗😘

 last year 

Thanks for participating on the contest... 🤗
Approved. Entry no. 4

 last year 

Thanks for participating on the contest... 🤗
Approved. Entry no. 5

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