Announcing @Likwid, The reward liquifier!

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Likwid gives authors full access to their reward as soon as their posts get paid out.

That's 7 days instead of 3 months!

How to use :
When creating the post "simply" set the account @likwid as beneficiary and set your reward to 50:50 split.

Since not all interface support setting beneficiaries we recommend to use, (one of the best all around Steem interface)

Here's how,
In the editor page click "Add beneficiary"

Enter @likwid, click the down arrow once to set 100%, then [+].


How much does @Likwid charges?
We charge 1.5% service fee meaning you'll get back 98.5% of your reward back in liquid *when using normal 50:50 reward split.

How are you able to do this? Magic?
We hold a large reserve of liquid Steem and we assume the risk of price changes during the 3 months long powering down.

What is the best use for Likwid?
@Likwid is very useful for people who want to recover the money spent to promote their content to top trending using services such as

What if you run out of capacity?
Worst case you might have to wait a bit for your transfer. We filled the account with 50k STEEM are ready to put more if needed.

Who run this service?
The same team behind Steemium, comprised of @lightproject @dzivenu and @transisto

Why does my post show lower earnings after 7 days?
On some interface like Steemit only the curation reward is shown after the payout period. @Likwid is leaving comments on the posts to inform you how much total reward was earned.

How can we contact you?
Please reach us in our Steemium Discord in the #likwid channel.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Seems like a good idea, nice to have someone I know on the team. I probably won't be using it as I like my SP. Might post once with this to test it out.

Three months of price change risks? Wow, that's risky especially in this space. Good luck!

Very interesting concept. I like the option you guys are presenting us. I've never considered powering down because I'm accumulating but it has to happen sooner or later.

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Just powering down recently I was able to buy eos and PEOS and make so much more than just holding steem so this service is really nice I might be using it since they only charge 1.5% ... I used to think I was saving money with sp now I realize I was just paying welfare to minnows and whales who did cash out

If steem engine can promote itself main stream and if @ned ever wakes up we might turn things around but just from the lack of onboarding users, all of steem seems to be in a delusional state if they cant even tell me where our users will come from in the future when at this rate it will take us 5 years to add another 1 million users, garbage numbers for what ned promised steemit would become, and which it could still grow to become... but ned has to go back to instant onboarding and requiring facenook or reddit accounts... just reddit alone has 240 million individual users not accounts, users, and they can use their reddit account to signup.... just like steemit was doing before but in a wrong way... they need to go BACK to facenook or reddit account Oauth like I had when I joined in March 2017 ... ned has to spend money to make money and I promise if he makes some changes and spends some money he can sell steem at a higher price later when his marketing campaign pays off and $10 all he needs is education and either coinbase earn for steem or if he cant get that his own marketing campaign and a site to give people a steem account and free $10 of steem (via an upvote lol) for watching some videos and taking a one question quiz after each 2 minute video, just like they have on coinbase earn ... it's a proven system the quiz and video, so dont argue and pick ot apart just because you havent used coinbase earn yet, anyone whose reading and not agreeing 100%

Sorry but im right and @ned has to pay for some ads or maybe @aggroed can to promote steem engine... maybe I can piggyback the educational steem videos as the precursor to some educational videos that explain what steem engineis, because you gotta explain steem and steemit first ;) videos like on an onboarding website , that could make steem price go back to $2 fast but it wont happen for a while... it takes ned loosing a lot of money before he acts... I hope he has investors waiting to buy steem once it gets cheap enough... someone has been holding steem artificially high at 37 cents and it should be way lower by now just like golos....

Thats a rather sad but absolutely accurate assessment of the current state of play. Ever since I joined 18months ago, the problem has been signup with Steem inc seemingly either oblivious or, more likely, having other secret motives for not addressing it.
Only yesterday I read that tokens for account creation have almost run out. Its unbelievable.
Personally, I cannot see Steem inc paying for anything any longer, ads or otherwise, they appear to me to be just sneaking away and leaving the whole chain to 3rd parties to develop and administer.
Steem Engine and their team are bloody brilliant but are they going to basically do what Steem inc ought to be doing without more of a vested interest inSteem inc is debatable. No serious investor doing any form of even simple DD is going to part with their cash as things stand.
We seem to be at an en passe and whilst I may not agree with this particular scheme as being helpful right now, I can completely understand its benefits. I would personally throw off the shackles of the 13 week powerdown period and throw the whole lot out to let a free decentralised market decide the fate of Steem.
Seems even the eternal optimists in a fair, utopian and abundant blockchain like me are forever sliding towards cynicism, albeit with good reason!
Great comment and bestwishes :-)

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I really have to figure this stuff out lol. I'm holding 1000 liquid steem but I'm not sure why yet. Mostly because I'm down so far from my investment.

thanks for all that info. I do like steem-engine a lot. I need to know what to buy though. I would be nice to have some tutorials for dummies.

I think you are correct in your ideas. Onboarding is crucial. We don't have enough active members. They are still all hanging on instagram and facebook.

Well one thing you can do with that liquid steem is power it up and delegate to a bid bot like @tipu or @boomerang and get daily liquid rewards like 15% a year or something so for 1000 Steem you can get like 150 steem a year :D

Interesting. I delegate to a few places and like the rewards I'm getting. I do @share2steem , @upvotebuilders , @actifit and I buy @steembasicincome . But now that I have 1000 liquid I'm wondering if i should diversify. I only own steem.

Interested to see how this one will take off, pretty sure instant gratification of steemians will see quite a few adopt this workaround.

Sounds like a good project

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Great idea- I love the fact that this will provide support to those who rely on their steem for day to day necessities. Good luck with the project.

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interesting seems like a really good idea..

Cool idea, good way to get your STEEM quicker if you need it :)

About 151.28$ has been spent to promote this content using Steemium.
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I'm kinda surprised it took this long for someone to start a service like this.. I kinda hope it doesn't take off (nothing personal).

Looks like someone had a stroke at the end of the post : "ready to put more if nedded inger crossed)"

Thanks, Finger crossed there isn't more typos.

Yeah there are lol. In the same sentence that you tried to fix even.

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Thank you

Does it have to be 100% beneficiary? If I just want 50% to be liquid, can I just set a 50% beneficiary?

Yes you can set the percentage you wish. We used 100% in the example for the sake of simplicity.

Brilliant idea! :)

Mh, sounds like a great idea :)

Such a clever idea ;) I'm quite sure that it will be a hit.

Actually I can only see how bidbot abusers can dump their Steem even faster...

not true there are probably other usecases but will you restrict this service somehow?

Why not just send the tokens straight to an exchange to dump them now? Why wait seven days for someone else to do it? :)


Another great project @transisto and @lightproject!

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This is a good project

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WOW....good idea...nice service.

Congratulations @likwid!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 1 with $ 214,06

Wow... amazing ... keep it up @likwid

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Nice !

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Sounds like a good idea.

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Does this mean I'll pay 1.5% on my accrued Vested rewards only or do you intend to charge 1.5% fee on total rewards transferred to you as beneficiary? I mean, if you charge on total beneficiary amount, it works out as 3% fee for liquidating my Vested rewards. Am I getting it right?

Secondly, what's the guarantee that my rewards are safe with you? Are you availing some Escrow services for it or is there some locked funds in a smart contract which pays the author when you receive a beneficiary rewards from her? If so, I'd like to know about it.

Thank you!

Which other front-ends permit setting up beneficiaries beside steempeak?


I'm curious to see how this system work so I will sign up after I've done the proper research. This sounds like a pretty sweet deal for those who blog every day. Thanks for doing such amazing things for the steemit community.

There is no sign-up

I don't understand, Don't you get rewards paid out after 7 days anyway?

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True, you get half vested SP and half liquid reward. Likwid makes possible to have ALL liquid at day 7, instead of having to powerdown the 50% vested reward.

Got it. Thank you!

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I just joined steemit. This seems like a great idea.

This post has been resteemed!

Awesome project!

Would this also work if we at @deegramofficial allowed our users to transfer vests/Steem Power directly to you at likwid and then they would receive 98,5% back in liquid Steem?

(Allowing them to add you as beneficiary is a bit down the line, but it's not too time-consuming for us to add a "withdraw vests to likwid" button)

No, only works with posts.

This is really cool.

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Good project. Interested in trying out.

Thanks a lot for this. Very usefull

Very interesting idea! Will probably blow up when the bull market really gets underway!

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