First Curation Report for March, Team #1 (01/02-07/02/23)

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Hello dear Steemians,


Today, I would like to present you the data of first week of curation in March that included 01/02-07/02/23 on behalf of the Steemit Curation Team 1 and my colleagues from the team:

We are all appreciate the chance to be a Community Curator and to be able to give a fair Upvote to those who:

  • create their own original posts
  • avoid plagiarism
  • not asking Curators to give them upvote and not to nominate for the best post

Please do not DM curators with the links to your posts. Be fair and honest only them you will be noticed.

All the data presented in graphs that is easy to read and understand without any language barrier. We hop that you enjoy reading that and also we hope to make some of you surprised with a nomination as the best post for our curaiton week.




Curation Data


Countries covered: 23




Communities Covered: 37




Tags covered: 39




Posts curated-club status:




Total number of curated Posts and Comments:


  • Curated Posts: 151
  • Curated Comments: 18




Top Publications


Author : @marulobo
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Art with colored umbrellas
Nominated by : @fjjrg

The user @marulobo, shares a sample of art made with umbrellas or parasols, which shows a range of colors and dimensions that allow us to distract us, and think, however, in his article points out the theme "The psychology of color", which, they are using to set large spaces and offer art, color, health and wellness.

La usuaria @marulobo, nos comparte una muestra de arte realizada con sombrillas o parasoles, lo cual muestra una gama de colores y dimensiones que nos permiten distraernos, y pensar, no obstante, en su artículo señala el tema "La psicología del color", lo cual, están usando para ambientar amplios espacios y ofrecer arte, color, salud y bienestar.




Author : @jotatrading
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season8 Week1: My learning during the pandemic
Nominated by : @ubongudofot

During the Covid-19 pandemic, so many people went through alot. This User expressed how he lost his relatives during this time, he further mention how those happening helped him to strengthen his relationship with his maker..., I find this very interesting , especially when people share thier true life story. It can serve as a motivator to others as well as encouragement.
I will recommend others to read this content.



Author : @sardrt
Club : #club100
Post Link : Chernobyl. Fra storia e attualità
Nominated by : @stef1

Despite of happening few decades ago the tragedy of thousands people both in Ukraine and in Europe is still in memories of many. Luckily there are many documentary movies with the interviews and stories that were told by witnesses and people involved. I watched "Chernobyl" series from 2019 with Stellan Skarsgard, that is the movie that I also recommend everyone, we have to know what happened and we should prevent the second Chernobyl with any possible measures. Thank you for this post, very touching.





Author : @mukka
Club : #club5050
Post Link : Club5050 || Tutorial || How To Reset Your iCloud ID Password
Nominated by : @alegnita

A very useful publication you can find to learn step by step through the screenshots the way to recover password in the ICloud platform. The user has detailed each one with a clear description in order to carry out this process easily, so can keep making online backups there. Was widely original and impressive, then it's hard not to understand this explained method.




Author: @victornavarro
Club : #club75
Post Link : SEC - S8W1. "¿Qué tan scout soy?".
Nominated by : @suboohi

In this post, the author describes the basic principles of scout movement. He did not belong to the specific scout movement. His closeness to nature is evident in how he takes care of plants (nature) and takes care of others as a scout does. He shares his experience of helping some people, and I really admire the concept of the "love basket," which is a gift from many people used to help needy people. This post is an excellent example of scouting.




Author : @gabylazarde
Club : #club100
Post Link : The Diary Game (28/02/23). Disfrutando con mis hijas de la temática BTS
Nominated by : @sofian88

The author has described a very pleasant diary with his daughter in a Korean restaurant and can directly witness their idol artist even though only the characters are in the form of pictures and are well arranged from every word. Each image used is also of good quality so that it adds to the interest of the readers. He has tried to write it well and neatly and his efforts deserve to be appreciated.




Author: @mdkamran99
Club : #club100
Post Link : Contest - How far have you completed your Steemit Syllabus ?
Nominated by : @solaymann

This post is a contest entry. In this post the author has given a nice light on how to complete his steemit syllabus. On the Steemit platform he works towards his goals and succeeds. He likes the burnsteem25 project and shares his feelings about it. He is very much looking forward to completing club dolphin. I selected his post to help him achieve this big feat. Besides, he presented the overall issues of his post very well.




Hope you enjoyed our report and till next week.

CURATION TRAIL @worldofxpilar




 last year 

Thank you for a very good report and selection of posts.

 last year 

Thank you for organising this Initiative and the opportunity of supporting the users, with the help of 7 curation team there we are able to cover a wide range of users.

 last year 

Thank you, friend!
I'm @steem.history, who is steem witness.
Thank you for witnessvoting for me.
please click it!
(Go to and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

The weight is reduced because of the lack of Voting Power. If you vote for me as a witness, you can get my little vote.

Feliz tarde 🙌☀️
Agradezco mucho el apoyo que le han dado a mi contenido. ¡Muchísimas gracias! 🙏💜

Dios los bendiga 🙌

 last year 

You are welcome Gaby, glad that your post is included in our report :)

Thank you so much! 💜🤗

 last year 

Excelente este informe que refleja el trabajo de curación que ha estado realizando el equipo.

Muy buenas gráficas, y lo más importante es tal como usted misma destaca, no es necesario exponer con palabras lo que los gráficos están explicando.

Excelente gestión amiga @stef1.


 last year 

Thank you very much for your contribution, despite of having your busy life too as well as running your community.

Will see if we can add some more visual reflection to the next one to give more inside view.

Great work @stef1 👍😊

 last year 

Thank you :)

Thank you very much @alegnita for picking my publication as one of the top seven best, your hard work is really appreciated. Also thanks to @stef1 for such a good report. Have a blessed day.

 last year 

You are welcome @mukka, nice to have you in our report, continue posting good post and you may see our curators again in our blog.

You're welcome friend. I appreciated your content as a really useful information to everyone. Wish you a happy day. Keep doing it great 👍🏼

 last year 

Thank you for the reports that always look perfect, and thank you to all of him who has worked hard.

The presence of the ChatGPT bot made this week's work more careful and required maximum time l, there were several user posts that were detected using AI, so we had to skip them and go back to looking for other quality posts.

 last year 

It is true I was also initially surprised to see such unusual tag it possible will become popular and the more we will be checking the more we might find.

It is so easy to create own content rather than using such service, especially when it is then obvious that it is not self-created.

Thank you for your work and for being so active :)

Saludos, me siento agradecido por tomar en cuenta mi contenido. Con amor estoy presto al servicio de mis hermanos en la iglesia. Buen trabajo. Dios les bendiga.

 last year 

Thank you for your post and it was a pleasure to include it in our report.

Congratulations! Your post has been upvoted by @steemladies (about all women's activities) Community. Let's grow together with us. Join and subscribe here👇.

Steem For Ladies

Manually curated by patjewell


 last year 

Thank you for your support of our Curation work :)

Que bueno que se reconozca el buen trabajo, eso anima a los usuarios e incentiva a los nuevos a mejorar sus post.
Gracias por estar allí.

 last year 

Thank you for your warm words and also for visiting our report. We try to deliver fair curation and include many different users.

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