My heart is with steemcurator01

in STEEM INDONESIA2 months ago

Dear SC01,

Who are you?

Are you a mystery man, or are you a mystery woman?
Or should it be, who are these mysterious men and women?

“Sir.” Over the two years I have been back on Steemit, this is the only word I have ever seen being used to address you. Not once have I seen “Lady.”
Even in the intro to the contest I am taking part in, you are referred to as “him.”
My gut tells me you are a team of men and women. If, I ever had to discover that it is not, I would be disappointed.

SC01, we all know about the power you have, the duties you have to perform, and the responsibilities you carry; therefore, I am not going to pour my heart out in telling you how good you are. No, I am going to use it for something else.

I am fascinated by you. You have for sure created an aura of intrigue and speculation. Is it the air of mystery surrounding you? Not knowing everything about you? Or can it be the potential for uncovering hidden secrets about you?
Whatever the reason, you have captured the imagination of thousands of Steemians, even mine, throughout the history of this platform.

When I was little, “in die goeie ou dae” (the golden oldie days), we were entertained by a comic cartoon “Die Skim” that was published in the Sunday newspaper. I can remember so clearly how the three of us would fight from the time we left church until we got home about who was going to read it first. We were always intrigued by what this mystery man would be getting up to next. He was our superhero.

I believe being mysterious can be both a blessing and a curse, as it can lead to a lot of attention and scrutiny. Maybe it is also a source of frustration or anxiety for you, which I have picked up with time.
I have seen your comments, long and short, positive and negative, friendly and not-so-friendly, and reprimanding and uplifting. Mysterious, maybe, but not shy.

Regardless of how you feel, we cannot deny that being mysterious remains intriguing. It is in our human nature to want to know more about the people around us, and when someone seems to be holding something back, it cannot be easy to resist the urge to uncover their secrets.

Okay, I just had a peek at your account value. $1,306,752.15! Heaven knows, and with that value in my wallet, I would definitely also want to be mysterious. I can imagine all the cries for help you would have received if you were not.

SC01, there is no denying that you, gentlemen and ladies, add spice to our days on Steemit. My heart is with you to let it stay like that.


Now, as far as supporting votes… It drives me insane!

I have read various posts and comments lashing out toward the system, Steemit representatives, curators, admins, and moderators over the last couple of weeks, but not once have I read about a Steemian taking you on regarding your voting. Maybe it is because Steemians know that your vote is important, and to keep in your good books, they are the ones who stay “mysterious” this time.

What you don’t know is that I am the one who gets it all the time. I am sure there are some of my fellow Steem Representatives, etc., who also get it.

  • Why don’t I get votes when my posts are good?
  • Why is SC01 voting on posts that are not #steemexclusive? Just to find the same post on Hive and Blurt?
  • Why is SC01 voting on posts where Steemians don’t follow club status?

Steemians think that I am different from them. That I am one of those who easily get votes. You know very well that there have been numerous times that I also experienced “dry” times. Only a couple of months ago, the only votes I received from you were for my weekly feedback. Votes I worked darn hard for as a representative, neglecting my own blog at times.

Just as mysterious as you are, I know that we will never get the answers to these questions. Does it matter? Nope, not to me.
I must admit. I am guilty of sometimes breaking the rules when I see a good post and I have the urge to support it.

What matters is that you are also human, just like the Steemians who's post I am going to read next, and what you feel in your heart is what is right for you!

I’ve learned that you are full of surprises, and sweetness is the reward for those who wait patiently.

One last question:
If we are rewarded through our posts and comments, which put bread on the table for so many, where on earth do you get your magical earnings from?

I know I have said one last question, but I have one more. I promise you it will only be the one.
They say Christmas comes once a year. How often is it Christmas on Steemit?

The last thing I want to write about is my praise for you, the mysterious men and women of this platform.

I had the opportunity to be a moderator, administrator, curator, country representative, and Steemit representative. The only shoes I have not filled are those from SC01.
I know too well the power, the duties, and the responsibilities that come with each of these positions.

I also know that it doesn’t get easier, but only more difficult. If you are the SC01, I expect you to be I can only lift my hat and salute you. You are performing one hell of a task, saving not only us but also the platform, even during downtime's like today.

Thank you!

From a keen undercover supporter!


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So much love in one article, I had to push away many ants (so much candy) to get here.

It doesn't seem like a letter written to me, well... it definitely isn't... so for a moment I hesitated whether to respond or not, but I think this is an unusually interesting article so... please forgive me for not holding off the temptation to respond (based on myself, what I know and have experienced).

If you hire me as a detective I could follow your fingerprints on the Steem blockchain and I can surely deliver they to you with they name and surname..... But it would be boring to know the identity of a super hero...

Regarding whether it is one person or a group of them I think you will not be disappointed, as the birth certificate specifies that it is a team behind the account (as would be a team behind a community account).

The money you see in his wallet, as also specified on his birth certificate, is owned by Steemit INC, and was allocated to that account to support the communities.

Well, I if I have criticized the way you vote (opinions that in my opinion can make the blockchain better since my main love is STEEM even if my items die with a 0 where it indicates the rewards), it's just that some of us are invisible and not exactly because we hide.

Where does the money for their votes come from?
From the reward fund of course. If we look at what is stated in the whitepaper, the money we collect thanks to the kindness of the superhero is on behalf of the STEEM blockchain, it is not a direct gift from his wallet (as if he gifts you from his own money) and in fact he also takes 50% for himself (from the reward fund) as a curation concept. So he gives and when he gives he also receives (something fair in my opinion if we compare the use made by other SP whales).

Is he a good actor? Never before we had someone with so much SP using it in favor of users and communities, in that sense I also feel admiration for the team, either by economic policies in favor of the company (STEEMIT INC) or genuine love for the blockchain I think their actions always carry the intention to grow STEEM and that's good for everyone because even if their votes do not reach, if STEEM grows thanks to their actions then we all win.

By the way, I have been fortunate for your votes. It's a thrilling experience to go through your blog and find that your article marks a great reward (I think that's why the euphoria around the character). Of course you must have emotions and feelings. You sure get moved reading some articles, you sure get upset reading some abuses.

Anyway... I think Steem is better with this account walking around than without it. If SC01 and other Steemit INC programs didn't exist for sure we common users (that we don't want nor have to delegate to UPVU) would spend more work to get 1 STEEM and STEEM blockchain would be more empty and boring.

I don't know why every time I decide to give you a comment I end up writing a very long one... it must be your fault because of the interesting way you write. 😂

 2 months ago 

And now I can write to you in peace.... not that I know where to start. If you think my posts are interesting, then I don't know what to call your comments. (•ิ‿•ิ)
I tell you what. There is an Afrikaans word, my home language, that can explain it the best... WONDERBAARLIK!
Now the detective has some work to do.

Back to your comment. Thank you for shining some light on the topic. It is nice to know how everything fits in, but yes, only to a certain point. You are right, I don't want to know who these Steemians are. It is like reading the Bible. For me, the beauty of it is its simplicity. I want to believe like a child.

I get my joy from the good that comes out of Steemit. I suppose that is also the reason why I get so upset with Steemians who complain without knowing what is actually happening behind the scenes. Then again, we are all humans.

Thank you!!! I LOVED your comment!

You are actually correct sc01's mysterious identity sometimes makes me wonder whether there is a lady or gentleman behind or there are group of people. But anyhow we all know how dedicatedly he works and because of his hardwork we all enjoy working on this platform. Great presentation mam!

 2 months ago 

Thank you! Not only for the visit and the engagement but also for enjoying my post.
SC01... after reading so many post in the last week I am dead sure that SC01 will never show him, her or themselves. Not after all those questions. (•ิ‿•ิ)

Hello mam you are such a hardworking woman went through your profile and I can make out the amount of work you are doing for this platform and its truly appreciative. I know less about sc01 but under your and other steemians guidance I will definitely grow up well!

 2 months ago 

Thank for your kind words. I appreciate them. ☕
As for SC01, believe me you are going to discover where soon who they are.

You can always knock on my door for help. I will gladly help where I can.

 2 months ago 

I can't stop laughing out loud. Your questions are surely worth answering but will the answers come? Its just a puzzle.well, he is the superhero here. We all depend on him because his wallet is fat. He has the liberty to vote on who he wants because he has the power. Like in the world where money rules the world and they say that money stops nonsense, i believe that he has the power. Fat wallet is the power. And he must also be restless sometimes because of knowing thhat a lot of people depen d on him but sometimes he can't vote on all because we are much here who depend on him. You have poured out yoir heart to him. I believe that he will take note of them all. Success in your entry and thanks for the invite.
My phone is not friendly now but i will try to drop my entry soon

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 2 months ago 

Well, I am glad that you've enjoyed my post and that it put a smile on your face.
Thank you for the visit! 🎕

 2 months ago 

Mi querida amiga patjewell creo que si hay alguien que debe estar agradecida con SC01 debe ser usted.

De verdad que has recibido mucho apoyo claro eso se debe al gran esfuerzo y trabajo que haces dentro de la plataforma que de paso es de admirar así que debes entender muy bien al amigo curator01.

Te deseo lo mejor y éxitos.

 2 months ago 

Thank you for the visit and your engagement.
I don't think we will ever understand our friend SC01 well. Do I want to? I don't think so.
The less I know of SC01 the better. It keeps Steemit alive for me. It must be that attorney in me coming out. (•ิ‿•ิ)

All we can do is keep giving our best. It can happen to all of us!


¿Quién es SC01.? si es papá noel (o tal vez sea Satoshi Nakamoto 🤭) pues a mi nunca ha llegado la navidad en mucho tiempo que estoy aquí 😄.

Pero si usted dice todas esas cosas de esa persona o grupo de personas seguro que deben ser muy admirables.!

 2 months ago 

Haha! I enjoyed your comment. Thank you!
Maybe we should start being good and write letters to SC01 for Christmas gifts. I wonder if he would share his postal address with us. (•ิ‿•ิ)

I think the SC01, whoever they might be, is AWESOME!

Honestly just today my newbies was asking me if sco1is a computer or human being, I laughed so hard at her because she is not far from the truth. What I replied her was that no one knows who he or she is but all what we know is that we have sco1 and sco1

 2 months ago 

Now you have me worried... maybe SC01 is not human after all.
However, I doubt it very much. I am sure that with times they wish they were AI driven. (•ิ‿•ิ)
Thank you for the support!

 2 months ago 

Okay, I just had a peek at your account value. $1,306,752.15! Heaven knows, and with that value in my wallet, I would definitely also want to be mysterious.

Honestly, if Steemcurator01 is to be known by Steemians he would be receiving a lot of messages for assistance, based on the value of his account. With such an amount of money in my wallet i and my generation will not have to suffer for anything.

I like the questions you in mind to ask Steemcurator01. It is nice reading your post. Success to you.

 2 months ago 

If you think it is nice for you to read my post, you must imagine how I feel when I get comments like yours back. They make my day.

The mysterious SC01! I think the beauty of Steemit will no longer be there if we have to discover who the real SC01's are.
I prefer not to know. (•ิ‿•ิ)

 2 months ago 

Halo teman @patjewell senang bisa membaca artikel anda.

Setiap orang pasti memiliki pendapat masing-masing terkait kinerja SC01 baik dari segi positif maupun negatif, dikarenakan seperti yang kita ketahui SC01 merupakan akun yang memiliki steem power yang luar biasa,di sini Semua orang pasti ingin mendapat dukungan darinya guna untuk memperkuat steem power mereka.

Terkadang banyak dari mereka yang mengeluh,dan ada juga dari mereka yang memuji kinerja SC01, jadi dengan adanya kontes ini di sini kita Diberi wewenang untuk mencurahkan isi hati kita terkait kinerja SC01 selama ini.

Banyak dari sekian mereka yang memberikan kata-kata pujian untuk SC01 itu semua bentuk dari cinta mereka untuk SC01.

Menjadi tim kurasi itu tidak mudah seperti yang anda kerjakan saat ini, di sini anda juga sebagai SR Afrika Selatan pasti dukungan yang luar biasa Untuk saat ini.

Terkait beberapa pertanyaan anda tanyakan tentang dukungan steemit,semoga bisa terjawab .

Terima kasih telah mencurahkan isi hati anda terkait kinerja SC01 dengan kami di sini semoga Anda sukses di kontes minggu ini.

 2 months ago 

Hello there!!

Thank you for your comment! ☕

You are right.. There are many Steemians who complain and many who are happy.
I have learned in my two years on the platform that you must just concentrate on what you are doing. Make your posts the best. Vote regularly and support your fellow Steemians with votes and comments, and the rest will happen.
It is when we start looking around at what others are doing that we leave the door wide open for negativity to come in.

Enjoy what you are doing, and forget about the rest!

Good luck!

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