City Curator Update for the week ending on 12/6/2021 - 533 Steem powered up + Rewards

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The second week of our City Curator Project is up and running. Thank you to all those that made their savings. You have shown awesome believe in the Steem project by commiting to it long term. This is a report of how much was powered up across the cities that are participating already.


Winners of the weekly Power up Contest

As part of motivating participants and cities for this project, we made a post few days back, and explained that we will reward the top 3 cities that made the most power up in order to support. We are happy to present the cities and their prizes

CityPower upPosition/Prize
Aba242 Steem1st / 12 Steem
Lagos198 steem2nd /8 Steem
Uyo93 Steem3rd / 5 Steem
Total533 steem
CityAccountPowerup link
Aba@citycuratorabaClick Here
Lagos@citycuratorlagosClick Here
Uyo@citycuratoruyoClick Here

We have sent the Prizes to each city account as shown below. Congratulations!




The best way to show our commitment long-term on the steem project is to invest long term too. We are really happy with SteemALive members and commend them for their efforts in supporting this project. We look forward to the near future when everyone that joined us would be happy they did. Thank you Steemit team for supporting SteemAlive projects. We are grateful.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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That's good, we will do it again.

Wow! I love this great initiate and the fast progress, its remarkable.

 4 months ago 

Congratulations to Aba, Lagos and Uyo, thank you all for contributing to the success of the.communiy ,Uyo my city we need to do something,we are below average, thank you @focusnow for the update,we are moving

Sure. all top 3 winners. Everyone can do more next time. Lets all push it to the top

 4 months ago 


 4 months ago 

Wow, congratulations to all the winners. Uyo city especially. We will keep soaring. #welovepowerups real time. Thank you @steemalive for the price

Thanks for motivating your people. We can do more this week!

We love power up! Congratulations to everyone.

Sure. We look forward to more from all of us. Thanks for the support

That's our sole aim for this project.... We will support it fully

Wow, 1st position! Its amazing. We must uphold this position firmly

Thank you for supporting the powerup. Together we can do exceptionally.

This is great
We are moving

Thank you for all you are sacrificing to the group

Thank you @focusnow for keeping it together here in Aba, am happy we're reaching our goals step by step.

Wow congrats to us aba steem,
We move

 4 months ago 

This is impressive.Congratulations to the winner and the runner-ups.

I believe the Aba city members can sustain this momentum and even do better.

Thank you @steemalive for the motivation.

Congratulations to the great city of Aba,we will do More because we are going somewhere.

Wow, congratulations to the great city of Aba, I hope to put up mine soonest.

We need your support sir. Lets make it happen again.

@samuel20 is taking Aba City to entirely different level. Thanks to all Aba City Steemians. I think our city coordinator @samuel20 deserves an individual prize . Keep up the good work sir

Congratulations to aba steemians

 4 months ago 

Yes oooo,so glad that we took the first position, let's steem higher. Thank you @focusnow for the good work

The report on power up is commendable.
I don't know if I have had a share in this success. Please check for me.

 4 months ago 

Congratulations to us all.
We are coming up, it's really moving.
Thanks @steemalive for this great initiative.
Best regards

This is wonderful, i must say! Its a good startup

 4 months ago 

Congratulations to the winners

Aba people no fit carry last

We have the best story here @Team mediators. Read and be happy. You will enjoy it and that's why you need to vote for team mediators

Let your friends read and enjoy too

 4 months ago (edited)

Aba! We will continue to lead.
Power up, a way to go.

We move!

 4 months ago 

I said it earlier that Aba is going to overtake and pick up the number one ticket, finally my prophecy has come to stay 😀😀😀😃
and no going back.......

Aba to the world

I love this encouragement @steemalive . Congratulations to the winning side.
Power up is always amazing