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Dear @steemalive

In obedience to your request that the citycuratoruyo account should be powered up weekly, I hereby present and powder up the steem that has been contributed by the members in Uyo city and every other cities without cordinator.

Last week, we were able to power up a total of +2000 so and this earned us a first place in the competition that is powered by @steemalive to Reward the most powered citycuration account. And as a result, we received 13 steem as a price. With this, members also made their own contrbution irrespective of whether they have made contributions before or not
They really want to see this account keep winning.

Below are the Screenshots of those that made contrbution this week




Today, a total of 82.002

Here is the screenshot before power up.

From the screenshot above, I discovered that we have earned SBD, so I went to the internal market and bought steem with it. Seen screenshot below

A total of 0.797 SBD, which I used to buy 11.276 steem. Here is now the screenshot of the wallet before power up.


You can see that we have a total of 93.381 is the total steem that I want to power up.

After powering up, we have a total of 2286.354 steem.


This is quite commendable. I am happy that members are working hard to seethatwegrow our account.


We decided that when we grow account to 3000 steempower, we can start voting with it. I therefore plead on us to please keep sending your steem to the offial account for this will means that we will quickly reach voting sp

Thank you all for witnessing our power up.

Written by: @ngoenyi
For: @citycuratoruyo

Special mention:



Amazing work @citycuratoruyo. Thank you so much for doing this important power up. We are sure this project will go far in the nearest future. Thanks too @ngoenyi for doing the work.

Good job @cutycuratoruyo, we are please and we pray we keep winning

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