ENUGU CITY CORDINATORS(SCC) REPORT FOR THE PERIOD OF 16th may-22nd may 2021@ godsbest.

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I have been a active steamian for a while in aba city under the watch of @Samuel20 and @focusnow but I relocated to Enugu state Nigeria and I found it worthy to spread the knowledge of Steemit to this side of the divide and to help people earn with their proof of brain. So so far we've been on the intense journey of explaining and trying to complel people to register. It's not been easy though because a lot of People find it hard to believe such a platform exist. This is due to the increasing nature of fake writing platforms that has been in town all day.

Nevertheless I was able to talk to several people but I've gotten positive feed back from about 16 persons but registerd 9 persons who are still preparing their achievement posts.

Visit to @focusnow for advice



I had to go see my menor last week to get better ways to help and encourage the people I've gotten to be serious, stating the benefit to them and the community at large.
We interacted and I was fully multivated in no small way
Went back and fixed a meeting with all of them..


I had to call all the interested steemians to a meeting where I further explained alot of things to them though some people had issues with their phone and could not effectively steem but I encouraged them to get a good phone and am doing everything within my reach to provide support to some of them financially.



I was able to register about 9 persons namely

I registered someone from ebonyi state @festchuks who has no coordinator for now so I will oversee the both state meanwhile I would visit ebony this week and I will talk with him.

Some of them are yet to complete their achievements 1 post while some people already started.

UsernameAchievement post
@fredrickdivineachievement 1

Summary of enugu Steemit users

Total users in the cityTotal
Yet to post5
Yet to register7
New users recruited this week7


I plan to make sure that everyone is fully registered and complete attest the achievement post then add more people to the platform..
We also intend to get a good hall for training and a new and then talk on how to get our new laptop


Special thanks to @focusnow for his encouragment and consistent support. I know that I and my team will build a great network from this to make @steemit and @steamalive a better community.
We can can achieve more together @steemit @steamalive @Stephenkenal

Written by @godsbest for Enugu city @steamalive


Wow a really good one sir.

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot

You are doing a great job sir. I truly admire your ability to get these things done!

 2 years ago 

thanks alot

 2 years ago 

I Celebrate you dear

More wins sir!!!

 2 years ago 


Glad to be a part of this community ❣️

 2 years ago 

Glad to have you here

This is such an amazing program , what an honor to be part of this movement, more power to your elbow @godsbest ,you are such an inspiration 💪💪

 2 years ago 

Nice to have you here

Looking forward to that 😁

 2 years ago 

OK your name will be added soon

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