Bitcoin may go $20000 & how that can affect steem !

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In this video I talked about how the bitcoin price can affect steem in the future !

A lot of indicators are telling that bitcoin price may grow a lot this year. I think we are already in the start of the bull run. Just like in 2018, we may see the price of bitcoin go $20000 again and that may lead the price of steem to increase even to a few dollars and I explained everything in the video.

It's not an investment advice, but it's something I think about from my experience and observation !

Enjoy watching !


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Биткоин уже был на достаточно высокой планке, 20000$, думаю, это реально, а возможно и не предел.

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Вполне может быть. Спасибо за коммент !

A return to Steem up over a dollar would be a great boost to this community. So many people cashed out and left after the last boom, but there's still folks here actively building stakes.

It would be great to see these current stakeholders be rewarded for all of their hard work. People like you!

Thanks. We all hope for the best for steem and it can make a few x for sure.

We are still here 🤪😁

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Indeed we are! And going strong!!

It's been so low for so long, I'm happy just to see it at 14 cents again hahaaaaa.. Oh d*mn, I used to think $1.60 was low!!!

Meeee toooo 🙈

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I think that we may see $1.6 or even more if really bitcoin go higher and people after that start to invest in altcoins.

I wonder how will the steem engine tribe tokens will do with a big rise in steem?👍

If the price of steem will grow, their price will grow as well. They are related to steem after all.

I fully agree, some of my friends that are in the process of signing up with 3speak have made comments similar to these to me "if were going into this platform we gotta have a t least $ 1,000 USD in it otherwise we shouldn't even be in it". They have made other comments similar to that. Anyway thanks for your report.

  ·  8 days ago (edited)

I don't understand what you mean by threespeak. It's now free to join, why they will need 1000 usd to join. In the video I talked about steem and how I think it will go up in the price after the pump of bitcoin.

No, not to join, they mean they want to invest the equal dollar (usd) in Steem.
Just talking about their wanting to hold Steem as an investment, not talking about joining. Thanks

Ah, I see now. $1000 will bring them now about 8333 steem. The only way is to power up and to start creating content. But, it will be good if they they lower the time of power down. If they just hold steem, they may get interest if it will grow in term of $. They may even earn more with steem than with bitcoin. Because bicoin can make the maximum 2 to 3x, but steem can make a few x. I don't know how much time that will take, but I expect that happen after bitcoin reach the all time high and people start selling it and moving to altcoins with what they earned with bitcoin. We just need steem a bit higher in coinmarketcap and more people will invest in it. In the video I explained all that. Send them the link to the video. Let them take a look what I mean. They may invest in steem from what I explained. That's an observation from what happened the last year, not an investment advice.

This is a great news 👏🏼👏🏼

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I hope so. ☺

Thanks for this good post.

You're welcome !

Seriously? 20,000? OMG! I'm going to buy Bitcoin right now!

Cool, I hope you will sell it with profit !