Team #2: Curation Report for Week 3

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Greetings dear friends, especially Team Steemit!

Today I would like to present to you the healing report for week 03 of this month, which is equivalent to may 15, 2024, to may 21, 2024 on behalf of Team 02 which is made up of my colleagues @waterjoe, @chant, @anasuleidy and myself.

As Team 2 curators, we have completed our curation process effectively by supporting quality posts across the Steemit platform, following the standards stipulated in our Curation Guidelines & Basics

It was an immense pleasure for us to visit them and value the content of as many users as possible.

Curators team 02

Accounts supported

We present the distribution list of votes obtained throughout the last week.



Curated Posts: 190
Curated Comments: 17

Curation by country

This week we have been able to cover 19 countries, Venezuela being the country with the largest number of supported publications.


Curation by communities

We have covered a total of 31 different communities this week.

Curation by club




Author: @fitaza
Post Link: The Diary Game | Rabu 15 Mei 2024 | Melakukan Penginputan IDM dan Tanda Tangan Mandat Outo Debet BPJS
Current Date Posted: 06 days ago
Club: #Club5050
Nominated by: @waterjoe

This week @fitaza writes about her activities as a mother who takes care of her children going to school and she is also able to help the village in updating the 2024 village development index data for the villages of Matang Keh and Krueng Pirak, her ability to divide her time between work and family while making Composing interesting writing on the Steemit platform makes him worthy of being selected this week

Note: Post expired.



Author: @rosselena
Post Link: Un Power Up con Estilo Original - Semana 70
Current Date Posted: 06 days ago
Club: #Club5050
Nominated by: @anasuleidy

The user @rosselena has created a really complete publication, on the one hand she shares with us the step by step of a very well made craft, with a lot of shine, details, with photographs that support its preparation and a very specific explanation, additionally she shares a small lit that demonstrates your commitment to strengthening your account.
This complete publication has a good presentation, good use of commands, the user is active and that is why I give it my support.

Note: this post will expire Today.



Author: @thaizmaita
Post Link: Concurso: Cómo celebraste el día de la madre.
Current Date Posted: 07 days ago
Club: #Club5050
Country: venezuela
Nominated by: @msharif

This user shared an awesome post. Where she shares everything about her mother's day celebration very nicely. This user was able to celebrate Mother's Day with more of her acquaintances and took many pictures of the activities she did there. All in all this was a fantastic post

Note: This Post is expired



Author: @zisha-hafi
Post Link: Let's do it...Do It Yourself👉Craft, Creativity, Drawing, origami, DIY, Recycling and more
Current Date Posted: 05 days ago
Club: #Club75
Country: bangladesh
Nominated by: @chant

The author shares an interesting artwork. She demonstrated great art skills in her content as she drew a mother and child picked up from school. This reflected her memories of the past as mothers picked up their kids from school. She shared all the steps used to come out with the amazing artwork which new users can follow and learn from her craft.

Note: This Post will expire within 02 days.



Author: @rumaisha
Post Link: Hobby shopping: shopping at a fabric shop
Current Date Posted: 03 days ago
Club: #Club100
Country: Indonesia
Nominated by: @waterjoe

This week @rumaisha wrote a review when she went to the local market to shop for necessities starting from buying fish and vegetables for the lunch menu, buying fabric for a party dress in the same color, going to the nearest minimarket to buy pampers for children and also buying snacks for himself, all shopping is complete with a transaction value according to the currency he uses which is then also converted to Steem coins.

Note: This Post will expire within 04 days.



Author: @whizzbro4eva
Post Link: The Diary Game || 16-05-2024 || Attending GST's Industrial Training and Harvesting Maize
Current Date Posted: 04 days ago
Club: #Club5050
Country: Nigeria
Nominated by: @anasuleidy

The user @whizzbro4eva has shared his day with us, a very interesting day full of activities... One of the things I liked most about his day is that he attended a practical carpentry workshop, in this workshop they learned how to make a stool . but what impacted him the most were all the wise words that the teacher shared with them... in this experience he was able to learn the value of each trade and profession.
I must also note that the user shared beautiful, quality photographs, good use of commands and consistency in the day shared

Note: This Post will expire within 03 days.



Author: @juanda95
Post Link: The Diary Game Sabtu 18 Mei 2024: Menghadiri Khanduri Blang Dan Mengikuti Ujian PPS.
Current Date Posted: 02 days ago
Club: #Club75
Country: Indonesia
Nominated by: @msharif

This user shared his daily activities very cute. In which he wrote that he participated in an exam and also did many other cool activities that day which he shared pictures of. Besides, he has tried and succeeded in portraying each and every thing in a very beautiful way. Something he has done in a remarkable post is the reason why it has been selected.

Note: This Post will expire within 05 days.


Congratulations to all the selected nominees!

Please continue to post original content and stay active so we can discover your post or comment.

Thanks for the support!!

Best Regards

Team2 Curators!!!

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Gracias amigos, siento mucha alegría por su selección , en especial a @msharif, mis saludos cordiales, son un equipo extraordinario, su comentario tan amable me motivan a continuar mejorando la producción de contenido. Gracias 🤗

Terimakasih sahabat sudah mendukung postingan saya

Thank you to @msharif who chose my post as the 7 best posts. Hopefully in the future you will have more enthusiasm to make higher quality posts.

Vaya pero que grata sorpresa amigos estoy muy emocionada por es extraño ver mi nombre por acá en estás publicaciones, muchas gracias amiga @anasuleidy por la postulación de mi post muy agradecida de todo corazón por tu apoyo que Dios te bendiga y te siga de bendiciones

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