LID reporting for today Sunday 11/4/2021 Spotlight:: Events/Ceremonies.

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Goodmorning friends and welcome to another day to report LID. Its a Sunday, a day when many people choose to worship in various parts of the world. Its also a great opportunity to take pictures of various activities as they unfold. Make sure to have your camera ready. LID turns you to a reporter on the spot.

What makes a great LID report

  1. Picture quality: The quality of your images are as good as your LID report. Try to take pictures from a great angle and make them clear as much as possible.

  2. Your description: When you are explaining the event, try to be detailed and include every pieces of information that will make the post educative. Make sure to include the location, location codes and time. These make for a great LID report. Your description will not necessarily be too long, but it must not be short.

  3. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.

Spotlight for Today

Since today is a Sunday and people usually organize or attend events, todays LID spotlight is Events. Capture a wedding ceremony, or any other events happening around your area.

Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

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 6 months ago (edited)

my 1st lid report

Location: mbiabong Uyo
Time: 6:50am

My morning selfie

It was a beautiful night that I had my wonderful friends. Trust your was as beautiful as mine.?

Today is Sunday, ordinarily I was supposed to be joining or attending Christian meeting but we had our Assembly yesterday. But I still have a meeting to attend today by 1:00am. I am not sure when it will end but I will update you. It is also a Christian meeting where I will be encouraged and strengthened to keep running the race for life till the finishing line.

This morning, I will be getting read to meet up with time because I will not stream the meeting from my house but from someone's house.

Breakfast is going to be tea and bread.

My niece will help out with the cleaning of hazel and Lola's cage.

Sweeping and moping of the house is ongoing too.

I will bring you exciting updates and live reports from time to time today. Just stay tuned to my comments

Thank you for stopping by.

 6 months ago 

Good morning madam, it's nice to read your #lid happy Sunday to you I really like the way you structure your post especially where you made mention of your breast-fast.

Honestly I like taking light food in the morning trust me tea and bread is good I really love it hopefully one-day I will join you....

Good morning @ngoenyi, I guess you enjoyed your Assembly yesterday. Today's Christian meeting which you will be attending seems to be for those with increased activity. I really wish you the best & pray for you dear pioneers to remain steadfast amid this pandemic.

 6 months ago 

You are right. It is for them. Thank you for your good wishes

 6 months ago 

Good morning, ma'am. Glad to hear from you today and I hope the meeting is going smoothly up there. I look forward to see more astonishing LIDs from you today as you've promised in this LID. Have a great day ma.

 6 months ago 

@mbiabong Uyo Good morning ma, I'm glad seeing your report this morning!
My night here was great I bless God for that.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Good one .... Have a nice day

Good morning madam thank God you have a wonderful night, and I hope when you reach christian meetings you will pray for us in Steemit so that steem will keep on going high and high.

Happy Sunday ma'am.
My night was good too. I hope the Assembly went well yesterday? You're really trying ma'am. Jehovah is your strength. Do Have a wonderful day.

Great thing you woke up sound and healthy, have a nice day ahead😎

Location: Ihuoma Orlu.
Time: 6:32am.
First LID report.

Goodmorning everyone, how was your nights? Mine was beautiful because i slept well and the weather was just friendly. I slept around 11am last night because i had some discussions with a friend over a jug of palm wine after the event yesterday. The event was beautiful, i even over-ate So i woke around 6:15am and did my usual morning devotions. After that i checked the steemalive group chat for the LID report, which i just reported and going through my other messages.

So i will be leaving here this morning, not sure of going for their thanksgiving mass. I have to get back to awka so i can get ste for work tomorrow being monday. I dont know what i will be having for breakfast yet. But i will keep you all posted.

 6 months ago 

Good morning dear. Is good to read your reports this morning. I am glad that you enjoyed your have a wonderful Sunday today

Thank you very much ma. Do have a blesed sunday too.

Bigbaby, I know you really did have a wonderful time there. Just look at the way you over ate instead of sending some to me. Not fair o. Anyway,I hope the wine would get to me when arranged?

Nice day @kinkyamiee

Lol..dont worry, i will send yours..hope you are good?

 6 months ago 

Good morning dear..... Is bliss reading your lid report..... Pls ensure you go to church service today.
Looking forward to see more reports from you.
Have a great day

thank you dear. I will attend. Do have a wonderful sunday.

 6 months ago 


Safe travels and take good care of yourself

 6 months ago 

Hello dear @kinkyamiee am glad to read from you today, knowing you are doing just fine and that you had a good night rest.
As you return to base, I wish you safety.

Thank you very much dear, have a great sunday..

Nice post, but do you mean that you will not go to church, I don't understand it's what you mean dear.

Yes, thats what i meant, i wouldnt go to church.

@kinkyamiee, how was your journey back to Akwa Ibom? I guess you reached safely. The jug of palm wine, did you people finish it that yesterday. Me, am interested in the palm wine

 6 months ago 

first Lid report

Location: #mgbu-oba portharcout

Time 6:51am



Hello people of @steemAlive welcome once again to my #Lid report for today, it all started at about 5am when I came out quickly my landlord's wife came and called me to assist accompany her to the junction actually she wanted to go to #Rumuokuta market to buy eggs.

She suspected a guy standing at our gate side holding he's shoe on his hand, she was afraid she came calling me as a brave guy with lots of strength I came out with my Cutlass and accompanied her to the junction where she took a taxi to the market.

Thank you for reading through, more update coming shortly stay tuned

Superman,lol. Waiting for more report from you.

You did a great job, hahaha.. indeed you are brave. Have a nice day bro and stay safe

 6 months ago 

Morning, dear Steemian. It's great to read from you today and the heart of kindness exhibited to help the elderly woman through her fear is well appreciated. I wish you a blessed day ahead.

Nice post, you mean have cutlass from your house to Junction, you are not serious, you are funny.

 6 months ago 

@kingcent your landlady did well.
Prevention is better than cure.
Thank you also for walking her to the road.
Do have a great day ahead

 6 months ago 

Thank you very much bro I really appreciate

You are a brave guy indeed
Keep it up
And happy sunday, do have a nice day

 6 months ago 

Thank you very much for coming around

Welcome sir

@kingcent the body guard! It's good to accompany her because a man is a man no matter what. Your presence matters a lot. But you dey mean by going with cutlass eventhough that will scare away anybody with alterior motive.

1st report
Location: Oguta
Date: 11-03-2021
Time : 7:09

Morning look

Good morning beautiful people of STEEM, I hope you all had a good night rest. Mine was not enjoyable, I slept very late last night, because of the ceremony we are having today after church service, it was really stressful for me, a lot of preparation going on and all that, thank God I'm up and I'm grateful.
After church service,we will return home for the child dedication ceremony. Everything that wasn't concluded yesterday, will be done this morning. See you soon steemians. Do have a nice day ahead

Awwwww! Please don't over stress ooo so you won't break down

 6 months ago 

Good morning and it's so nice to hear from you today. I hope the church service is going on marvelously already. I'm glad to hear about the child dedication ahead and I hope you'd have enough fun. Kindly share more with us subsequently. Have a wonderful day ahead.

 6 months ago (edited)

Wow nice post dear, today na enjoyment won't you invite me so that I will come and eat rice.

Am grateful you woke up very strong
But ma'am dont stress yourself that much.
We look up in seeing your update,
Have a nice day too, and happy sunday


First Lid Report
This my morning selfie
Good morning my people.hope you are all fine. I had a fantastic night,there was showers of rain,which made me to sleep like a baby.
Today is sunday,i will be engaging in my christian meeting this morning,but before that time i had to prepare my breakfast. Todays breakfast is yam sauce,i know you will like it. Details of it will be coming shortly.
After the meeting i will engage in washing of my cloths,mobbing of my rooms and doing other sanitations.
I will go on a visit to see a berieved family and console them.
I will be bringing in live updates on my activities today,and be ready to be commenting.
Dont change the dial,stay tuned.
And thanks to all

Happy sunday sir
We hope to see your update
Do have a nice day

My 1st lid post
Location: ABA ukegbu
Time 7:30
Date 10/04/2021


Good morning my follow steeamians how are you and how about your night,I hope No problem.. I sleep early so that I wake up early too because today is Sunday,thank God that I'm alive,all glory be to God,I have to prepare for zoom meeting,I bring out my clothes so that it won't be rumple, have a relaxing Sunday.... stay tuned for more updates 😎 😎😎

Im happy you slept well ,please im tuned for the updates

Location: Abusoro off ijoka road Akure.
Time: 8:33AM
My morning selfie

Good morning everyone.
I woke up around 8AM feeling tired because I couldn't sleep from the sound of the heavy rain during the night.
There was an heavy downpour yesterday night till this early morning. The force of the rain fell some of our plantains and banana trees and the neighbors own too. Here are the pictures of the banana trees.



Everywhere is cold, calm and people are finding their way to church, I can even hear the sound of church service already going on.
This is what is happening right now in my area, I will update you more. Thanks for reading.

 6 months ago 

Greetings from here.
Happy to see your report.
It seems the downpour last night was general.
Aren't you going to church service today?

Ist lid report
Location :Aba
Time - 9:40 am
Date - 11/04/2021

Hello friends
Good morning hope we all hard a wonderful night rest, my was fine but woke up very weak and tired due to the outdoor we went to at item In Abia state yesterday for a burial ceremony, it was really stressful because every body wants to be served at the same time
But not withstanding I hard to still wake up on time and prepare for church service
Am already in church now




Will keep you posted

Nice of you ma
Keep up the good work
And happy sunday

First LID report
Date:11th April 2021
Location: Aba


Good morning beautiful people of LID. How was your nights? Guess good. Mine was good. I was really tired after yesterdays events. We all passed out last night, all slept early as if we were on drugs. But all the same it was all for the system to bounce back. We are all fine and strong over here now.

ThankGod for the gift of life this day. Basically doing online today, we are all behind schedule to prepare for any service by the time we woke up. Later in the day, I will be going out for two things; to discard dirt somewhere along the road dump and also make a brief stop at market square.

I've had my ginger tea this morning, and already per boiling rice now for breakfast. See you guys later

I can imagine all the enjoyment you all had yesterday... Lol, at least you all will have enough rest today, have a wonderful sunday.

Thank @ajunwa12. It was all tiring after the days event.
Nice day ahead

My 1st LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 11, 2021
Time: 9:45am

IMG_20210411_094343.jpg my morning selfie
Good morning fellow steemians!
I strongly believe you all had a wonderful night rest and are healthy this morning. I slept very well because the weather was good and there was light as well.
I woke up as early as I could, I had my morning worship and have finish preparing for my meeting today which will soon start. I have an important meeting by 2:00pm and that is just some minutes after my weekend meeting. I cannot really say what else I will do after that meeting since I don't know when it will end.
I wish you all a successful Sunday activities and I hope you will find time to have fun and feel refreshed for today.
I live you all!

Good day bro Isaac, @aizeeck, I hope you enjoyed your day bro.
I hope the meeting went well, I wish you a wonderful night rest.
Best regards from here

 6 months ago (edited)

My first LID report



Location......umuahia,abia state

Good morning to all steemians,hope you hd a good night rest because for me ,I slept like a baby and woke up this morning like a princess.

Actually,I would have posted my first lid post for today but my phone is down,I jst managed to power it to 5% so that i can post my lid,meanwhile I've had my breakfast which is jellof rice,so today being sunday,I will be going to church and also attend my mentors wedding reception according to her because it is a celebrity wedding which is strictly by invitation,more goodies in stock,gist you guys later.

Love you
My morning selfie


Hi sis @ladyofpolicy, I'm so happy you later reported lid. You really had good passion for lid.
Hope you're doing well.
I think Nepa has brought light by now so that you can do your lid reporting.
I wish you a good night

 6 months ago 

Thanks so much dear,not just NEPA even my busy day couldnt allow me to post my lid,but never the less i joined all in one,read my 3rd lid report,love you.

 6 months ago 

LID S/n. : 1
Location: Ilupeju 2, Ogo-oluwa, Osogbo
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 10:03 am

Good morning, dear Steemians. It's a blessed new day and trust you had a great night. I wish you a blessed Sunday. This is going to be my first LID of the day and I hope you'd enjoy this piece.

My day kicked off at 06:30 am and it's been a busy one such that I forgot take a selfie after I awoke. I started with my silent time appreciating God for his faithfulness that brought me back to life today, followed by tidying up the room and washed the used plates.

After the house chores, I had my bathe in preparation for the Sunday service, had tea for the breakfast and I got ready to leave the house for Sunday service at 09:56am and of course, I took a selfie of myself.

My first selfie of the day

I am heading to the church now and I will keep you updated later. Thanks for reading.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Today been Sunday is compulsory..I pray you prayers are answered

 6 months ago 

Amen, and you too brother. Do have a blessed day (Amen).


Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 10:40am
Date: 11/04/2021

Morning selfie

Morning to all @steemalive members and steemit.its great reporting today from the western region of Nigeria, The weather has been helpful in the sense that I sleep these day and never wake up untill it's morning, it rained yesterday at midnight, the room temperature was cool as I slept like a baby through out the night, although I slept late, past 12 precisely but I still enjoyed the sleep as I just woke up 10:24am, after then I did my morning prayers and also fetch water cleaned the house and swept everywhere.

Today is bright and it seems we are going to have another rain as the sun is setting late, beautiful report on the way as I embark on a journey with my team mate to play a quarterfinal match this afternoon..

I wll keep you updated of the results after the end of the match.

 6 months ago (edited)

LID S/n. : 2
Location: Glory Baptist Church, Osogbo
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 10:59 am

Hello, Steemians. It's a great pleasure to be here again to share my second LID with you.

I reported that I was leaving the house for the church service earlier, I'm finally at the church and I captured a few pictures as the service progresses. I will share some of the pictures with you below.

Picture 1

Picture 2

The sermon we are considering for today's service is Run to Win. It's a service that is going smoothly and I will share more with you later. Thanks for reading.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

Thanks for your update.
Hope the service went fine and hope you learnt a lot. Happy sunday from this side dearie.

First LID report.

Good morning steemians! How are we doing ?
How was your night? I hope you all had a great night rest. I had a good night rest.

It's good to resume our lid reporting and here this morning am presenting my morning selfie


Today's church was lit and spirit lifting, our priest did justice in the preaching of divine mercy sunday .

I attended 7am mass and we finished by 9:05am. So me, now I'm going back to my house with my sibling

As usual there will be other activities that I will engage in which may not be captured here in my plan for the day.
In all, I hope and pray for a successful day for all of us steemalive steemians and many others.


Location: Calabar itu high way, uyo
Time: 7:14 am.
First LID post

Hello good morning from this side of the world. I bless God I slept and woke up sound and healthy.

I will be on my way to church by 8:00, didn't have breakfast, it's personal, I don't eat to church every Sunday I prefer meeting with my Creator with an emty stomach🥱😅

Well I won't be having or going to any party or ocassion today just church and from church back home.
Do have a nice day and please go to church 🙏😎

My first LID report
Location, choba, Rivers state
Time 9.11pm

Good morning steemians! How are we doing ?
How was your night? I hope you all had a great night rest. I had a good night rest.

It's good to resume our lid reporting and here this morning am presenting my morning selfie


Today's church was lit and spirit lifting, our priest did justice in the preaching of divine mercy sunday .

I attended 7am mass and we finished by 9:05am. So me, now I'm going back to my house with my sibling

As usual there will be other activities that I will engage in which may not be captured here in my plan for the day.
In all, I hope and pray for a successful day for all of us steemalive steemians and many others.

 6 months ago 

2nd Report
Front of the church

When the service just close....!
I'm home now, just having my breakfast.

The house is set already waiting for our invitees
The birthday is going to be blast.......!
You all are invited.....!

More updates loading..............

 6 months ago 

First lid report
11th April 2021
12:40 pm
Imaculate road, be Available

Good afternoon Friends,
I woke up at about 5am to a conference call from two friends of mine which lasted for about 30 minutes.
After which I set out for exercise.
When I return, I was too tired and I rested.
It's only now that I freshened up to go out.
Am actually going to my shop to pick up something and scout around for today's spotlight.
After which I will return to see today's football match.
Am a Manchester United fan, and today, we are bringing fight to Tottenham.
That's all for now.
Please stay tuned, I will keep updating you with events around me.
Happy Sunday.

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 07:03am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
Am happy to see you guys today been 11/04/2021.
And I woke up this morning at about 07:03am, and said my morning prayer and then start preparing for church and beside you that today is Sunday and I need to attend church service in my church, and then after church program I will be going to market, then after the market I will also dispose my waste bill at waterside and then I will cook food that I will eat, well stay tuned for more update thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Location: dominion city church Azuka
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 08:04am
2nd lid report


Hello guys,
How are you doing, I hope you are doing great.
And this is when I was still in the church and the service was so great and I enjoy it so much, to extend I have to take a picture of my environment and took a selfie picture, then after here I will be going to market to buy some food stuffs but stay tuned for more update thank you.

 6 months ago (edited)

@val123 your wife is beautiful 😶
It's good to be in the house of the Lord.
Happy Sunday

Awesome day in the house of God.. do have a nice day

Location: umugasi market,aba.
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 11:52am
3rd lid report

Hello guys,
How are you doing, I hope you are doing well.
And after the church service, I went straight to market just to buy some of the food stuffs and I want to cook bitter leaf soup, which am going to post it once am done cooking it, well stay tuned for more update thank you.

 6 months ago 

Hi good evening,so after service you went straight to the market to buy food instead of you to go home and drop your blessings...hahahaha

Location: over rail waterside Immaculate aba
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 12:48pm
4th lid report

Good day my fellow steemians,
How is your Sunday going am happy to report again now, and as I just came back from market and I discovered that mine waste bin it full and I have to dispose it and I took it waterside at over rail and dispose it there, well stay tuned for more update.

@val123 , so you are among those dumping refuse in the water ways abi? Ok oo!!! This would continue to affect the environment and gave adverse effects on us humans.

Good you shared this

Location: immaculate aba
Date: 11/04/2021
Time: 01:21pm
5th lid report

Hello guys,
As i just came back and I went straight to my generator and to see that I don't have fuel in my tank and I have to go-to junction and buy a fuel, so that I can on my generator, well stay tuned for my spotlight thank you.

1st Lid report

Location: Abule Egba




Good morning everyone, hope you are all doing great
Have not been active for sometime. Been really busy with some personal stuff.
Today I will be going to church for service.
I will update you guys later


 6 months ago (edited)

Third lid report
11th April 2021
Bata, Aba.

How is your day going?

This is the current traffic situation of Bata, Aba.




There is a little traffic jam.
Morover, the three traffic offices present there are helping the flow.

 6 months ago 

My second Lid report

Location: #Mgbu-oba portharcout

Date: 11/04/2021

Time: 3:02


Hello steemians welcome once again to my second lid report for today Sunday today is a day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and have joy.

This is a very big shopping mall in my town here where people go to shop, buy things as you can see there are so many people. We are actually waiting for hot bread everyone likes it in this super-market you will watch and see how the bread is been produced.

 6 months ago (edited)

2nd LID post
Date:11,April 2021
Time: 3:27pm
Location: Ogbor hill, Azuka junction, aba

Hello good after my fellow steemains. Hope your day is going well? Mine is bored, because I'm lonely now. I'm reporting from ogborhill azuka junction.
Actually the area is just dry and bored now.
I guess people are not yet back from services.



But, i will still update you guys later. Thanks

3rd LID post
Date:11,April 2021
Time: 4:30pm
Location: ogborhill, Azuka junction

This is my third LID report.
Keke drivers should know and be very careful how they drive. This is very serious about this keke drivers, they always drive roughly. I was inside our office checking something online. I had a loud noise, like something that bursted. I had people's voice, so i rushed out,seeing that it was keke. The tire bursted and he lost control, almost hit another keke in front him, but thank Jehovah it didn't happen. People where blaming the man for over speeding.
And this attitude has entered their head which is not good, they don't drive carefully.



Thanks for reading
I will update you guys.

My 2nd lid post


Good afternoon my steeamians how was your day going,I was going around my Street I saw my best friend,it has been like 4 mouth's I haven't seen him,I'm so happy to see him, I told him let us capture a picture so that it will be in my phone.he know when I'm happy and when I'm sad,I miss him so much because he travel to Lagos,but I'm happy that he visit me.. stay tuned for more updates 😎 😎

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210411_193010_085.jpgpicture location

Today is Sunday so I have to look for where I can capture my spotlight, I have hope that I will see if it is wedding ceremony or party because today is Sunday.Thank God I find my today's sposlight.stay tound for more updates 🤗🤗🤗

My 4th lid post


I was coming back in my Street I saw about 9 children's there as I play with stand they're using it to build house, a I can also remember when I was small I also play with stand as they are doing right now, I flush my memory back because it has been a long time I did it, obi is a boy not everyday obi most surely be a man, I can't remember the last time I play with sand, if you didn't play with stand you haven't started your childhood play😃😃😃 stay tuned for more updates.

2nd lid report

At the child dedication of my cousin

It's really fun today, and the party is going on well , though I just want to drop this quickly and go back to work. Will give us the full update later





It's really going on fine, quite hectic for me now, this is a live report from me @isiben
Stay safe friends. I will be right back.

4th LID post
Date:11,April 2021
Time: 5:52pm
Location:opopo junction aba abia state

Reporting live at opopo junction aba. There was too much traffic At opopo junction. But i guess very soon it will clear. Because is been controlled now by those in charge of It. Well today is sunday, but everywhere were still busy. Traders are in the market too. Opopo is so much crowdy now.



I will s update you guys later, I'm looking for spotlight for today. I hope i will found one.

Thanks for reading.

My 2nd LID Report.

Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 11 2021
Time: 5:40pm
The spotlight for today

I went to Spelling Garden Hotel to witness a wedding ceremony. There are various shots to portray the happiness of both the celebrants and the well wishers. For example
IMG_20210411_162331.jpg What3word The mother of the day

IMG_20210411_163150.jpgWhat3word one set of the bridal train
IMG_20210411_164222.jpgWhat3word complete set of the bridal train setting the stage for the celebrant
The celebrants entered with wonderful dance.
An occasion will be incomplete without item 7. There is an arrangement for that by the celebrants
The occasion is gradually coming to an end as I am filing this report. It was indeed a memorable day that can never easily be forgotten by the celebrants as they share their happy moment with families, friends and many well wishers.

This report is proudly brought to you for steemalive

Wow, this is so lovely. The dance steps and attire of the ashebi ladies & guys. No need to ask you if it was fine. Just by the ambiance, it should be good. Hope you had fun? Thanks for sharing this lovely Pics

 6 months ago 

Good morning friends... hope our night was good.
Mine was on my way to church now.
Stay tuned for more update.


Sunday Apirl 11


Wow nice post, pls I hope you put us in prayer abi.

 6 months ago 

Yes I did...... How is the Sunday going?

Good morning dear, just try and remember us in prayer

 6 months ago 

Am back from service already.
But I prayed for all my friends

1st lid report

Time....7:00 pm
Location..... Mbieri Mbaitoli

Good morning my fellow steemians, I'm so happy for the suspension uplift in our lid report.
I've really missed lid report, it's been a long time.
Anyway, I thank God for today, I woke up safely sound today by 7am.
I prayed, did my morning worship and did some house chores to prepare for meeting


This is me about to join weekend meeting on video conference.
What a beautiful meeting part.
The watchtower study was really awesome.
It's all about how one can make his family happy.
I enjoyed the meeting.

My 5th lid post

IMG_20210411_221950_976.jpgpicture location

I want to Barb my hair this night as I reach many people is inside there,they also want to Barb their hair, if it will reach my turn the time will be 10:30 p.m., and they are locking our gate 9:30pm,so I can't wait I have to go home,tomorrow I can go back and Barb my hair. This all about my lid report for today

4th LID post
Date:11,April 2021
Time: 7:35pm
Location: Ogborhill at living word school

Hello friends, today was really hard for me to get the spotlight. Although it was late then. The occasion has already ended, they were packing things already.
Though i could mange to get the groom and bride's banner[flex]. And a little caption of the area.




1st lid report

Time.. 7:40pm
Location.... Mbieri Mbaitoli

Good evening my fellow steemians, what a lovely day today has become.
I and @soma77 my new recruit cooked Vegetable soup.
I ate mine after meeting as a brunch.
what a delicious meal. 😃😃😃😃
This evening, I ate rice and egg.




 6 months ago 

Lid spotlight for today

Location:Mgbu-oba portharcout city




This is a crowd of people gathered at a spot playing vitual game as I entered the bet9ja shop I quickly took a snap of then, since today spotlight is been centralized on events going on within your premises.

 6 months ago 

3rd report


The birthday party has just ended!
Our visitors are gone my brother's girlfriend is trying to arrange the house.
Everywhere is so messed up.

Hope you are had a great day?
Sweet night rest.


5th LID post
Date:11,April 2021
Time: 9:00pm
Location: ukaegbu road

Just now, a little accident occurred, but thank Jehovah no one was injured. The bus driver was drunk and was trying to over take a car on his front.
Mistakenly hit the car and he diverted to the gutter beside. While the other car stood still.
Now they are trying to push the bus out of the gutter.


First Lid report

Location: Itori Ogun State




Hello guys, am so sorry for reporting late. My phone was out since morning and I just see electricity to charge it.
I hope your day wasn't bad cause mine was really fun.
I went to an engagement party between two of my colleges, both the husband and wife attended the same school that I also attend.

I will bring update about the event before I go to sleep.


Location: Awka.
Time: 1:50pm.
Second LID report.

So after the couple came back from their thanksgiving mass, we got set to leave for awka, back to base. We drove from Orlu down to Awka. When we got to Amawbia roundabout, the road was block. Some tankers block the the road and we were on traffic for two hours. We finally got the change to pass through and we got home around 4:30pm.

We were extremely hungry when we got home, there was no food in the house at the moment so i had to fry some yams and ate it with ketchup.

After eating we watched TV for a while until the weather begone to change, it was about raining so they cut the power supply. It rained heavy.

Spotlight of the day.


Wedding Ceremony.


2nd Lid report

Location: Itore Ogun State






Good evening ladies and gentlemen, like I said in my first Lid report that I will bring update about the wedding party I attended today.

Well as you can see in the picture above , some of the image I capture

All Pictures are mine, I took them using my phone Tecno Pop 2 pro


First LID report
Date : 11, April 2021
Time: 1:41 pm
Location: Aba, Abia state

Hello my fellow steemains, happy Sunday everyone, is a great day. Hope you all slept well. I woke up around 7am, i had my prayers, then did morning text with my boss. And went out to buy rice to cook.
After done cooking, i ate and took my bath to prepare for meeting. The meeting was cool and i learnt a lot. After the meeting. I started heading to office because i need to charge, my phone was really down. That's why i haven't been online since morning. I just saw the spotlight we have for today. I pray will see where i could snap it. Have a nice day you all. Thanks
morning selfie