Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 (Week 4)| The Worst day and the best day of your life - A true life story!

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This is the 4th week of Season 2, of the Steemit Engagement challenge. We are really excited to be participating in this challenge as a community. We thank you all for participating too. This is the contest for week 4 and we hope it will be something you find very interesting and would like to participate. This particular contest is all about true life stories that we wish to share with others. We would be happy to read your experience and learn from it.

So without wasting much time, Here is the contest details


About the contest

Life throws us up and down. There are times when everything is going great and other times when things are tough. We have probably passed through some great times in life and some challenging times too. Our story may be inspiring to other people that did not know about it. So in this contest, we would like to know What the worst day of your life and the best day of your life are

What you need to do

Write a detailed post and tell us what is:

  • 1. The Worst day of your life. (e.g a terrible accident, death of a family member, lost a good job, etc) and
  • 2. The best day of your life. (e.g wedding day, Got your first Salary, Bought a house, etc)

Your story should be detailed and try to answer the following questions:

  • What contributed to that worst/best day experience?
  • What did you get wrong or right on that day?
  • What lesson(s) did you learn from that worst/best day experience?


Rules of the contest

  1. We accept all languages. So you can write in English or any other language
  2. Make sure you are participating in club5050, club75 or club100.
  3. Your post should not be shorter than 300 words
  4. This contest will start on 00:00(UTC) Monday 27/6/2022, to 23:59(UTC) Sunday 3/7/2022.
  5. Drop the link of your entry post as a comment on this post. Invite 3 friends to participate
  6. Make sure to follow @steemalive. Vote and resteem this post
  7. Plagiarism of any sort will be detected and you will be disqualified.
  8. If you use original pictures, you will have an advantage
  9. Include #s2w4-steemalive, #steemexclusive and your club status among your first 3 tags.

Note: Remember that the aim of the engagement challenge is to promote quality engagement. If you want to do well, visit other participants entries and engage meaningfully with them. We will check the engagements too when determining our eventual winners


Contest Prize - 10 Steem

We will distribute 10 steem to the top winners of our contest as follows

1st Position: 5 Steem
2nd Position: 3 Steem
3rd Position: 2 Steem

Note: Winners will be included as the best performers at the end of the week to receive additional support from SC01 or SC02. These positions gave the best entry, and engaged the most with other participants. So watch out and engage much with other participants.

How we grade your work

After checking if you are following all the basic rules, we will score your work based on the marking scheme below:

Compliance with Topic : your score/2.5
Use of Markdown: your score/2.5
Spelling and Grammar: your score/2.5
Content Depth: your score/2.5


Learn More about The Engagement Challenge Season 2

Learn more about the engagement challenge Season 2 from the link below:


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You can support our community if you wish.


Click here to see our delegators

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Saludos a todos los miembros de esta comunidad SteemAlive y a los participantes de este desafío.

Un debate interesante el de contar sobre el mejor y el por día de la vida de cada uno, será una oportunidad de compartir esos momentos especiales y significativos.


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 2 months ago 

This is one the emotional contest that can make you laugh or cry when reading a lot of stories from fellow steemiains, my worst days and good days are many.
I will contribute to strength of others by sharing my experience.

 2 months ago 

Am ready to read lot's of stories from fellow Steemians Once again. Please @steemalive, are we to write our worst and best day? It are we to write 1 out of the 2?

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 2 months ago 

I cannot wait oooo
I will surely participate in this particular contest
Wishing us success♥️

A beautiful one contest for this week's engagement challenge. My entry is loading.

 2 months ago (edited)

Wow what a nice contest, this contest comes in two way laugh and anger I will drop my own entry tomorrow oooo

Wow what a nice contest for this week I will drop my soon

So ready for this, let's get moving
Two stories or one story we are up to the task.

Wow very creative contest. I will also take part in it.

Interesting contest

Very interesting contest about the recording of good and bad life :)

Wow! This is a very great and wonderful topic from steemalive. I wish everyone success in this week contest.


It's a very good contest. congratulations. Thank you to everyone in this competition where everyone can participate.

Berbicara tentang hal terbaik yang pernah kita lakukan sungguh sangat menyenangkan. Namun berbicara tentang hal terburuk itu sangat sulit rasanya. Perlu kejujuran yang luar biasa. Semoga saya bisa....

Insya Allah...

These two are unforgettable days of one's life. Life is just like the two side of a coin.

I'm inviting @tmighty, @patjewell @ruthjoe to join in.

I am finding it difficult to remember this two days ooo.

Thank you for the invitation!🎕

 2 months ago 

This is great! Our fellow steemians, let's drop our stories and I well know that heart touching stories must be uploaded and am ready to read the stories. Am about to uploaded mine. Thanks @steemalive for this amazing contest.

I like the subject and love to participate in the contest.

My entry

 2 months ago 

Beautiful contest. So many stories that will bring back memories.


This contest is a means of taking us back to memory Lane, I saw it last but my entry is soon to drop. Great one.

Hermoso concurso para participar! Ya voy a leerlos!!!

 last month 

Here is my participation link worst day and best day of my life

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