Weekly Report as Steem Representative, 26 February 2024

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Week 49

My fellow Steemians

Another week has come to an end, and it is time to present to you my feedback on the happenings of the week.
So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let's dive into the world of feedback of a Steemit representative.

Wait! Before we get to the weekly feedback, if you still wonder about SC01 after you've read all the "My heart is with steemcurator01" posts, don't miss the last paragraph of this post.

My activities for the week:

My personal activities

Item: Description:
Club status:Club100
Power up:190 STEEM
This week's Voting CSI Upvote:20.7 ( 0.00 % self, 241 upvotes, 136 accounts, last 7d )
Posts:722 previous week 714
Replies:18,345 previous week 18,154
Vote count:20,646 upvotes previous week 20,415
Administrator Steem For Ladies:Ongoing
Curator Team 2:Ongoing

My Publications

FeedbackWeekly Report as Steem Representative, 19 February 2024
ContestWinter mood in South Africa
ContestChoices! What will it be? #46
ReportCuration Report Week #03 by Team 2 – February 2024
ContestI spy with my little eye – Mini contest 84
ApplicationCurator application March 2024
SEC-S15W6My heart is with Steemcurator01
MotivationalBuilding bridges while traveling on the journey of life...

*Plus 4 community posts

Prizes given away in contests

  • 0 STEEM in “I spy with my little eye”
  • 17 STEEM Power in “Choices! What will it be? “

Charity support

  • 9,049 SP and 9,049 STEEM for wox-helpfund

Events or other activities

Steem For Ladies

A big thank you to the team for giving the Steem For Ladies community the opportunity to be part of SEC Season 16.

There was no better way to start the season celebrating the women in our lives with the topic “It is Women’s Day!”

My duties:

  1. Curation and verification of posts on my day of duty as well as filling in on the days of others
  2. Educating and monitoring 7 moderators
  3. Validating MOD verifications
  4. Verifying new members
  5. Booming posts submissions and community voting
  6. Taking care of community notifications and comments
  7. Writing of 4 community posts
  8. Monitoring and running of community contests
  9. Lending a helping hand to members of the community
  10. Approval of moderator contests


It was a quiet week on the support side outside the platform. Support was given to three Steemians. Various Steemians were helped on the platform regarding the general improvement of their posts, voting power and voting CSI, and club status.


Supporting and helping my fellow Steemians from Africa is still a priority for me.


No advice was given to any of the communities.


Support was given to one curator.

Issues encountered:

The problems regarding the functionality of the platform remain a problem. These are the problems experienced regarding posts, comments, and voting appearing late or not at all. To crown it, the system was also down for a couple of hours on Friday. I don’t think I need to say more about it, as I am sure the Steemit team feels like running away already.

Just remember that huge companies also have times when their systems are not functioning 100% and even they experience down times. It happens in “the best of families.”

And if you are one of those who received double votes from curators… ssshhhh, enjoy it!

I urge moderators and curators to revert to our trusted friend Steemworld.org for checking posts, votes, and comments.

Now that feedback about SC01.

My friend @jesusjacr had the following to say;

Regarding whether it is one person or a group of them I think you will not be disappointed, as the birth certificate specifies that it is a team behind the account (as would be a team behind a community account).
The money you see in his wallet, as also specified on his birth certificate, is owned by Steemit INC, and was allocated to that account to support the communities.
Is he a good actor? Never before we had someone with so much SP using it in favor of users and communities, in that sense I also feel admiration for the team, either by economic policies in favor of the company (STEEMIT INC) or genuine love for the blockchain I think their actions always carry the intention to grow STEEM and that's good for everyone because even if their votes do not reach, if STEEM grows thanks to their actions then we all win.

See you next week!

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