The Diary Game, October 23,2020

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This is my first diary on the platform. I hope you all are fine and doing great and have seen my introductory post
so lets begin the day!!

When I woke up this morning, there was a silence everywhere. I offered fajar prayer then I made breakfast for everyone.

Usually mama prepare breakfast but she's not feeling well for a couple of days so I am fulfilling her morning duty.

I made egg omelet for everyone then I prepared school lunch for my siblings. After sending my father and my siblings I replied to all my steemians and spent my time at @steemit.

My university is close nowadays but soon I will go and will make new friends.

A fresh morning

After doing all my morning routine I took a nap because I did not sleep well whole night.

I did some home chores after waking then I went to my friend's home so I can help her out. She's having exams nowadays.

After coming home I took my mama to the doctor as I told she ain't feeling well. she is suffering from a skin disease, Insha'Allah soon she will recover. Doctor prescribed her to take medicines and use ointments on her skin and eat mindfully healthy meal.

I promised one of my dearest friend that I will go with her to mall for shopping. we had a lot of fun together. we bought make up and cloths. After a long time I met her.

We both ordered Chana chat, gappa chat and shake.

My favorite spicy gappa chat

My favorite Chana chat

Even I am feeling hungry right now meanwhile writing this XD
I am a foodie person. Chana chat and gappa chat is a subcontinent favorite dish. I will surely share their recipe with you all guys. it is easy, tasty and classic food. a vegan recipe. Tell me if you want to know more about this food.

After coming home I listened an audio book named MUSHAF (Urdu Novel) written by famous Urdu writer Nimra Ahmed. This book is suggested by my friend. I listened to it an hour after that I watched some videos and prepared my bed to sleep. I was so much tired that I could not manage to write my diary at night.

That's all from the day.
Thank you for reading ; )

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 3 months ago 

Your day ended well. Hope your mum is getting better now? Am glad that you are already practicing to be a mother preparing breakfast for all, haha. I will like to learn the recipes of those foods. I can't wait to prepare them myself. Thank you @vvarishayy for sharing
#twopercent #nigeria

Thank you for asking but my mother is not fine remember her in your prayers. I will love to share the recipes with you soon..
#onepercent #pakistan

 3 months ago (edited)

Glad to see you taking part in #thediarygame
Try adding captions behind the image not before :)
I am sure your mama will get fine soon IA :)
Have fun and keep posting the diary games :)
Little spelling mistakes you made while mentioning @cryptokannon,@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, rectify them so that you can grab their attention :)
I hope my comment plays the part too.
Yours, @haidermehdi.
#onepercent #pakistan

Thank you for rectifying my mistakes I've done and will add captions the way you are telling.


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